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Who: Cora Hale and YOU!
Where: Mansion & everywhere.
When: Zombie event.
Rating: R, probably.
Summary: Cora Hale and friends vs Zombies. Feel free to action spam or prose with me; pick a day and jump in!
The Story: feel like i am human; )
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Who: Allison Argent and YOU
Where: mostly inside the jail, but all over!
When: zombie event!
Rating: PG-13-R
Summary: catch-all for allison at the event. we don't need any prior plans if you wanna just jump on in!
The Story: when he gave me crooked feet )
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Who: Owen Harper and you!
Where: All around the mansion!
When: Tuesday, October 19
Rating: PG-13 for language and Owen being Owen.
Summary: ...I don't know, have a post about things. Specify a location in the subject line if you'd like!
The Story: hey check out this awesome cut )
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Who: Michael and you there, the one reading this right now.
Where: Various locations around Wonderland.
When: Throughout Nov 17th/18th
Rating: PG or PG-13 for now.
Summary: Open log for any characters looking to meet an archangel. Michael will be wandering both the mansion and the grounds, so feel free to pick a public spot. (Prose to begin, but switching to action is fine too; same for past/present tense.)
The Story: [relevant song lyrics in this space] )
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 Who: The Doctor ([personal profile] denary ) and you!
Where: All about Wonderland!
When:  Between 03 Nov 13 and  16 Nov 13
Rating: T for Teen (to be safe)
Summary: Open log for random CR building
The Story: Expand ....and an awful lot of running to do. )
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Who: Benny and youuuu. This sucker is totally open.
Where: All over.
When: Body Snatching Event.
Rating: Highest? A lot of folks are nuts.
Summary: Basically Benny is having no mirror trauma right now. So he's going to try to keep some of the crazier folks sane with his vampirey vampireness. Basically if you wanna come torture, abuse or just be a general ass to a fuzzy vampire come right along.
The Story: the heroic vampire? overrated. )
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Who: Caroline Forbes, Lena Duchannes, Benny Lafitte, and Toothless — and anyone else who wants to be in on this wrecking ball.
Where: The mine!
When: 3-7 October.
Rating: There will be death.
Summary: Caroline's stuck in a mine as a human. There's got to be a punchline somewhere. (If you want something with Caroline and we haven't spoken about it, feel free to pick a day and jump in!)
The Story: you've got your hand on the button now; )
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Who: Benny and lots of folks.
Where: Kind of all over. Outside for sure.
When: The entirety of the Event. (9/20 - 9/23)
Rating: R. Worse? Dean is gonna kill him and he's gonna beat up people with Meg.
Summary: Hero Benny is hanging out and doing hero stuff. Also being murdered by stupid Dean.
The Story: think we're all damned. )
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Who: Clara & Benny
Where: Clara & Owen's room
When: Wednesday night
Rating: PG? No warnings needed for these two.
Summary: Benny's worried after Clara gets hurt at the beach party. Time for a visit!
The Story: Clara's been sleeping more than necessary the past few days )
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Who: Kelly Bailey and Benny Lafitte
Where: Some hallway.
When: 9/7, midday
Rating: PG-13 for copious swearing and attempted murder? Maybe higher, we'll see.
Summary: Kelly goes looking for a victim.
The Story: We're the good guys! )
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Who: Richard Castle and YOU
Where: Creeping around the mansion
When: Sept 5th (before the event)
Rating: PG-13 at highest
Summary: Castle goes exploring. Feel free to have him run into your character or have your character find him doing something odd (see below lol).
The Story: Put this in your speakers; you a certified creeper. )
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Charlie knows she was slacking off. Well, "moping" was more accurate: after Dean and Sam mysteriously vanished, she wasn't in much of a mood to do anything. After all, it seemed like even they couldn't do anything about whatever had kidnapped everyone. So she'd done what any reasonable nerd would do: gotten her closet to give her all the video games she never had time to play, and holed up in her room.

By the end of the week, at least, she was sick and tired of her self-imposed isolation (and Mass Effect, gasp), and with Dean's return? Well, it was something, at least. So she'd finally printed out flyers and obtained some Blurays, which was a little weird after all the downloading she did back home.

By the end of it, the ballroom had been decked out with a four foot tall HD flatscreen and a lot of comfy chairs. Charlie felt a little proud and sheepish all at once; this whole thing wasn't just for her, it was about building a sense of community, helping people relax. And boy, did everyone need that after riddles and monster rampages.

[So, we had a four-way tie, so we're going to do two things now and two next month! The rest of the things on the list will come along after that. That said, the winners are:

Alice in Wonderland and Iron Man! So basically it'll be more like Movie...Afternoon and Evening, starting at 2pm with the more kid-friendly movies (this labelling is questionable) and running to about 10. There will be lots of chairs/couches and a nice big screen, plus drinks and snacks on tables. And popcorn. Lots of popcorn. If you think your character would volunteer to help move chairs and stuff down, feel free to assume they did!]

[so just hang tight until all six category threads are posted, then go wild.]


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