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All the teachers.  All of them.
Where: First floor; Teachers' Lounge
When: May 5th, in between classes, during breaks, before/after school.
Rating: TBD.  Teachers can have such potty-mouths.
Summary: A decent-sized room for a large school filled with kids and staff.  Students, beware venturing into this unknown territory unless explicitly seeking assistance from a teacher.  Likely they will not take kindly to the intrusion upon this sacred, hallowed ground.

The Story:
They say that high school is like Hell. It's more like waiting in line at the DMV. )
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Who: Hubb, possibly Burt, Nagi, and Harry and others?
Where Therapy Room
When: Saturday.
Rating: PG?
Summary: Group therapy for those dealing with a lost wife/significant other
the Story:

Hubb was unhappy. His defiant personality disorder was on full display, as he sat with his arms crossed, glaring at the circle of chairs. Hell no, he was not going to accept this crap

"As for the question, none of your damn business. Next." He growled.

[OOC: For those interested, I think we can just all start our own thread in this log and go on from there for the group counseling.]


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