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゚✧[Private] And if you love me, love me

Who: Lisa Snart, Leonard Snart & Mick Rory
Where: Outside the Mansion
When: Jan 30th
Rating: PG-13 (Default)
Summary: Lisa arrives in Wonderland...
The Story:
She'd been abducted. She, Lisa freaking Snart, had just been abducted! The last thing she remembered was kissing Cisco goodbye and mounting the motorcycle. She'd been on her way home when, out of nowhere, some woman was standing in the middle of the road. Lisa veered and lost control. Leather and a helmet kept her from most injury, plus her ability to control the crash. She might be a little bruised, but it was better than bleeding. And then her helmet was ripped off and she was out in a flash...

Why, then, was she waking up in a garden, sore, but unbound? You don't just kidnap someone and toss them in the middle of a city with her weapon and freedom. Yes, she did still have her gun, and a test shot told her it still worked. She held it close and gave her immediate area a look around. She wasn't in Central City. Where the hell was this? Some old-timey city? She didn't see any power lines or cellphone towers. No cars or stop lights. There was a fancy mansion and a beach and an orchard and a... hedge maze? What was going on?

She stops in her trek, raising the gun carefully and listening to everything around her as best she could. "This isn't funny! I don't know who you are, but if you think you can abduct me and abandon me, you haven't met my family. If I don't find you before my brother does, you'll wish you hadn't messed with the Snart family!" She was slowly turning in her spot, keeping the gun aimed, expecting that woman to jump out at her again. "Too afraid to show yourself?" She smirked and shrugged a shoulder, curls swaying with the movement. "I don't blame you. Apologise and maybe I'll think about telling my brother not to ice you."

Lisa's posture gave off a confident air especially when coupled with her tone and smirk, but her grip on the Gold Gun was too tight. Her jaw was set a little too firm and her heart was pounding. Everything about this situation was wrong and she was spooked.

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