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Who: Elijah Mikaelson [personal profile] honesta and Hayley Marshall [personal profile] louisianawolf
Where: Hayley's room.
When: After the wedding announcement.
Rating: PG-13? I guess. I dunno. It could change. Be wary.
Summary: Elijah asks Hayley to accompany him to the wedding.
The Story: but your evil was coming through )
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Who: elijah ([personal profile] honesta) & charlie ([personal profile] notready)
Where: charlie's room!
When: after this
Rating: pg and stuff (???)
Summary: charlie owes elijah after he helped heal her fingers, so they're having a very wonderland closet special dinner. and probably a nice chat about dean.

right on the wrong side of it all )
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Who: Elijah Mikaelson and you!
Where: Fourth floor
When: The Event
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The fourth floor gets a little darker than usual and Elijah sticks around too long trying to locate his brother.
The Story: this is so not greys anatomy )
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When: ANYT-- Friday, February 20 to Monday, February 23
Rating: An average PG-13? (Consider warning for explicit sexual or violent content in your thread's subject line)
For the duration of this event each character will discover that their room has been replaced with one of their own memories, one that they find themselves particularly happy or "at home" in. More information can be found here.

This log is an opportunity for your characters to describe the memory playing in their room, so that other characters might visit, and watch the scene unfold. To help browse the collection better, please include your character's name, and their room number in the subject line (e.g. Seta Souji - 100, 6th floor) of your top-level comment.

Rooms/Comments may be locked to certain people, or be available for all to see & visit. Log participation is completely and entirely voluntary.

Have fun!
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Who: charlie ([personal profile] notready) & OPEN
Where: multiple places
When: now and any time!
Rating: pg (for now)
Summary: charlie takes to exploring more of wonderland...

my life gets kind of boring. )
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Who: Jo Harvelle, Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson & Rebekah Mikaelson
Where: Fourth floor, room 004 and beyond.
When: 12/03
Rating: PG
Summary: The enemy of my enemy is my very begrudging ally.
The Story: Don't make me prove it; )
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Who: Mikael & Elijah Mikaelson
Where: Fourth floor, room 003
When: November 21st
Rating: M for violence? IDK man someone's getting stabbed.
Summary: Family reunion part two, this time with more event shenanigans.
The Story: failed step two worse than step one )
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Who: Elijah Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall (lbr it should be Mikaelson too) & Klaus Mikaelson [CLOSED]
Where: Starting in Elijah's room, searching through the area in general.
When: 11/11 late evening
Rating: PG 13 for rage issues I'm sure.
Summary: With their powers combined, they will solve the Case of the Mysteriously Missing Brat Baby Sister.
The Story: i'm not entirely sure i know what witty means anymore guys )
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Who: Jo Harvelle, Hayley Marshall & Elijah Mikaelson
Where: The forest.
When: Mid-afternoon on Tuesday, 11/11.
Rating: PG? It's dirty, but mostly because of all the dirt.
Summary: After a week, Elijah is finally located and dug up. Way to go, Dean.
The Story: Dead end justice; )
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Who: Elijah Mikaelson and Dean Winchester
Where: Hallway
When: 11/3
Rating: PG-13? What's the rating for daggering?
Summary: Dean decides to jump Elijah with some vervain bombs and some impromptu daggering.
The Story: magazines and bougie scenes )
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Who: Jo Harvelle & Elijah Mikaelson
Where: The Library
When: 10/18, evening.
Rating: PG by default, will edit if need be.
Summary: New flavors of monster means it's time for research.
The Story: I don't think I'll ever learn; )


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Who: Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson
Where: The woods
When: The moment Klaus arrives, so before his network post. 9/22
Rating: R for violence and the like I'm sure
Summary: A hybrid arrives and he isn't happy.
The Story: someone's angry )


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