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Where The ballroom courtroom
When: July 14th
Rating: Gonna call it PG-13 to be safe.
the Story: The story so far )

[ooc: Hello again! Everyone is welcome to continue their threads from the previous post, and we highly encourage it (in fact, the main story still has threads continuing over there). This post is for day two of the proceedings. Again, please feel free to cause a commotion in the peanut gallery! All posts after this one will be considered to be after the trial. There will be a final summary posted tomorrow night, along with the queen’s final ruling. Have fun everyone! This event has been going great!]
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Where The ballroom courtroom
When: July 13th
Rating: Gonna call it PG-13 to be safe.
the Story: The scene of the crime )

[ooc: There will be two sections to this trial post - the main story and the audience interactions. Everyone can see and hear across the mirrors, so have fun with that! Cause some mischief if you desire, talk to that person sitting next to you, shout over at the mirrors, have fun! Feel free to Action-thread if you would prefer that to logging in 3rd Person, but either is acceptable. The main storyline will also be split into threads, that way if someone is not there immediately, players may continue to another section. The witness testimonials will be today, unless either witness would prefer it be moved to Tuesday's half. Any posts after this log are considered to be in-between the two days, during the recess. HAVE FUN GUYS]
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Who: Namine [[livejournal.com profile] pastel_memory, Riqis [livejournal.com profile] madeinmirrors, and Alice [livejournal.com profile] curiousher
Where The Queen's dungeons
When: June 5th, not long after the Queen's decree.
Rating: idk, PG?
Summary: To recap! The Hare predicted an event of doom and gloom, and Namine was able to prevent it by altering the event with her memory powers. However, the Queen is not pleased, and in the confusion of the memory swapping event, Namine has been captured and replaced by her mirror. Now, Namine is in the dungeons beneath the mirror side of the mansion, awaiting further punishment, along with a certain curious someone once thought to be dead.
the Story: Alice? ALICE? Who the @*#&^ is Alice? )
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Who: Mirror Saix [livejournal.com profile] pacifydivine and Mirror Replica (Riqis) [livejournal.com profile] madeinmirrors
Where The mirrorside conservatory
When: Friday the thirteenth of february
Rating: G
Summary: Saix's mirror has had about all he can take, and a favour to ask.
The Story: But they finally broke him. )


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