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Who: Bradley Crawford ([personal profile] watchoutforbees), Nagi Naoe ([profile] your_prodigy), and Schuldig ([profile] tastesliekhoney)
Where: Brad and Nagi's bedroom.
When: Tuesday night.
Rating: PG-13, for some potentially strong language, and... well, because it's Schu.
Summary: Schuldig presents some of his crazy ideas to his team, and what he thinks should be done about them.
the Story:
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Who: Schuldig [profile] tastesliekhoney  and Nisei Akame [personal profile] playsadistplay 
Where Their bedroom.
When: Wednesday night.
Rating: PG-13 for some language and kissyfaceness.
Summary: Just pissing each other off, like they usually do.
the Story:
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Who: Schuldig, Badou, and possibly Haine
Where Floor 6, Room 66
When: Tuesday night.
Rating: Anywhere from R to NC-17.
Summary: Schu and Badou are either going to bone, or beat the shit out of each other. Either way, it should make for an awesome night.
the Story: Schuldig was absolutely enthralled. )
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Who: Nagi, Alice?, and possibly Schuldig and Bradley Crawford
Where Fifth floor, room 15
When: Dinner time! So, uh. Around eveningish.
Rating: PG? Possibly PG-13
Summary: Nagi invited Alice over for dinner, so consumation of food must happen.
the Story: Fortunately or unfortunately.... )
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Who: Nagi, Schuldig, and Alice?
Where 4th floorish area. The courtyard makes a cameo.
When: Almost directly after this post.
Rating: PGish? So far. May be updated.
Summary: Nagi's enlisted the help of Schuldig to help him find Alice.
the Story: Finally. )
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Who: Schuldig, Nagi, and Ritsuka
Where Schu and Nagi's room (5th floor, room 015)
When: Tuesday night
Rating: PG-13, for potential graphic sexual conversation
Summary: Ritsuka wants to learn about the bees and the bees... boy has he come to the wrong people.
the Story: Come and git me now... )


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