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Who: Zack Fair & Sephiroth
Where: The beach, in the evening.
When: After this conversation.
Rating: ...PG?
Summary: After losing two friends in less than a week, Zack feels like reaching out to the one friend from Gaia he may never see again outside Wonderland.
The Story: a thousand miles away from you )
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Who: Sephiroth ([personal profile] soldierfirst) and Cloud ([personal profile] animusangelus)
Where: eighth floor hallway
When: some ungodly hour in the middle of the night
Rating: harmless
Summary: random late-night encounter
The Story: fuzzy slippers optional )
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Who: Sephiroth ([personal profile] soldierfirst) and Kunsel ([personal profile] kunsel)
Where: on the beach
When: early morning, let's say Monday 8/12. after this conversation, in any event
Rating: P to the G
Summary: A tale of two swords. Or, time to evaluate the skills of one of your subordinates, which is really just code for "come spar with me."
The Story: Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to )
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Who: Everyone in Wonderland!
Where: The chessboard hills
When: Monday, July 15, all day starting at 10:00 AM
Rating: PG-13 (probably)
Summary: The Red Queen has accepted a challenge from the Queen of Hearts.
The Story: Here is some important info to get you started. ♥ )


Jun. 26th, 2013 11:16 am
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Who: Zack Fair & Sephiroth
Where: The beach.
When: June 26, dawn.
Rating: ...PG?
Summary: Zack's out doing his usual morning workout. An old friend stops by for a chat.
The Story: carry me to heaven's arms )
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Who: Sephiroth & YOU [Open]
Where: Between Clinic and Room 051, 5th Floor.
When: Backdated to June 4th.
Rating: R
Summary: SCIENCE Event Fallout. Sephiroth wakes up in the Laborotory of the clinic. Even though this is exactly where he remembers passing out and despite being heavily under the effects of whatever sedative he was injected with last, he must get back to his room! Feel free to bump into him anywhere you can think of on route, though I do have three action prompts to follow in below comments as well.
The Story: SCIENCE is bad  )
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Who: Martha Jones & SO MANY PEOPLE
Where: All over, though mainly the clinic.
When: Throughout the science event. (May 31st - June 3rd)
Rating: R for gore.
Summary: As affected by the science event, Martha wants to experiment. And a doctor wanting to experiment can only go wrong...
The Story: It starts small, somewhere in mid-morning on Friday. )

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May. 24th, 2013 03:41 pm
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Who: Zack Fair and YOU!
Where: Several different places.
When: May 25th, all day.
Rating: Er...PG? (Maybe PG-13.)
Summary: A Day in the Life with Zack Fair. Squats, lying around, and exploring -- nothing too unusual!
The Story: In comments below --
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Who: Natasha Romanoff and you!
Where: Everywhere. No really.
When: Now!
Rating: PG.
Summary: Natasha watches people. You might even get a hello, if you're nice.
The Story: She's a spy, not a soldier. )
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Who: Sephiroth and YOU
Where: 5th Floor, Library & Roof/Mansion Grounds. Pick a prompt!
When: Anytime this week
Rating: PG for now, will update if needed
Summary: Now there are no monsters, there is time to kill. Sephiroth might be starting to settle in.
The Story: Now hadn't that been a break from the endless bleeding of one day into the next )

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Who: Someone and YOU [Open]
Where: All over Wonderland
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Summary: Someone has appeared to provide some hints
The Story: In a wonderland they lie, dreaming as the days go by )

[If you have ooc questions about this log or this NPC, please use the Q&A thread on this post to ask them. All are welcome to tag here!]
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Who: Sephiroth & OPEN
Where: Mansion Grounds; Checkerboard Hills then heading inside for the first time.
When: Upon Arrival 17th April
Rating: PG Will update as needed!
Summary: Sephiroth finds himself in Wonderland...
The Story: Not quite what I was going for... )


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