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Who: Erwin Smith and OPEN
Where: Several locations
When: Weekend of Sept 13-14
Rating: PG-13, maybe mention of spoilers up to Chapter 61.
Summary: Erwin explores the mansion.
The Story: expedition into the mansion )
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Who: Lily Evans, James Potter, Class 1-1 & you!
Where: Various places throughout school!
When: July 12th - July 16th
Rating: James Potter is probably going to get bludgeoned with a textbook so take that however you will.
Summary: Catch-all for the event!
The Story:
Option A: Play Practice & Prep )
Option B: Rooftop )
Option C: Dance Prep )
James Potter's Shockingly Premature Death )
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Who: Toothless and you.
Where: Inside, outside, anywhere and everywhere.
When: Anytime during the Puppy event.
Rating: G for now.
Summary: Puppies? What are puppies? Why are they everywhere? Oh no, why are they so fuzzy?

The Story: But they want to play. That's the important part. )
assembles: injured, fight, down, shield, costume (stay right there steve)
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Who: Steve Rogers and YOU
Where: All over Wonderland
When: Duration of the event (06/27 - 06/30)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The mansion has drained everyone of their powers, and in the case of Steve Rogers, that results in a pretty large (or rather, small) change. (Replies will come from [personal profile] preserum).
The Story: and we sure as hell have nothing now )
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Who: Martha Jones & SO MANY PEOPLE
Where: All over, though mainly the clinic.
When: Throughout the science event. (May 31st - June 3rd)
Rating: R for gore.
Summary: As affected by the science event, Martha wants to experiment. And a doctor wanting to experiment can only go wrong...
The Story: It starts small, somewhere in mid-morning on Friday. )


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