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Who: Raven and Ryoji ( and a special person who knows who they are whenever they come off of hiatus if the Log isn't done by then. )
Where The Library
When: Two days after being kicked out of her room/after Ryoji's revival.
Rating: G-PG for flirting?
Summary: Ryoji has a present for Raven and decides to surprise her in the library.
the Story: Ryoji decided it would be fun to sneak into the library and... )
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Who: Haru, Yujinn, Ryoji Mochizuki
Where The Tea Rooms
When: During the Vodka In Russia Event
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The trio are meeting in order to hang out despite the insanity of the Mansion..and Russia.
the Story: Can I buy you a draaank~ )
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Who: Ryoji Mochizuki and open
Where: Just outside the kitchen
When: Three hours after 'arrival'.
Rating: Um... PG to PG-13 I guess?
Summary: Ryoji is exploring the new location and spots somebody other than himself.

The Story:I wonder what's over here... )


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