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[closed] A siren screams at half past ten and you won't let go

Who: The Legends, Kara Zor-El, Freya Mikaelson
Where: Assorted places in the mansion
When: July 26
Rating: PG-13 max, probably. Talk of memory manipulation, potentially obscene graphics being drawn.
Summary: Rip's gone too far, and The Legends aren't willing to let it be any longer. It's time to fix Rip Hunter.
The Story:

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[ she doesn't want to be here.

it's not that kara doesn't want rip put back to rights, or even that she doesn't want to be a part of doing that. she does. what she very vehemently does not want to deal with is another conversation with him. not after how the last one went.

but kara is a super and supers make good guard dogs in situations like this. as such, she swallows down her discomfort and stands guard at the entrance of the shame cube, arms crossed over her chest, staring rip down like that'll make any sort of difference if he decides he wants to make conversation. ]
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I have self-control. I'm not going to hurt you. [ unlike some people she thinks but doesn't say.

kara crosses her arms in a gesture that's supposed to be a little intimidating but is also an attempt to keep her from clenching her fists so hard her nails bite into her palms. ]

I stopped wanting a meeting when I realized just how far gone you were.
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[ she swallows hard and looks down for one second. ]

You've been an asshole in the past. [ like that whole conversation about her mother. and, according to certain people, at various other times as well. that's easy to believe. ] But you were never cruel.
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[ her jaw clenches and she has to resist the urge to rail at him. to yell and scream and let the anger and hurt bubbling inside her out. ]

There's a difference between doing cruel things for a good cause and being cruel just for the sake of it.

[ and what he said to her is, in her mind, most definitely the latter. ]
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[The magic itself looks simpler than anything that would normally be called magic. There's no cauldron or spell books - instead, it was mostly a series of candles and chalk lines which she's proceeding to draw around each of the chairs. She's going to be taking the position behind Rip's chair but if you have any questions bout the magic in place or what's actually going to happen, now would be the time to ask her.]
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( Gideon knows what it should be, and sees what it's not. It's chilling seeing the change in the ship that she's so familiar with, and yet she's seen it before. It doesn't feel any better this time, but she knows what they have to do.

She looks to her companion before back at the corridor ahead of them. This had to work )

What we see here isn't real, but Rip believes that it is.

( And some of it might be a little unsettling )
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[ sara is apprehensive, but more than that, she's determined. what was done to rip wasn't right, twisted him into someone he isn't. she wants to right that wrong as much as she selfishly wants the man he used to be back, instead of this man who mocks her, who shot her and strangled her, who killed her.

she glances back at gideon, giving a nod, her jaw set. ]

Not real, but does that mean it can't hurt us?

[ somehow, she thinks the answer will be that it can, whatever they'll encounter. ]
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I'd be prepared for all eventualities.

( Just in case, and because she doesn't really want to have to say that perhaps it would, especially when it's uncertain )

This way.

( If it's the same layout as before it shouldn't take them too long to find him, but she's prepared in case that changes, and starts heading down the corridor )
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Yeah, I figured.

[ sara has her staves with her, though they're probably also just a mental construct of sorts. she'd rather not have to use them, but — prepared for all eventualities. ]
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It isn't Mr Rory.

( Which, given the appearance of a second Sara, is far too much of an obvious statement for Gideon have made, but there it is. Just in case )

We should move quickly.

( They could fight, or at least Sara could fight -- Gideon didn't know, nor have skill in that area. They also weren't able to kill them, only Rip could )
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[ sara grips her staves a little tighter, faced with both mick and a different version of herself — dressed differently, though in a usual outfit, but not real because how can it (she) be, when it isn't her? ]

Yeah. [ she confirms, and picks up the pace — but she isn't surprised when the two figures move to block their path, and she swings the staves into position while her double does the same. ]

Why don't I hold them off while you go find Rip?
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( There's a few seconds pause where Gideon calculates the odds, before agreeing )

Be safe. I'll bring him back.

( Instead of trying to get through them Gideon turns to run back down the corridor, looping round through an adjoining corridor )
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I'll try to catch up.

[ but sara's not holding her breath for that. mick, she can handle. mick and herself? probably not. the bad thing about fighting yourself is that you're sure to be evenly matched. ]
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( She's running, and though Gideon knows the ship well it isn't good enough. There are others here, and it doesn't take long before Gideon's followed. It doesn't help that they're both fast, catching her up quickly -- and armed.

Whoever you are, you're not supposed to be here, Jax taunts, launching a blast at Gideon. He misses on purpose, however. These constructs have been designed to be merciless and cruel, and doesn't it make sense then that they might want to toy with their prey?

Ray's thruster cuts off another exit. They might be leading Gideon somewhere on purpose—or they might be prolonging her agony. It's impossible to say which, in the end.

The blasts have her flinching a little, and the redirection has her working a new route out in her head. But she can't keep it up forever, despite not being human. They're fast and they'll catch her before she can get away, so it leads Gideon to enter one of the rooms in a hope of hiding )
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[ sara is knocked out and carted to the brig and when she wakes, rip's there — but it isn't the rip she'd met first, or the man he's become as of late. it's someone who looks scared, terrified even. of her.

she sits up slowly, body bruised but nothing broken, and looks at him. ]

Hey. [ she keeps her voice soft. it's instinct as much as it is a conscious decision. ] I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help.
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( Gideon gives him a little time before looking for him. It's more difficult to hover, to check on him discreetly when she has to now be physically present to do it. He'd gone through something that none of them could understand, even for seeing into his head )


( Rip. The word is quieter than usual, easier to modify in this body and perhaps taking into account what she'd seen.

She'll let him lead, decide if he wants more time or a conversation. At the least she'd had a few seconds to hover, to check on him )
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( Gideon takes a few steps forwards, reaching a hand to his arm. She waits a few seconds, gaze on him, before speaking. There's a lot to say, but it feels less important than the fact that their 'mission' was a success. They'd recovered him -- the real Rip )

You don't need to say anything.

( Because, after all that has happened, both this time and the last, Gideon knows what's going through his mind. It had been very fresh for her when she'd arrived, having just recovered him and then finding herself in Wonderland. Now--

She's just glad that he's back and safe. Gideon doesn't need words )
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One day, perhaps.

( Though it may sound a concession even later Gideon will insist that he doesn't need to apologise or say anything for his actions. Though she'd felt betrayed by what he'd done deep down Gideon knew that it wasn't really him -- not the right him. Apologising for it didn't make entire sense )

I'm simply glad that we were able to help you.

( Though those words mean far more than they may to anyone else. She'd tried to express to Ray just how important Rip was to her but Gideon didn't have the words to properly do so, but Rip will know. Rip doesn't need the explanation )
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[ sara doesn't quite know how to feel. tired (exhausted or drained is more like it), accomplished, overjoyed, all three? the combination is hard to sustain, that's for sure.

rip pulls away and sara gives him (and herself) a while before she follows. ]


[ it's a quiet greeting. ]
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[ the time he'd spent believing that he was right hadn't been the trial. knowing what he knows now, remembering that the team isn't the enemy, knowing what he's done? sara figures that is. if she wanted to see him punished, she thinks this might satisfy her, because she knows this rip. responsibility rests heavy on his shoulders.

sara steps into the room and after a moment, she decides to sit down next to him. there's space between them and part of her body still knows him as an enemy, wanting to retreat or attack. she doesn't move, except to pull out a flask from inside her jacket, recently filled to the brim. ]

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[ the alcohol isn't his, but sara's very willing to share. it comes as a bit of a surprise when he reaches for two glasses. part of her is thankful that he does, another part angry. it shouldn't be necessary at all. he shouldn't have to be careful like this, and neither should she. after everything they've been through together, they should be beyond this.

they're not.

she fills up the cups, one after the other, glad that it gives her something to do, somewhere to look that isn't rip and his gratitude. she's not sure she wants that gratitude. not this much of it. ]

You would have done the same for me.
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Hey psycho killer, how's it going now your brain has been carved out?

[It's quite a while after the big event that Mick even bothers to go and see Rip because he's sure others will and he's never in a rush to comfort people. And as is obvious, Mick isn't the best at being gentle, using tact or caring about anything that isn't a Snart but he still comes to see Rip and that has to count for something, right?

He even comes with beer, which he presents to Rip with a smirk.]

Want to numb it a little? I got enough beer to make you brain feel like mush