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Who: Claire Fraser, you (one closed, one open prompt as a top level)
Where: All around
When: Oct 7-9
Rating: PG, or PG-13? Blood warnings, but NO death.
Summary: Claire gets hurt trying to get to a safe zone, and there she sets up camp.
The Story: all that was me is gone.  )
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Who: Liv Moore + You
Where: First Floor
When: Oct. 2nd
Rating: Let's start with PG and see if it goes up from there.
Summary: Liv is leaving no stone unturned in her newish home. How long can she claim newb status, anyway?
Notes: Will match prose or brackets! Action stuff is under the cut!
The Story: Curioser and curioser )

[ It's the mirrors in the room that make her start broadcasting on the network, and she focuses in on one. ]

Uh. Has anyone else been in this room? I'm on the first floor. Follow the sticky notes if you want to come see for yourself. It's creepy and abandoned if that's your thing.

[ She knows, she knows there's only one Alice synonymous with Wonderland, but Liv had no idea something like this was right here on their side all along. ]


Sep. 18th, 2017 09:49 pm
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Who: Nageki Fujishiro and Chloe Decker
Where: The Library
When: 9/19
Rating: G - PG-13
Summary: Chloe has a topaz that belongs to Nageki.
The Story: But come ye back when summer's in the meadow. )
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Who: Everyone who wants to participate!
Where: The Mindscape (and elsewhere in reality, if specified)
When: September 6th through September 8th
Rating: PG-13 to R for potentially disturbing, violent, or dark subjects.
Summary: Thanks to an explosion on the third floor, every time a person falls asleep, they enter the Mindscape...

The Story: Improper use of machinery could lead to utter catastrophe. )
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Who: Helena + open
Where: The library
When: August 11
Rating: PG
Summary: After the event Helena's trying to make herself feel better with some good reading
The Story: when you're lost )
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Who: Mikan Tsumiki & You!
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: Throughout the Event
Rating: TBD, will edit when needed.
Summary: Time for blood tests! What could go wrong?
The Story: Get Down With The Sickness )


Jun. 24th, 2017 11:22 am
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Who: Nageki Fujishiro ([personal profile] mourning_ghost) and you
Where: Anywhere
When: June 23rd - 27th
Rating: G
Summary: A mourning dove student turned high elf cleric wanders around the Kindergarten and offers healing.
The Story:

He has darkvision and spells now. )
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Who: Shepard and YOU!
Where: The Kindergarten
When: The length of the event, June 23rd-27th
Rating: pg-13 for fighting and fire and probably a lot of cursing tbh
Summary: Catch-all for the event! Shepard has always been a nonmagical kind of girl, and now she's a bird with a frankly irresponsible amount of fire magic, so let's see how well this goes!
The Story: we are the jack-o-lanterns in july / setting fire to the sky )
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Who: Dorian Gray and you!
Where: Library
When: Late June
Rating: PG
Summary: Dorian looks for a replac
The Story: ...than the novel’s fantastic hero. )
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Who: Jemma Simmons + You
Where: Planetarium
When: June 13-15, nights
Rating: PG-13. Will edit if something goes beyond that.
Summary: Jemma is thinking some thoughts and since being an adult and talking about things is hard she retreats to watch the stars.
The Story:

we had a promise made; we were in love )
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Who: Freya Mikaelson + YOU / Some Closed Starters
Where: Various Wonderland Places
When: June/July 2017
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Catch-all for Freya for the AC period.
The Story: that all deceit survives )
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Who: The Inu no Taishou
Where: All around Wonderland
When: The day he shows up so basically 6/5. Yeh, I'm slow...
Rating: PG
Summary: Dog Dad wants to get to know how Wonderland works, how technology works, and also be a dog.
The Story: So how about some new allies? )
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Who: Bill Cipher ([personal profile] ghflskhu_ph ) and OTA hanging around inside!
Where: The lounge area
When: Days 1-3
Rating: Pg but Bill is his own warning
Summary: To keep Bill's destructive tendencies in check, he has been handcuffed to a chair for the duration of this event. You're welcome.
The Story: insert witty cut text here )
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Who: Peridot, Lapis, and you!
Where: Out in the snow
When: Snow time like the present
Rating: Don't see why this would go above PG
Summary: snow sculptures snow sculptures snow sculptures snow scu

Well, winter Wonderland, are you enjoying the snow? It looks like your local gay space rock population is. To wit, one corner of the resort has become a gradually-expanding snow-sculpture garden as Peridot and Lapis practice their artistry meep-morpistry in a new medium. Since they don't get cold or even need to come in for dinner, they're free to get carried away!

Most of the sculptures are awkward, lumpy shapes that started out meant to look like things but embraced abstraction out of pragmaticism and/or sour grapes. You may be able to guess that these are Peridot's by the fact that one of them has her hairdo. Less common are simple shapes and swirls, smoothly formed except for the ones that broke under their own weight and were left in ruins. Also, one massive, perfectly rendered statue of a nose. Don't ask whose.

Someone could feasibly wander into this strange realm without even sighting the girls right away. Or join in, of course. On the other hand, with the wars raging around, one might see an opportunity to throw some snow and wreak some havoc. Whatever the case, the important thing is they're having fun, right?

((Both Peridot and Lapis are available for this post, together or individually! Please specify if you want one or the other.))
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Who: The ARRIVAL of Claire Fraser, the assistance of Anders, and you as she explores.
Where: First, the gardens. Then exploring.
When: The week of May 8th.
Rating: PGish? Will update if needed
Summary: Claire arrives and Anders is there to fix her injuries with magic herbs. no, not those magic herbs. Then, she wanders dressed in nothing but the remains of the bottom of a dress and an oversized tartan kilt cinched with a belt because lol what is magic.
Notes: Will match bracket or prose! If you'd like a specific starter, ping me on plurk @ [ profile] propernice
The Story: I seem to have fallen through time. )

I feel very much the stranger in a strange land. - OTA )


Apr. 6th, 2017 12:12 pm
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Who: Lapis Lazuli and you, friend.
Where: Around the mansion (or environs)
When: Pretty much anytime outside of events or other goings on
Rating: I can't see why this would get above PG
Summary: After settling in enough for settling in to get old, Lapis stretches her wings.
The Story: I was uncomfortable, now I'm uncomfortable )
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Who: Newt and YOU
Where: The Citadel
When: all through the event
Rating: PG
Summary: Innocent Hufflepuff is innocent... also drives for the first time
The Story: Just a Smidge )
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Who: the girl of steel & you in the back over there
Where: alllll over
When: during the event
Rating: ... honestly, probably pg-13. depends on how bad the bar fight gets
The Story: unless you were born there in which case it's not really a frontier. )
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Who: Commander Shepard and YOU! (+semi-closed prompt for CR)
Where: All over the Citadel
When: During the Citadel Event! (April 1st-4th)
Rating: PG-13 for guns and swears, mostly
Summary: Shepard's home, and she knows it's temporary, but she's gonna live it up while she's got it.
The Story: we got nowhere else to go )
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Who: Wanda Maximoff + anyone!
Where: The roof
When: March 19th
Rating: This is pretty chill to start, honestly. (If anything actually manages to step into the 'beyond PG-13' territory, I will update as such.)
Summary: Wanda is hanging out, writing down some thoughts, and isn't opposed to company.
The Story:

there are things in yourself that you don't understand )
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Who: John and YOU
Where: All across Wonderland
When: Throughout all of March
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A mostly functional day in the life of John Winchester
The Story: Dragged a comb across my head )
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Who: Jesse Wells and OPEN
Where: all over Wonderland
When: End of February/beginning of March
Rating: PG-13 should cover it.
Summary: Jesse is a little bit heartbroken and attempting to distract herself. Also pretending that she’s not heartbroken at all. She’s fine. She’s totally fine. Spoilers: she’s not fine at ALL.
The Story: The moments gone, there's no surrender/Forever now unsaid/The words that might've warmed December )
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Where: Your dreams!
When: Friday February 17th - Monday February 20th (The length of the event!)
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A catch-all log for everyone's dreams in this event, and all of the subconscious shenanigans within them!
The Story: Show me the side streets in your life. )
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Who: A recently resurrected ghost bird (Nageki Fujishiro) and You
Where: The Lib..., I mean Coffee shop
When: December 6 - 8
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nageki died during the event in early December. He's died before, but it's different when someone else made the choice for you.
The Story:

GOODS: Topaz, Smartphone, Arrow )

(OOC: Will match prose or brackets.)
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Where: Your dreams!
When: December 15th - December 25th, whenever a character is asleep.
Rating: PG-13 (Warn if Higher)
Summary: A catch-all for everyone's mysterious alternate Wonderland dreams!
The Story: Just like the ones I used to know. )
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Who: Joel with Steve Rogers, Nageki Fujishiro, and Coraline Jones
Where: Quor'toth
When: Backdated to 12/2 - 12/5
Rating: R for death...again...sorry Wonderland
Summary: Joel and an ally, a victim, and a not!daughter to protect
The Story: but I know when I die my soul is damned )


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