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Who: Mikan & Clementine
Where: Inside the Mansion
When: Early afternoon.
Rating: PG, if not G?
Summary: Clementine has no hat. Mikan has a hat. Let us reunite the hat with its owner.
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Who: Clem, Jay, and Tim
Where: Movie theater
When: 8/12
Rating: PG probably?
Summary: Clem saved their butts and Tim promised her a bad movie night and oh my god Clem i am so sorry
The Story: escape is what i need )
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Who: Rebekah Mikaelson and You
Where: Alexandria
When: All during the event
Rating: pg-13 to R for violence
Summary: power nerfing during a zombie invasion sucks
The Story: this is the apocalypse that killed the horses )
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Who: Elizabeth, Nora, and OPEN
Where: Inside and outside the resort
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG
Summary: Elizabeth enjoys the weather, and Nora ventures out a little too far in the snow
The Story: Oh, to see a mountain covered with a quilt of snow )


Jun. 2nd, 2017 02:36 pm
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Who: Michonne (barely), Clementine + whoever is in Clem's corner for this.
Where: Somewhere cold.
When: 3rd day, when the snowstorm is super terrible.
Rating: You assign a rating for character death b/c I'm bad at gauging things.
Summary: Michonne doesn't want to be around people, decides to go out alone, and didn't anticipate the storm. By the time Clementine finds her, walker Michonne has no issues with the storm.
The Story: It was an accident. )
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Who: Sparring facility catch-all!
Where: Sparring facility, Room 117, shooting range at the beach
When: Throughout the months of June & July
Rating: G. If that changes, I'll update!
Summary: Sparring & self-defense lessons for anyone who wants to learn, teach, and spar

The Story: No! We're not gonna take it! )
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Who: Damon Salvatore, Peter Parker, and Clementine + others
Where: Real side and mirror side
When: Length of the event/aftermath of the event
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A bunch of closed starters for these characters throughout the Event. Let me know here if you want a specific shenanigan, and I'll set up something for you!
The Story: die knowing your life was my life's best part )
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Where: Wonderland and adjacent dimensions!
When: Friday, April 21st to Monday, April 24th
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A place to list your tears throughout the event, and describe the worlds that can be seen or accessed through them. Event Post.
The Story: That we don't know what hasn't been... )
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Who: Michonne, Andrea, insert your face here in two different open starters!
Where: Garden to start, then around
When: Saturday the 15th - the next week or two.
Rating: PG-13 for blood and violence mentions?
Summary: Michonne returns in really bad shape (spoiler pic/bloody)
Notes: Spoilers, obviously, for the seaosn finale of TWD.
The Story: Us. )
shorthair: and picks apart the threads (it leaves us with regrets)
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Who: Clementine + you
Where: Mansion
When: April 5 - 12. Plus, all of April and May
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Clementine returns from her canon update. Feel free to reply to the network post here since I won't actually spam the network community too. Action spam or prose is totally cool with me.
The Story: hung over fragile bones. let her go. )
shorthair: the manner of things? (do you ponder)
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Who: Clementine and Dipper
Where: Movie Theater
When: March 26
Rating: PG
Summary: A date
The Story: you can reclaim your crown )
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Who: ALL THE TEENAGERS but I guess other people can show up if they want to. It's not really an invite-only deal.
Where: A clearing between the gardens and the forest
When: After sunset on March 4th
Rating: PG
Summary: You know what this place needs? S'mores and ghost stories and a big ol' hot thing nestled in the center. It's an excuse to have a no-reason party.
The Story: We each have a special something we can get only at a special time of our life. like a small flame. )
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Who: Shaun and Georgia Mason and YOU???
Where: Sealed rooms, then water-filled corridors, then their room
When: During the event!
Rating: PG-13, character death, language
Summary: Shaun and George die and prove that every event can be a zombie event when they're around. And then afterward they hate everything.
The Story: Come away little lamb; come away to the slaughter )
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Who: Jo (Harvelle) Lauchlan & you!
Where: The bar, the shooting range, the training center.
When: 1/17
Rating: PG for now.
Summary: Spring is still a ways off, but Jo has contracted a bad case of cabin fever.
The Story: She don't lie in bed at night staring at the ceiling; )
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Who: The Apocalypsers + extended family
Where: The bar
When: Backdated to the 27th
Rating: PG-13? Maybe?
Summary: The Zombie Apocalypse has a Family Christmas Dinner. And everyone's hearts grew three sizes that day.
The Story: Eat Drink and Be Merry )
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Who: Sharon Carter & YOU (& various other teachers & students)
Where: Sparring facility, Room 117, shooting range at the beach
When: Throughout the month of December!
Rating: G. If that changes, I'll update!
Summary: Sparring & self-defense lessons for anyone who wants to learn, teach, and spar
The Story: Boom boom boom boom )
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Who: Michonne + 2 closed starters (for Regina Mills and Rick Grimes) and 2 very open starters!
Where: Open sections = beach and bar. Two best things that start with a B.
When: Around the month of December
Rating: PG-13 to start? Yeah, sure.
Summary: Michonne gets the 411 from Regina, confronts Rick, then takes to the beach and drinks at the bar. Typical.
The Story: If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. )
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who | iris + various special guest stars.
where | e v e r y w h e r e
when | october + november catch-all
warning | no walls will be safe in this log.
summary | iris is a busy bee. if you'd like a starter, pls hit me up at [ profile] moonbows!
the story | not the canon you're in )
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Who: E V E R Y O N E
Where: Everywhere that isn't one of the parties! Both Sides!
When: Sept 1st to Sept 10th
Rating: G to PG-13 (please label higher ratings, thank you!)
Summary: Wonderful parties are springing up all across Wonderland, but there are still plenty of other places to explore. This is a log for any new arrivals who want to experience different parts of Wonderland life, and any current guests not in the mood for a log or transmission of their own.

Please also see THE FOURTH WALL MASTER POST for rules, information, and all the fun parties you can visit!
The Story: If the fates allow... )
shorthair: the time that was uncomplicated (bloody fear)
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Who: Clementine and you!
Where: Front of mansion or Kitchen
When: August 22nd
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Zombie apocalypse survivor falls into Wonderland covered in zombie blood and guts and fresh blood too. She smells. It's gross. Then she cleans off and creates an accidental feast because FOOD! Action spam or prose is good w/ me :')
The Story: when the hounds of hell are coming after you, i've got blood )


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