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Who: Newt and YOU!
Where: Anywhere. Newt is running about touching rifts to try and get himself back to Wonderland each time it passes.
When: Duration of the event
Rating: PG will update if anything changes
Summary: The moment Newt finds himself in one moment of Hogwarts, even Hogwarts future, he will keep working to get there again. This leaves openings for so many moments in Hogwarts - as well as any other event you want to throw at him! Open for anything.
The Story: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus )
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Who: Anyone. Anyone at all.
Where: A rip in the kitchen
When: Sometime at night on Sept. 19th
Rating: G/PG? Unless something goes wrong here?
Summary: Bogged down with confusing event stuff? Why not figure it out over a grand slam?
The Story: It's like the meme, only with funny outfits. )
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Who: Jane + anyone who has a thing for sketching I guess!
Where: Out in the main foyer area
When: Sep 17
Rating: G
Summary: Jane is inspired by some poems that are astoundingly deep. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THIS IS.
The Story: Sorry for the weight you carry )
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Who: Rick Sanchez and YOU
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: August 4 - 8
Rating: PG-13 for Rick
Summary: Rick Sanchez is your average virologist of middling renown, and he's ostensibly been invited to the convention to speak on his expertise. There's like dozens of other scientists here as well, though, most of them affiliated with the CDC. Rick is just some schmo who operates a private lab where he does research that other, better people have already done before. OR IS HE?!?!
The Story: and for several hundred years it just kept sending folks to heaven )
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Who: Kiyotaka Ishimaru and you!
Where: Ishimaru's new suburban home and around town
When: Throughout the event!
Rating PG+ for zombies, likely violence and possible talk of death/murder
Summary: Event catch-all for Ishimaru!

The Story: Everything is Not Necessarily Awesome )
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Who: Anyone and everyone! That means you! Yes, you, c'mere.
Where: The stream and the lake.
When: July 12th, evening.
Rating: PG in case any of y'all get wild with that decorating.
Summary: Come and take part in a mini lantern ceremony, Wonderland-style. Mingle away, comrades!
The Story:

so that all the night will turn into dawn )
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Who: Lucifer Morningstar and anyone else who likes to party.
Where: Deux Lux
When: July Catch-All
Rating: TBD
Summary: Come hang out with the Devil you know you want to.
The Story: we can always try to numb the pain )


Jun. 24th, 2017 11:22 am
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Who: Nageki Fujishiro ([personal profile] mourning_ghost) and you
Where: Anywhere
When: June 23rd - 27th
Rating: G
Summary: A mourning dove student turned high elf cleric wanders around the Kindergarten and offers healing.
The Story:

He has darkvision and spells now. )
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Who: Dorian Gray and you!
Where: Library
When: Late June
Rating: PG
Summary: Dorian looks for a replac
The Story: ...than the novel’s fantastic hero. )
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Who: Ray Palmer and Sarah Weller as your hosts, Jane and Kurt Weller as the couple being honored, and all of their friends!
Where: The ballroom
When: Friday, June 9, from 7 p.m.-midnight
Rating: If you go over PG, header warning!
Summary: Jane and Kurt got married at home and so clearly Sarah needs to throw them a wedding reception.
The Story: I didn't mean to fall in love. But then you smiled and I blew it. )
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Who: Post-event recap post- so YOU. And maybe others!
Where: Tearooms, second floor
When: June 6 (two days after event), 3 o'clock
Summary: Another event has come and gone, and it's time to find out what worked, what didn't, and what people need to keep in mind for future events.
The Story: You're as cold as ice! It's time to sacrifi- wait that's copyrighted as Steve's song... )
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Who: Newt Scamander, You
Where: Outside
When: All three days
Rating: PG for injury
Summary: Much of it is just Newt enjoying the snow. Except the end of the second day when he manages to take a tumble skiing and breaks his leg. DEFINITELY open for a doctor or medical types for that.
The Story:

No snowflake every falls in the wrong place )
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Who: Kiyotaka Ishimaru and YOOUUU
Where: Around the lodge, in the snow, and at the slopes!
When: Throughout the event!
Rating: PG most likely? Will change if needed.
Summary: A catchall for shenanigans with Ishimaru around the lodge and during attempts to ski!
The Story: that one who kid who studies on winter vacation )
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Who: Mettaton and YOU!
Where: The Performing Arts Theater
When: Slightly backdated to the evening of May 31st but through early June 1st
Rating: PG-13!
Summary: It’s Mettaton’s One Year Anniversary Concert! Come on in and celebrate with him!
The Story: Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch (make it real loud) )
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Who: A very tired Dorian and YOU
Where: Various bars around Wonderland and the spiffy new lake
When: Immediately after the Mirror catastrophe
Rating: PG13 for trauma and booze?
Summary: Dorian would like to forget that last event please. Thank you.
The Story: Looking at you, crazy mirror people. )
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Who: Mirror!Ryoko and you, Ryoko and whoever's on the mirror side, also additional prompts for Mirror!Dorian
Where: All over the place
When: 5/14 through the end of the event
Rating: Let's go with PG-13 here and I'll edit if needed!
Summary: Mirror shenanigans
The Story: but there's no such thing )
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Who: The ARRIVAL of Claire Fraser, the assistance of Anders, and you as she explores.
Where: First, the gardens. Then exploring.
When: The week of May 8th.
Rating: PGish? Will update if needed
Summary: Claire arrives and Anders is there to fix her injuries with magic herbs. no, not those magic herbs. Then, she wanders dressed in nothing but the remains of the bottom of a dress and an oversized tartan kilt cinched with a belt because lol what is magic.
Notes: Will match bracket or prose! If you'd like a specific starter, ping me on plurk @ [ profile] propernice
The Story: I seem to have fallen through time. )

I feel very much the stranger in a strange land. - OTA )
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Who: Yusuke Kitagawa and you!
Where: The diner & the gardens
When: The beginning of May
Rating: PG-13-ish
Summary: A starving artist wanders off on his own to explore parts of Wonderland that would grab his interest. Hijinks ensue.
The Story: an artist is led by his heart, of course. and his stomach. )


Apr. 24th, 2017 07:40 pm
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Who: Earl Ciel Phantomhive & Open!
Where: Around the mansion.
When: Early evening, on the last day of the event.
Rating: TBD (might be some zombie gore).
Summary: A disturbing arrival that is fitting for the little Earl.
The Story: He turns his back on the light without hesitation. That figure that charges into the abyss at a dignified pace. How beautiful and foolish. )
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Where: Wonderland and adjacent dimensions!
When: Friday, April 21st to Monday, April 24th
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A place to list your tears throughout the event, and describe the worlds that can be seen or accessed through them. Event Post.
The Story: That we don't know what hasn't been... )
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Who: Anyone who wants to come watch Archaeologist Adventures
Where: The Movie Theater, Fourth Floor
When: Saturday April 14th, 6pm
Rating: PG-13 for shooting nazis?
Summary: Indiana Jones Movie Night
The Story: Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes? )
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Who: Dorian and you
Where: Around the Cidadel
When: April 1st through April 4th
Rating: PG13 for use of alcohol and probably space drugs?
Summary: There is only one thing you can do when confronted with the space equivalent of SoHo: PARTY!
The Story: And most things in between. )
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Who: Stefan Salvatore and YOU
Where: all around the Citadel
When: April 1 - 4
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Space adventures start out so calm and then you end up running from the law. Sounds about right.
The Story: waiting for us to come home )
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Who: Mettaton, a closed starter and YOU!
Where: Almost everywhere in the Citadel
When: Throughout the event (4/1- 4/4)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mettaton throws caution to the wind and embraces this great Space Vacation
The Story: Ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here )


Mar. 15th, 2017 09:59 pm
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Who: Morty Smith and YOU?
Where: I mean either one lab or the other.
When: Spanning the lab(s) event (backdated)!
Rating: T for safety, will update as needed
Summary: Morty just doing what a bro does in times like these. Keeping his head down, not punching amalgamate monsters, and offering to attach electrodes to the heads of strangers. Potentially will expand to include other March catchalls.
The Story: Read more... )
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Who: Lucifer Morningstar and OTA
Where: Deux Lux, Floor 6, Room 66
When: Anytime in March
Rating: TBD, probably PG-13 or so
Summary: Lucifer does what he does almost every other night - he has a party. Shenanigans and conversation ensue. This is essentially a catch-all for March for him. Let me know if you want something specific.
The Story: Now The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In )
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Where: Your dreams!
When: Friday February 17th - Monday February 20th (The length of the event!)
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A catch-all log for everyone's dreams in this event, and all of the subconscious shenanigans within them!
The Story: Show me the side streets in your life. )


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