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Who: Graham Humbert and Emma Swan
Where: Graham's room.
When: October 13th.
Rating: PG-13? I dunno. There will be cursing and that's the most scandalous it'll get.
Summary: Graham and Emma coming to terms with a few things.
The Story: ain't no god on my streets )
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Who: Graham Humbert and you!
Where: By the pool and then around the mansion.
When: Forward dated to after the Event.
Rating: Mature? Who knows. He's coming back from someone crushing his heart.
Summary: Graham's arrival in Wonderland is way too crazy. Two thread starters inside.
The Story: i will reach inside just to find my heart is beating )
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Who: Henry Mills + Anyone
Where: The Stable, The Gardens, The Library
When: The 21st, varying times of day (Morning, afternoon and evening respectively)
Rating: General
Summary: Henry is exploring again. Apparently training his new dog only occupied the boy for so long and now he and said canine are on the hunt again for clues, a way out, a magical portal or anything else that can help him get himself and Emma (and everyone else?) back to their homes.
The Story: Look out now, Five! Don't go splashing paint over me like that! )
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Who: Emma Swan, Jo Harvelle, Angel & Friends -- or enemies, as the case may be.
Where: Throughout the mines.
When: October 3rd - 7th.
Rating: PG-13 for violence.
Summary: Various event happenings within! Exploration, panic, frustration and monster-slaying abound.
The Story:
Emma )

Jo )

Angel )

[[OOC: If we don't have a planned thread or a placeholder set up but you want to run into one of these three at some point during the event, go ahead and tag on the desired day! Just let me know which character you want in the subject line.]]
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Who: Graham Humbert and Regina Mills
Where: Regina's room.
When: Directly after the Event. Probably before Henry's gone announcement?
Rating: PG-13 for lots of anger. Maybe R for anger?
Summary: Graham finds out that Regina killed him back in Storybrooke.
The Story: you need something to justify your soul. )
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Who: Graham and You!
Where: All over?
When: The entirety of the Event. (9/20 - 9/23)
Rating: R. Worse? He might commit a few murders. He's a villain.
Summary: Villain Graham is on the prowl in city. Killing. Sassing. Being a giant sassy Irish dick.
The Story: don't call him captain potato famine. )
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Who: Regina Mills [personal profile] moral_turnover, Henry Mills [personal profile] geneticallyscrewed, Emma Swan [personal profile] imnosavior, Graham Humbert [personal profile] venators
Where: Anywhere in the school
When: Sept 7th for Emma and Graham, Sept 8th for Henry
Rating: PG-13 Possibly higher. Will edit if necessary!
Summary: There are some secrets that are meant to be kept hidden.
The Story: Jealousy

While not a very well known piece of information here in Wonderland, nearly everyone from back home know of Regina's blood thirst for revenge. She had taken many a life, both in her time in the Enchanted Forest and even some in Storybrooke. But there's one secret, the one hidden away in the envelope given to her, that she would prefer a certain few to never find out. Graham's death was an act of jealousy, of course. Maybe had things turned out differently, he would had still been alive. But he was here now, and with Henry and him sharing the same land, things needed to be kept under wraps. Neither could ever know what she's done.

Private Text to Sheriff Graham Humbert )

Private Text to Emma Swan )

Private Text to Henry Mills )
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Who: Emma Swan ([personal profile] imnosavior) & Graham Humbert ([personal profile] venators)
Where: The hallways, near the library.
When: 9/7, afternoon.
Rating: PG
Summary: Super Sheriff Action, and trying to keep certain secrets just a little bit longer.
The Story: nobody here's perfect, oh, but everyone's to blame; )


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