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( closed ) 'you don't know much,' said the duchess

Who: Sam Winchester and the Duchess
Where: The ballroom
When: September 16th, late
Rating: PG-13 to be safe??
Summary: Sam has a magical, Wonderland spool of thread, and knows someone who could use from a few stitches...
The Story:

[ Alice regains her eyes, vanishes without a trace, and their little band of do-gooders disperses for the day. While the others seem preoccupied with finding a way to get Alice's attention, to call her back from wherever she'd gone, Sam... has something else in mind. He already has the item he'd found in his pocket from earlier, when they thought they'd maybe need it to sew Alice's eyes back in (however the hell that would've worked). Luckily, they'd been spared the trauma, and the magical item is still unused and ready for any future plans.

That future is now, and that plan is... admittedly half-baked. Still, Sam spends a fair bit of time wandering the mansion, speaking very little to the people he passes, which seems to suit everyone else just fine, since most of the residents are preoccupied with these new items and their mysteries. It takes Sam a while before he decides he's found a suitable place, and that place is the ballroom, empty, for now, without any event going on and with so much else happening in the rest of the mansion. ]

How... [ He breathes, and then sighs. How do you call any of these people? 'People' being a stretch. The younger Winchester sets his jaw, and then, feeling only a little ridiculous, calls out more loudly: ] Uh... if you can hear me, Duchess... or somebody who can call the Duchess, then... I'd like to talk to you.

[ This is probably a bad idea. The twisting in his gut reminds him of other occasions like this that didn't go well. Specifically, he remembers stand at a crossroads with his arm in a sling, threatening and offing demons he'd summoned until one of them could bring Dean back. Still, Wonderland isn't a home, and the Duchess isn't a demon. Probably. This has to be different... or Sam could end up in a lot of trouble. ]
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[ The ballroom doors slam open near instantly.

A beat.

Then, the piglet waddles through them with incredible speed.

It grunts and sniffs, all across the ballroom floor, closer and closer to Sam. Around his feet and through, and once up on its hind legs, sniffing and sniffing, quick and curious as can be.

When it is done, near as fast as it started, it lets out a squeal, and disappears through the doors again.

They slam shut behind it.

Silence follows.

A beat.

And several more, until--

Speak to me, and why is that?

[ Until the Duchess speaks down at Sam, standing firmly on the ballroom ceiling. Her head hangs by her hair, swinging down like a strange chandelier. ]

Could it be, my dearest friend, that you have a gift for me?
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[ She jumps down, a whirl of grey frill and ruffle, and lands gracefully with a click of her heels. Not a word passes before her dress is not set properly, her posture is not straightened, and her head is not fastened tightly to her neck with an elegant shawls. ]

A deal, [ The Duchess repeats and runs her fingers through her hair. ]
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[ The Duchess tuts, and stands with her hands on her hips. ]

Do you think a proper woman such as myself would just appear to any man who calls her to a private ball? [ She clicks her tongue. ] 'Tis a busy season, why, I'd never get any work done at all if I did!

[ She shakes her-- She tilts her head cautiously, herself ever so slightly with it, so as not to upset the delicate arrangement. ]

Sam, I know what you have. You know that I want it. The question is the price.
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[ Already her hands reach slowly towards the yarn, wider and wider her eyes. Until Sam's request sinks in, and the Duchess becomes a different person. Flinches, her hand pulling back rapidly. Fingers digging into her dress at her stomach. She takes a step backwards. ]

Why ask this of me?
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[ She still stands hunched, a posture unbefitting of propriety. But her eyes dart back towards him time and again, all silent considerations behind her frown her own.

And then Sam is proven right.

The Duchess darts forward, and seizes on to the yarn in a tight grip. She does not, however, pull it away just yet.

Make her pay. If you grant me my head only to risk it against her again, then promise, good Sam, promise me you'll not rest before the red usurper pays.
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[ The Duchess scoffs. ]

Not the Red Queen.

[ She considers the bargain one last time, before she yoinks the golden thread from Sam's hands. ]

'Tis done. I will do for her what I can. Perhaps it won't go so terribly this time...

[ The Duchess steps back again, this time with deliberation. ]

One last thing, my dearest Sam, as a matter of courtesy. [ She pulls the shawl from her neck, and lets it glide to the floor without care. ] Be a gentleman, and bring me a mirror to hold, so I can see where I stick the needle.
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[ The Duchess laughs indulgently. ]

Sweet Sam, secrets are not kept so easily here.

[ But the matter at hand-- The golden glow in her hands is not so easily relinquished, now that she finally has it. She eyes Sam up and down, warily, as if the offer did not come from the one who gave her the yarn in the first place at all. ]

Well! Did you wash your hands properly? [ She doesn't wait for an answer. Instead she thrusts the thread at him quickly, as if the next second might change her mind. ] Oh very well, very well, do go ahead. But I'd better not find myself askew, or else or else!
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[ The Duchess gets in a last warily warning glare, before she allows Sam to approach. She stands statue-still, as proper etiquette dictates of anyone during unplanned makeshift surgery. Page one hundred and eighty-five, though as she idly waits she wonders where she put that book, anyway...

--And then the stitches make themselves seen and felt, a warm glow which renders the cut at her neck seamlessly null and void. The Duchess holds her breath longer than he does, but as Sam steps back she finally exhales.

'Tis done? [ She reaches for her neck, cautious hope in her voice. Feels it smooth and even underneath her fingers and- tilts it then with daring intensity.

The movement feels strange, unpracticed. But her head holds.

The Duchess beams.

Splendid! Marvelous! Just as cranial as I remember! Ah, my truest Sam, your chosen path deprives the world of a masterful tailor....
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[ The Duchess nods, subdued at first... and then with perhaps too much vigor, remembering again the options now open to her once more. She stills only to give Sam a stern look. ]

Do not spoil your favourable impression by questioning my word.

[ She tilts her head sharply upwards, and is gone with a jump. Her heels click on the impossibly high ceiling, as she looks down, waving her hands with a smile, just to show that she can. ]

I have hats to try! Large and cumbersome hats! A fine day to you, my good friend!

[ And then, with a whirl of her dress, she is gone. ]