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Who: Jefferson [personal profile] nevar and Zelena [personal profile] wickedwest
Where: in the mansion or on the grounds, but specific location TBD
When: backdated to June 2nd
Rating: PG (but will update if that changes)
Summary: As a result of this conversation, Jefferson is off to investigate the Wicked Witch, re: the Dark One's dagger. What better way to learn about someone than talk to them in person? Seems simple enough.
The Story: Oh, bring back my mind. )
disassembles: close, staring, neutral, winter soldier, or winter smolder? (how many more motherfucker)
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Who: Bucky Barnes & Jefferson
Where: Inside the Shelter
When: May 15, night
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: This is the best time to meet the guy you share a face with, right?
The Story: teeth ready for sinking )
reignbringer: speak; strong; frown; roar; (more care than that)
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Who: Thor and YOU
Where: Inside the Shelter, sometimes out in the snow
When: Duration of the event
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Thor, being affected by the event.
The Story:

May 15-16 (event beginning)
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May 17 (event escalation)
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May 18 (event end)
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