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[Open] It may be hard for you to imagine, but

Who: Raymond Reddington and You!
Where: Anywhere
When: During the event
Rating: PG
Summary: What if Raymond Reddington came home on Christmas Eve, stayed with his family and lived a normal life?
The Story:

The rips in time were fascinating to Red, just like the rest of Wonderland. He had to admit that the place was aptly named. He'd spent the first day since the appeared, observing them before he finally decided to reach out and touch one...

The alarm clock buzzed, and Red looked over, 6AM just like every other morning for the past twenty or so years and Ray got out of bed like he usually did. Carla, his wife, was still sound asleep next to him. Jennifer, their daughter, was off at college. Ray put on his Admiral's uniform and headed to the office in Maryland.

During the drive and the rest of his day, he could swear he was just in a different place, a fairytale, and before that home, in Washington DC, with Elizabeth. If he didn't know better he'd swear he was dreaming.
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Seth was looking for an empty room. Instead what he finds is a door that opens, and then he's somewhere else entirely. Nothing seems right, especially the off the rack suit he's wearing as he wanders down the hallway he knows... and yet can't remember.

"Okay then, what the hell even," he mutters, coming around a corner and straight into a man in uniform.

"Holy shit," he growls, not catching it isn't a cop. Not that a cop should be looking for him. The conflicting emotions of who he is here and who he is regularly collide in his head.
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Which isn't the best of answers, even as he's looking the guy over. Okay then. Not a cop. That's a step in the right direction. Except...

"Where the he... Where am I?" He glances behind him, trying to put things together. "I know I sound nuts, but I don't know how I got here. Or where here is."

Which is likely going to get a cop called on him, and he knows it as he looks at the badge clipped to his jacket lapel. Huh.
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"Oh. Right. Of course." Glancing at the badge again. "And I'm Seth Gecko and a representative for Lockheed Martin. Okay then."

Thinking about a life with his parents, both of them. His dad not abusing him. Ending up in the military before working for the weapons manufacturer. While robbing banks. Or also robbing banks. He wasn't even sure why his mind was trying to tell him all of that at the same time.

"So... I'm likely late for a meeting then. I'm pretty sure."
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"Yeah, that might be a good idea. I admit, I don't remember the name. My bad," he said, shaking his hand, even as he frowned at that name.

All the names in his head, and that wasn't one of them.

"Do you have information on a project called Wonderland?" Arching a brow, the damn name of the damn place in the children's book first and foremost in his head.
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Kay likely doesn't look like the typical visitor. His clothes - tan pants, a green turtle neck, and a tan vest with many pockets - are rather casual clothes. Though he's somehow gained a badge that claims he works in IT - a hit to Kay's professional pride. If he had chosen to work in a normal job, he'd aim for much higher than IT. Kay'd be the head of whatever agency he chose.

He's not sure how he got here. He'd been walking down what had appeared to be a normal hall. Kay spins around. Maybe walking in the direction he came from will bring him back to the mansion?
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Elevators? But he can see them, plain as day.

"Thanks. Could you tell me where I am?" Maybe point Kay to a public access computer so that he can research where he's ended up.