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Who: Cora Hale [ [personal profile] resent ], Mirror!Cora [ [personal profile] recreating ], Finnick Odair [ [personal profile] braiding ], and Mirror!Finnick [ [personal profile] mooring ], and closed to pre-discussed threads. Send me an owl if you want in — I'm happy to write the starter or have you do so! ♥
Where: All over the place.
When: 16 Sept. onwards.
Rating: M.
Summary: Catch-all log for the Coras and Finnicks. Mirror!Cora comes to the Real side while Finnick remains put. Please see this comment for specifics wrt Mirrors.
The Story: Starters are in the comments. :3
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Who: Regina Mills [[personal profile] madehervows], Mirror Regina [[personal profile] vowsfulfilled], Enzo [[personal profile] charmingaccent] & You
Where: Anywhere throughout Wonderland.
When: 15/09 onwards through to the end of the event.
Rating: M, just because mirrors and vampires.
Summary: Catch-all event log for the Reginas and Enzo.
The Story: and love is a word you never heard )
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Who: Enzo & You!
Where: Anywhere outside the mansion, you decide!
When: The night of May 5th
Rating: M? Vampirism, maybe some entry level violence, general creepery.
Summary: Recovering from certain injuries takes a lot of blood, it's a good thing there's plenty of people in Wonderland.
Note: Enzo will try to drink at least some of your character's blood, and then compel your character to forget so he's not outed as a vampire. He won't be killing anybody, but if you'd prefer he didn't do one or the other, let me know and we can work something out.
The Story: a bloody mary )


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