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Who: Nathaniel Howe & OPEN
Where: Various locations
When: July
Rating: PG
Summary: Open log for July
The Story:

Indoors; Roof
[Maybe it's strange - how often he's up here. He found it once by accident, and after missing the door a few times after that, thinks he might just have it pinned down by now. Doubtless the place will eventually find a way to prove him wrong, but Nathaniel finds himself wandering up to the open space offered by the roof more often than he thought it might be able to tempt him.

When the weather is good (which it often is), he sits with his back against the straight edge of the roof and reads a book, or perches on the very edge of the flat section with his feet hanging down over the dizzying height. They call it a mansion, but he has never seen any building of such a size that would be given such a name. Yet, a castle would not suit it either.

He pays little attention to the comings and goings - which are rare enough. Nathaniel has never been what you would call a 'people person' and time spent in the forced company of several dozen people has not changed that any more than his time with the Wardens did.

Indoors; Kitchen
[The third time he walks into the kitchen that month, Nathaniel's sigh is very much audible. There is something about a kitchen that shifts layout every time you walk into it that, while novel the first few times, becomes incredibly tiring when you just want to make a mug of tea.

He opens a few cupboards first, before looking over his shoulder to address the person closest to him.

Would you happen to know where the tea is?

[He swears, he has been here for long enough to be able to find the tea. Maybe he's asked that person once before, this month. The tone of his voice says he might be aware of the fact.]

Outdoors; Lake
[Several of the more pleasant days - and even the more overcast ones - put Nathaniel by the newly formed lake. There is something about it that is far more calming than the ocean, something more familiar, and he even considers fishing... though not for quite long enough that the idea sticks.

He walks the entire circumference of the lake more than once, using the peace and quiet as an opportunity that most other places around the mansion and its grounds do not give him. For a place that's so big, it can often seem so crowded, and in the time he has been here he has begun to value his own space in a way that he wasn't able to in the close quarters often afforded by the Grey Wardens.

The walks seem to cheer him, in any case. Now and then, he even has a cat tucked inside his jacket, who peeks out and mews at anyone he passes.
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[ The person closest to him is Robyn, who raises her eyebrows with surprise before cracking a warm smile. ]

I think it's wherever you want it to be. [ She replies, and it might be enigmatic if it weren't so literal. ] You only need to imagine it and it appears, don't you?

[ To prove her point, she opens a cabinet for herself and withdraws a box of tea... though, it's peppermint, in bags, and is entirely foreign. ]

What kind of tea do you like?
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[ She nods mutely, returning the peppermint tea. In its place comes out just what he's requested, though again in tea bags. ]

I've never seen tea like this. [ Robyn confesses, blinking, before handing the box over to him. ] Have you?
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The closets? [ The Warden glances from the teabag in his hands back to the kitchen's cabinets. ] Well, it would make sense that Wonderland's magic might change some of its... composition, I suppose...
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Ah. [ She laughs a little, at her own misunderstanding, and nods. ] No - I mean, yes, I've found the same. It reduces the strength, somehow.

[ Why put such a small amount in tiny bags? Why limit it? ]

This must be common, somehow, to have it be the default way of providing us with tea.
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We must be able to get actual tea. [ She insists, frowning. ] If you try imagining loose leaf, then maybe...?

[ Go on, Nathaniel! Give it a try!! ]

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[A mission brings Hawke to the lake that day, as June turns to July. He'd been a few times before, to check it out after its sudden appearance, but never for long. Now, he wants to find the perfect place for a date with Cullen -- Even if he intends for it be after the sun has set, he still wants to find somewhere that will give them privacy.

As he walks the lake, he sees Nathaniel a few times across the water, unsure of who it is. Until they inevitably cross paths.]

Nathaniel! [A sudden meow startles him, his eyes going wide before he gives a laugh.] I see it's a good thing I left Dog with Cullen.
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It does get stuffy in there, doesn't it?

[He spends a lot of his time outside with the dogs and/or Cullen, for exactly this reason.

Hawke crouches down to get a better look at the kitten, glancing up at Nathaniel with a grin.]

I think you might be right. She looks like a fighter.

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[Hawke gives a laugh at the kitten's antics, clearly caught in her spell. Tentatively, he reaches out with one hand to close the distance between them.]

Ah, yes. I heard about... What was it, Ser Pounce-a-Lot?
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[Hawke murmurs a hello to the kitten, slowly stroking her fur as she rubs against him.]

I can't exactly blame them.

[He glances up with a wry smile.]

How you've been doing since the last event?

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[It wasn't that Wendy was seeking Nathaniel out. It was that she was seeking Nathaniel out. She missed her brothers, not that she would admit it, but he'd reminded her of how she thought her brothers might grow up. Strong, Fighting for a cause. Barely avoiding her dropping out of trees on him.

So when she manages to find him on the roof, she's grinning, hands behind her back.]

Hey, did you know you could get snowballs from the closet?

[Even as she asks, she hits the roof by him with one, smirking.]
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Also icicles, a tiny replica of an iceberg, and a snow cone machine. The last one slowed me down because then I had to make a snow cone. Do you have snow cones?

[There's no hesitation, dropping down to sit with Nathaniel as if she was invited.]

Kinda sorta maybe. I figured I needed to stop being in my room, and I figure I can't get a warrior type like you killed.
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See, I like hearing about the different worlds and what is the same and not. I never thought about it in Gravity Falls. I just kind of chilled on a roof, or at the Mystery Shack pretending to work, you know?

This place makes you think, I guess.

[Which is kind of answering his question.]

Nope, not really. My family is like really hardy stock, and my friends kind of just do really amazing things and they seem to take on anything.

But then, you know after we met when I tried to land on you? I got caught in the storm and... yeah.

[She shrugs, trying to pretend like it doesn't matter.]

Should've listened to what everyone says about this place.
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[She hadn't realized something like that, comfort, is what she's kind of seeking until she receives it. Then Wendy sort of slumps, making a snorting sound.]

Don't be sorry for that. Wasn't for you to do, right? I should've come in when the sky was getting darker.

Has Wonderland gotten you? I mean, you know, killed you?

[Everyone says they died, but isn't that what it is? Wonderland killing them?]

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