boilover: (then people yell about me being sleepy)
Mick Rory ([personal profile] boilover) wrote in [community profile] entrancelogs 2017-02-05 06:21 pm (UTC)

"Nah." Mick shrugged. Was he looking for a way out of this place? Fuck no. If he left, he got brainwashed, Leonard died and he got his ass kicked by some cocky asshole speedster. No thank you. "We may as well stick around." He didn't explain his thinking, he didn't feel like it and Mick was never exactly a man of many words, he usually expressed his emotions through grunts, growls and humming. Seemed to work most of the time.

Mick opened one of his candy bars and took a big bite out of it. It was not like he could tell Lisa why they had to stay, that was Leonard's job, but he didn't really plan on escaping. Not if he could help it. "We're good here. Free food. Ain't half bad."

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