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Who: Isaac and Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Jackson Whittmore & Derek Hale.
Where: Various
When: May 17th-19th
Rating: R for violence and stuff
Summary: A Fight and a... very opposite of a fight...
The Story: ►we're invisible◄ )
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Who: Enzo & You!
Where: Anywhere outside the mansion, you decide!
When: The night of May 5th
Rating: M? Vampirism, maybe some entry level violence, general creepery.
Summary: Recovering from certain injuries takes a lot of blood, it's a good thing there's plenty of people in Wonderland.
Note: Enzo will try to drink at least some of your character's blood, and then compel your character to forget so he's not outed as a vampire. He won't be killing anybody, but if you'd prefer he didn't do one or the other, let me know and we can work something out.
The Story: a bloody mary )
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Who: Isaac & You!
Where: Mostly the jail but he'll also be outside at some point.
When: Zombie Event!
Rating: R; Violence, mutilation, cursing, death, mentions of abuse.
Summary: Catch-all for the event, we do not need prior plans if you want to tag in, just try to be mindful of current plans please and thank you!
The Story: ►how do you kill what is dead?◄ )
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Who: scottie mczombie and you!
Where: wherever, whenever, we're meant to be together
When: days 1 - 3
Rating: pg-13
Summary: zombies and asthma don't make a good combination
The Story: gray clouds all over the hills ❧ bringing darkness from above )
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Who: Jackson Whittemore and the peasants.
Where: The Mine
When: During the Event (Backdated)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A catch-all for Jackson bitching about being stuck underground and not having his abilities.
The Story: Only miss the sun when it starts to snow )


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