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Who Courier Six/Dan Palmer and YOU~
Where: Library
When: Feb 29th
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After Victor Frankenstein put the idea of reading being a thing worth doing into his head, he's been trying to improve his literacy skills. It's a frustrating process.


My day is all booked. )
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Who: Dean Winchester ( & whoever wants a slice of this pie)
Outside. Hallways. Bar.
When: Feb. 20th
Rating: PG13 at least.
Summary: Dean discovers a different dimension.
The Story:

don’t fear the reaper )
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Who: GOLD AND ANYONE ON THE MIRROR SIDE + Mirror Gold and Regina
Where: Around the Mirror Mansion + eighth floor hallway
When: July 16th
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gold's out to capture some Mirrors in his magical hat. Meanwhile, Mirror Gold is about to have a very bad time.

The Story: When it come to pride, and other sinful matters, you're gonna be mislead, left there in tatters. )
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Who: Sam Winchester, Mirror!Sam, Daenerys Targaryen, Snow White, Mirror!Snow, Ellie and YOU
Where: Various! You name it and I'll match!
When: July 16-23
Rating: PG-13, will update if needed
Summary: CATCH-ALL FOR THE EVENT, assume there will be shenanigans
The Story: Expand( it's a battle cry, it's a symphony )


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Who: Belle and YOU!
Where: Throughout the Mansion
When: All through the event
Rating: R for violence
Summary: Belle is possessed and out for blood.

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Who: Castiel & event plotters
Where: Throughout Wonderland.
When: 6/12 - 6/15
Rating: R for violence and cannibalism
Summary: As far as Castiel can remember, he's been a ghoul ever since he turned his back on Heaven. He'd even learned how to live with it, sort of. But then the mansion's closets stop providing easy meat... and that makes everything a lot more complicated.
The Story: i fear i'm losing all control )
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Who: Killian Jones and OPEN
Where: the beach, the mansion, eventually the bar
When: June 1
Rating: PG probably
Summary: Killian is back from his canon update. Ahahahahaha. Ha. Ha. Ha. MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE S4 FINALE.
The Story: these walls that they put to hold us back will fall down )
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Who: Lily Evans & you!
Where: The entrance hall & the kitchen.
When: 12/10, afternoon.
Rating: PG, will edit if necessary.
Summary: The Jabberwocky dream has half of Wonderland shaken up, and Lily has taken it upon herself to provide a minor but festive distraction.
The Story: Of love and dreams to share; )


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Who: Belle Gold, et al.
Where: The mansion, heading into the attic.
When: Immediately.
Rating: I don't see it getting much more out of hand than a PG.
Summary: YO Belle's here.

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Who: Belle + YOU
Where: The docks
When: May 1, early morning
Rating: PG
Summary: There's a new arrival to Wonderland
The Story: you saw it so clearly )


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