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Who: Death, the "elves", and anyone who wants a present
Where: Main entrance to mansion
When: December 15, all day
Rating: PG for Jay being a grump
Summary: With no Santa around, it looks like the job (once again) falls on Death to save the holiday. First things first to make people believe: set up a display and give out presents.
the Story: 
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Who: Florian, Ed, Minato and Noa.
Where 1st floor, 6th floor, 5th floor, possibly more?
When: After this post.
Rating: Probably no worse than PG-13, since Florian's here.
Summary: Noa wants to find Ed, and Florian's sure that Daddy knows where he is!
the Story: A ninja, a gypsy, an alchemist and a little kid...weird. )


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