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Who: Kay and Souji [personal profile] eatsyourscience
Where: The Diner
When: 6/8
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kay returns to Wonderland with a serious wound. Luckily, Souji is there to help.
The Story:

The Diner
[Between one blink and the next, Kay goes from sitting in a train to sitting in a diner.]

[Wonderland, his memories inform him, but Kay doesn't waste time dwelling on it. He's no longer in the train, which means he can get medical assistance. He needs that as quickly as he can. He's loosing blood from the wound in his abdomen and he can taste it in his mouth as well. Breathing hurts. Talking, he knows from experience, will as well. He can talk despite the pain, but if he tries to shout, he'll end up coughing instead.]

[The table has items on it. Kay sweeps them off the table so that they clatter loudly to the floor. That should catch the attention of anyone nearby. In case there isn't anyone nearby, he starts reaching for the phone in his pocket to send a message on the network.]

[He growls at the phone when it slips from his blood-coated fingers.]
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[Souji is, inevitably but also luckily, in the diner's kitchen, going through some items in a cupboard. There hasn't been anyone to serve so far today, which isn't entirely out of the ordinary. It's been kind of nice for things to be quiet.

This have just taken a turn for the decidedly un-quiet, however. The sound of items hitting the floor certainly gets his attention, where he's standing in the kitchen. Putting down the cans in his hands, he goes to peek his head out and look around the dining area. He's a bit cautious, just in case someone with a pickax is here to kill him again, but when he spots Kay, he hurries out into the open.]

What happened?

[He knows he hasn't seen Kay around in awhile, and had had the thought that he might have gone home. If he did, then clearly something terrible is happening on that train, and if he didn't, something terrible is happening in Wonderland.

Without waiting for Kay to respond, however, he summons Ishtar to heal Kay, casting Salvation over him. He casts it twice, sure that will be enough to at least stop the bleeding. It should do more than that, he hopes, but Wonderland isn't always consistent with his healing magic.]
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I have a little help.

[Souji ushers Kay to his feet and starts to lead him back to the kitchen where he can clean up.]

Tell me what happened.
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[Souji hands him a cloth he can use to wash up. He notes that Kay doesn't sound too upset about what's happening at home.]

You were in pretty bad shape.

[So...why is that not a big deal?]
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I remember a little about it. I know you were on a train going there.

[He knew a bit more than that, but a refresher wouldn't hurt him. But first...]

...Did you actually die?
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Is this why? [Souji gestures at Kay's bloody clothes.]
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[Souji takes a moment to turn all of that over in his mind. It sounds straightforward when Kay explains it, but he's sure that finding all of that out wasn't straightforward at all.]

And you know you're going to die?
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[Souji frowns, nodding slowly. He doesn't like that idea, but clearly there's nothing either of them can do about it.]

...I'm sorry.

[Really, what else do you say to the knowledge of someone else's imminent demise?]
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I'm glad I could help.

[If Kay had arrived anywhere else, he really might have died.]

And under the circumstances, I hope you stay for awhile.