prettyntoxic: (You were there for me)
Lisa Snart | Golden Glider ([personal profile] prettyntoxic) wrote in [community profile] entrancelogs 2017-01-31 03:46 am (UTC)

She does note that he looked over her, and she expected it. But she stood tall, hoping it gave off that she was just fine, despite the bruises.

"You heard me yelling all the way from your little space adventure?" She asked pointedly, raising an eyebrow and giving him a very deliberate I'm not buying it look. But the mention of time has her faltering.

"What does that even mean? Where are we, Lenny?" The edge to her voice to most might just sound demanding. To ears trained as well as Leonard's to everything Lisa Snart, he'd recognise it as concern. "I know I was kidnapped, so I'm assuming you dealt with her already?"

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