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Who: Florian [[livejournal.com profile] innocentxcharm] and Mia [[livejournal.com profile] vaneslegacy]
Where The Kitchen~
When: November 11, 2008 [Backdate, sry. D:]
Rating: G, I'd presume. o:
Summary: Florian's bored. Mia's bored. So, what do we do when we're bored? We make cookies. YUM.
the Story: cookieeeeees! <3 )
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Who: Nash Rumack [[livejournal.com profile] thunderthrust] and Mia Ausa [[livejournal.com profile] vaneslegacy]
Where Fourth Floor - Outside of Mia's room.
When: 10/27, after their conversation in Mia's journal entry. ♥
Rating: Presumably G-PG?
Summary: A Mia has been discovered in Wonderland! Nash is coming to meet her.
the Story: This LJ-Cut Text is SO full of wit! <3 No, really, it is! Would I lie? )


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