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Who: Genesis Rhapsodos and Zack Fair
Where: The Bar
When: September 18, in the evening.
Rating: G? PG?
Summary: Genesis had tried to ask for a way to make amends, but you can't simply heal a deep wound with a band-aid.
The Story: I've got me a sickness for the blues. )
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Who: Genesis Rhapsodos and Zack Fair (Closed)
Where: Around the mansion
When: Backdated to the hellhound event
Rating: PG
Summary: In the midst of the chaos erupting in the mansion, Genesis and Zack have an unexpected encounter
The Story: I'm doing it for a thrill. )
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Who: Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley
Where: At the Mirrorside Library
When: Not too long after this conversation
Rating: PG?
Summary: Angeal is told of Genesis' whereabouts while the SOLDIER in hiding, after suffering a public death, finds his pride so shattered he decides not to hide anymore.
The Story: My love is stronger, lasts a lot longer, than your anger or your pain )
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Who: Everyone in Wonderland!
Where: The chessboard hills
When: Monday, July 15, all day starting at 10:00 AM
Rating: PG-13 (probably)
Summary: The Red Queen has accepted a challenge from the Queen of Hearts.
The Story: Here is some important info to get you started. ♥ )
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Who: Genesis Rhapsodos ([personal profile] recitings) and you.
Where: Around the Mansion, particularly the dining room.
When: Whenever from July 3 to July 14, around mealtimes.
Rating: G
Summary: Although Genesis prefers absolute solitude, that's pretty impossible in a mansion brimming with all kinds of people. So, when hunger hits, he'll be sneaking around in a disguise.
The Story: At the end of the world )
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Who: Angeal Hewley (As Angeal Penance) and Genesis Rhapsodos

Where:The Gardens, under an apple tree

When: Sunset, July Second

Rating:PG 13 for potentially triggering material, (mentions of attempted suicide and death, descriptions of Injury.)

Summary: 「Thy revenge has scarred my soul. Agonizing for its end my wish becomes my relief---and your peaceful slumber.」 - LOVELESS Act 4

The Story:But nothing can prepare you for it// The voice,on the other line at the end. )
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Who: Genesis [[ profile] goddess_longing] and Kei [[ profile] half_biology]
Where Kei's Room [Third Floor, Third Room]
When: During the memory loss event
Rating: I will start at PG-13 for weird flirting.
Summary: Genesis and Kei met once before and had the same conversation, but they're going to give it another go, since they can't remember.
the Story: When you grow up, live like a good boy ought to )


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