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Who: John Winchester and garbage men over 40. No girls or kids allowed.
Where: John Winchester's "study" in his and Mary's room
When: The night of 11/5
Rating: JFC i don't know, let's to a blanket R
Summary: It's old(er) dude poker night and that means drinking, cheating, and smoking.
The Story: And it was to his queen turned )
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Who: Coraline Jones & OPEN TO ANYBODY!
Where: The Grounds, Your Bedroom Door, The Halls, The Dining Room
When: Early November
Rating: PG
Summary: Being a mansion busybody, and sampling sounds for spooktunes
The Story: (But first, mood music...)

Out and About )

Door to Door )

Hallway Sound Effects )

Wish to Table )
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Who: Sam Winchester and YOU
Where: The bar
When: October 31st
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam is Halloween Event!drunk and says more that's honest than he has in the past year
The Story: the worst is just around the bend )
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Who: Jack and You
Where: The Deep Roads
When: 5/5-5/9
Rating: M (For Jack's mouth and violence)
Summary: Hey there, kiddos! Jack's going exploring! Death, destruction, and weirdness await! Oh, and priceless treasure!
The Story: What could possibly go wrong? )
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Who: Cullen ([personal profile] morework) & Castiel ([personal profile] trenchcoatsarecool)
Where: 1/003, aka. Cullen's room
When: Thursday, 04/21, evening
Rating: PG to PG-13, if they behave
Summary: The Maker you have dialed is currently not available. Please leave your message with the weird guy in the trench coat.
The Story: We're very very sorry that we got it wrong! )
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Who: Castiel and anybody who wants to attend a room warming party.
Where: First floor, room 005.
When: April 14
Rating: PG
Summary: Castiel's discovering his room for the first time.
The Story: Let's ignore the fact that angels don't actually roost. )
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Who: Castiel and Crowley
Where: Entrance Hall
When: February 27th
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cas is trying to find his friend(s).
The Story: It's not breaking and entering if the door was open. )
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Who: James Potter [[personal profile] pottershotter] and YOU
Where: Abel Township
When: 8/7 - 8/9
Rating: PG-13/R for death/mercy killing
Summary: Catch all for the event! James leads a mission to move a zombie horde away from the Township, and he gets himself hurt in the process. Cue rapid deterioration over the next day and a half until there's only one option left...
The Story: And please don't see me as a coward. )
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Who: Castiel and YOU
Where: Abel Township
When: 08/07 - 08/10
Rating: R for zombie killing
Summary: Castiel may not have his Grace, but he does what he can to contribute to the township all the same. Sometimes he misses the mark.
The Story: that keeps us running through the night )
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Who: Castiel, Mirror!Castiel, and YOU
Where: All around the Real Side and the Mirrorside
When: 07/16 - 07/23
Rating: PGish
Summary: Castiel inspects the rifts in hopes of determining how they work and eventually ends up on the Mirrorside, swapping his Mirror over to the Real Side.
The Story: you shouldn't miss )
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Who: Dipper, Mirror!Dipper, Mabel, Mirror!Mabel, YOU!, Mirror YOU!
Where: Dipper and Mabel's room, various parts of the mansion, various parts of the mirror mansion.
When: July 16
Rating: PGish
Summary: Dipper and Mabel go investigating on the Mirror side. Mirror Dipper and Mirror Mabel have fun on the real side.
The Story: everyone thinks that we're perfect, please don't let them look through the curtains. )
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Who: Angel & you!
Where: Angel Investigations Office (Room 010, Fourth Floor) & throughout the mansion.
When: June 12th - 15th
Rating: R, probably.
Summary: Angel has gone from vampire to ghoul. Definitely a downgrade.
The Story: Your little heart goes pitter-patter; )
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Who: Castiel & event plotters
Where: Throughout Wonderland.
When: 6/12 - 6/15
Rating: R for violence and cannibalism
Summary: As far as Castiel can remember, he's been a ghoul ever since he turned his back on Heaven. He'd even learned how to live with it, sort of. But then the mansion's closets stop providing easy meat... and that makes everything a lot more complicated.
The Story: i fear i'm losing all control )
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Who: Crowley with Sam Yao, John Blake, Bucky Barnes, Emma Swan and Castiel
Where: various
When: June 1st, June 5th and June 8th (dates subject to change if anything comes up)
Rating: R
Warnings: discussion and themes relating to addiction
Summary: Crowley falls back on old habits.
The Story: You could cut ties with all the lies )
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Who: James Potter [[personal profile] pottershotter] and OPEN
Where: On the grounds
When: 5/22/15, afternoon
Rating: PG?
Summary: James has been feeling a bit moody about things since the last event, so he's off wandering around as a stag.
The Story: If I ever leave this world - Hey, I may never leave this world! But if I ever leave this world alive. )
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Who: Philip ([personal profile] radiopalkiller) and YOU
Where: The Shelter The Archaic's secret underground research station in Greenland the more arctic parts of Denmark
When: 05/15 - 05/18
Rating: R for references to violence, death, gruesome murder of electronic devices, and a general abundance of disturbing imagery
Summary: Oh, and another symptom is déjà vu.
The Story: I've been here before )
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Who: dean + sam + cas + jo + meg + crowley
Where: chapel-style piece of holy ground, within a room in the mansion
When: monday may 4th.
Rating: language! needles!! nsfw language!!! possible violence in dean's encounter with meg!!!!
Summary: it’s time to cure a demon.
The Story: and i'll be dead before the day is done )
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Who: Members of House Targaryen & visitors!
Where: First Floor
When: 04/09 - 04/13
Rating: PG-13 (to be safe)
Summary: The first floor belongs to those of the noble House Targaryen, the dragons of red and black.  They have control of the kitchen, which may or may not be unfortunate for you... hint: it's unfortunate if you are a Baratheon or Lannister.

blood of old valyria )
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Who: House Baratheon & any visitors!
Where: 8th Floor
When: 04/09 - 04/13
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The 8th floor of the mansion is now proudly inhabited by those loyal to House Baratheon. This is a mingle log for House stuff and also for anyone who cares to pay them a visit. No Targaryens or Greyjoys allowed... And maybe no Boltons unless you come with good intentions.

The Story: You know the 8th floor is the coolest party floor ever. )
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Who: House Tully (and esteemed guests)
Where: The Fifth Floor
When: April 9th to April 13th
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The fifth floor has been transformed, decked in the banners of House Tully. Yes, that totally includes the bar.
The Story: The House of Geeks is in! Bring dice! )
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Who: Jo Harvelle and anyone showing up to celebrate her birthday!
Where: The bar (back on the fifth floor)
When: Evening of April 7th
Rating: ???
Summary: The bar's been reserved for the evening in celebration of Jo's birthday!
The Story: It's my party and I'll... )
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Who: Will Turner + YOU
Where: the Gardens
When: April 4th
Rating: PG(ish)
Summary: Will's wet and confusing arrival in Wonderland

The Story: But it may be the constellation that shows us where we are )
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Who: Lydia Martin, Regina Mills, Castiel
Where: The library
When: March 22
Rating: PGs
Summary: Wait, these memories aren't mine
The Story: when things don't fly )
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Who: Castiel & Dean Winchester
Where: 5th floor hallway
When: 03/18
Rating: R for violence/death
Summary: Castiel tracks down demon Dean for round two, but Dean's got a First Blade with Cas' name on it.
The Story: i've tried my best at wearing the hard hat )
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Who: dean winchester + you!
Where: various locations
When: 03/16
Rating: e for everything horrible and destructive violence
Summary: dean’s back from his canon update, and not quite himself. but never mind that, he has a task started back home to finish up here in wonderland.

The Story: i've drowned and dreamt this moment )
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When: ANYT-- Friday, February 20 to Monday, February 23
Rating: An average PG-13? (Consider warning for explicit sexual or violent content in your thread's subject line)
For the duration of this event each character will discover that their room has been replaced with one of their own memories, one that they find themselves particularly happy or "at home" in. More information can be found here.

This log is an opportunity for your characters to describe the memory playing in their room, so that other characters might visit, and watch the scene unfold. To help browse the collection better, please include your character's name, and their room number in the subject line (e.g. Seta Souji - 100, 6th floor) of your top-level comment.

Rooms/Comments may be locked to certain people, or be available for all to see & visit. Log participation is completely and entirely voluntary.

Have fun!
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Who: William Whele + anyone.
Where: Bar, Stairwell, hallways.
When: Month of February.
Rating: pg- 13 warning for alcohol consumption to forget problems.
Summary: William decides that drinking is going to be the cure to all his depressing thoughts.
The Story: Hypocrisy is digging in.... )


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