boilover: (a generation of wusses)
Mick Rory ([personal profile] boilover) wrote in [community profile] entrancelogs 2017-01-31 09:01 pm (UTC)

Mick was a little late to this party but then, he wasn't as fine tuned as Leonard. One moment Leonard was talking with him, the next moment he was running off. Mick wasn't in any rush to run off to find out what was what, he'd only just raided the kitchen and he had an arm full of food he planned to stash away. None of which he felt like parting with.

By the time he heard Leonard coming back, he'd polished off the candy bar he'd been eating and the rest had been strategically fitted into all his pockets. See, this is why he picked coats with so many pockets. Always handy.

He frowned when he caught sight of who Leonard was with and for a moment, he really had no idea how to feel. It was an odd one. "So that's what all the noise in the hallway was?" Mick grunted fainted. "Hey, Lis."

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