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Who: Dipper, Georgia, Ed, YOU
Where: Throughout the waking Wonderland world
Rating: probably not higher than PG-13
Summary: Ewaymas is a trip and a half, huh? Dipper, Ed, and Georgia try and handle it in their own ways. Plus some closed starters.
The Story: of things to do and things I've done another sleepless night's begun )
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Who: Jon Snow ([personal profile] strongheld) & YOU!
Where: Everywhere.
When: 12/12 MORNING
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: Jon Snow learns some things, but is still highly perplexed by his arrival at this poorly-fortified estate.
The Story: Who knows? )
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Who: Sans and YOU
Where: Around the mansion
When: 12/16 - 12/25
Rating: PG to start, will probably get worse
Summary: Sans is having a bad holiday
The Story: were you falling? were you flying? )
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Who: Jack and YOU
Where: In and out of the settlement in Quor'toth
When: 12/2 to 12/5
Rating: PG-13 to R for language and heavy violence. Leaning more on R here, Jack'll be at her worst.
Summary: Jack's finally in Hell where she belongs. She immediately makes nice with the locals.
The Story: and bone to the ire and the marrow )
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Who: Frisk and YOU
Where: All over Quor'toth
When: 12/2 - 12/5
Rating: PG-13 for suicide ideation, self-harm, and child endangerment THIS KID IS IN A ROUGH SPOT
Summary: After being empty and dull for almost a month, Frisk has begun to feel things again. Since feelings are dumb and sad and difficult and they want to continue feeling nothing, Frisk embarks on a quest for LOVE. Chaos ensues.
Story: filled it up with novocaine and now i'm just numb; i don't feel a thing for you )


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