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Who: Claire Fraser, Caleb Brewster
Where: Tea room wherever convenient
When: Oct 18
Rating: PG-PG-13? Talk of near death
Summary: Claire and Caleb knit on the regular together, but today she's quieter than usual.
The Story: just a couple of 18th century people doing 18th century things. )
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Who: Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson
Where: Their Room
When: 10/16
Rating: Eh...we'll see? PG-13 for now.
Summary: Klaus has been falling apart since the Tartarus event. A concerned Caroline tries to figure out what's going on.
The Story: maybe we're torn apart )


Oct. 15th, 2017 07:29 pm
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Who: Ryoko and you!
Where: The Gardens
When: October 15th
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryoko exploring the gardens!
The Story: Read more... )


Oct. 15th, 2017 11:46 am
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Who: Henry Mills, Regina Mills
Where: Their room
When: Sunday the 15th
Rating: G, PG? Just some last kid Henry things :3
Summary: Henry makes his mom breakfast in bed because the event was exhausting.
The Story: also because october is the anniversary of YOU'RE NOT MY MOM and he still feels bad about that. )
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Who: Ellie and Michonne
Where: Eighth floor, 024
When: October 14th
Rating: PG-13 for language, talk of violence?
Summary: Michonne comes back to life, and Ellie runs over as soon as she finds out.
The Story: in this life, you learn your strength and strife )
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Who: Cissie King-Jones AND YOU!
Where: Around the mansion and the grounds; details in prompts, or wherever you choose
When: After Tartarus; 10/10-10/16ish (or later)
Rating: N/A, will update if necessary
Summary: Cissie’s handing her emotions re: recent events by… not handling them. But she’s not handling them out and about, instead of hiding in her room! Feel free to meet her for the first time, or the fiftieth. Prompts under the cut!
The Story: I know our antebellum innocence was never meant to see the light of our armistice day )
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Who: a not very super superboy & you
Where: rooftop, stables, anywhere else.
When: 10/10 - 10/14
Rating: PGish
Summary: that moment when you accidentally run out of batteries mid-event and almost get eaten by giant invisible mean dogs but don't.
The Story: but i won't let it knock me down )
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Who: Evelyn O'Connell & Freya Mikaelson
Where: Floor 2, Room 10
When: 10/11
Rating: Pg/PG-13
Summary: What's Better Than Gals Being Pals?
The Story: Tequila. )
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Who: Tim Drake and Damian Wayne
Where: The Bat Robin Cave
When: A few days after the helltower.
Rating: PG
Summary: Damian has a huge gap in his pop culture knowledge. Tim would like to help him fix that.
The Story: the world's greatest criminal mind! )
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Who: Wynonna Earp and YOU
Where: training center, shooting range, damon's bar, and wherever else tbh
When: Oct 11- to the end of the week
Rating: PG-13 most likely, R at the most, I'll adjust as need
Summary: Wynonna nearly died in Tartarus and she's spiraling a little. Or a lot
The Story: Don't Wanna Walk, Rather Swing and Miss )
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WHO: Mondo Oowada and you, maybe? (PM or PP [ profile] tsubo for plots/starters!)
WHERE: Tartarus
WHEN: October 7th to 9th
RATING/WARNINGS: PG-13 for language, will change as things unfold!
SUMMARY: In which everything goes wrong yet again.

THE STORY: assorted starters! )
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Who: Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker
Where: Tartarus Safe Zone
When: 10/9
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Chloe went off on her own again. Guess who was worried?
The Story: It's where I'm found. )
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Who: Fiddleford McGucket, and maybe even YOU???
Where: Tartarus, different blocks
When: 7th-9th
Rating: PG, rating might change depending on what happens
Summary: Fiddleford attempts to survive against the creatures roaming Tartarus. One of them happens to shapeshift and bring back very bad memories...
The Story: we are okay with the events currently unfolding here )
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Who: Kid Flash and YOU!!
Where: Throughout Tartarus
When: 10/7-10/9
Rating: PG-13 and up
Summary: Kid Flash manages to make an appearance once more when Wonderland needs a hero, but that help is limited.

The Story:a hero is someone who stands when their legs are gone )


Oct. 9th, 2017 02:52 pm
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Who: Jolyne and you!
Where: Tartarus
When: During the event
Rating: Probably PG-13
Summary: Exploring! Fighting monsters! Hopefully not dying because that would suck!
The Story: Read more... )
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Who: Cullen Rutherford, Garrett Hawke, Nathaniel Howe, and Robyn Cousland
Where: Tartarus, Arqa Block
When: sometime between October 7th and 9th
Rating: R for violence and Garrett "Way Too Casual Friday" Hawke
Summary: Everyone loves a good monster-filled tower. Scratch that, nobody loves a good monster-filled tower. But misery loves company, and company is what they've got. OR IN OTHER WORDS, the people from Thedas meet up and fight things.
The Story: Two Grey Wardens, one ex-templar and a naked apostate mage walk into a bar.... )
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Who: Tim Wright and you, with the apple bottom jeans
Where: Tartarus
When: 10/7 - 10/9
Rating: PG-13 and up
Summary: Local man fights demons and for once they aren't solely his own.
The Story: out of my range, there was no way back )
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Who: Frisk and soulja boy tell em YOUUUUUUU
Where: Tartarus, mostly the Adamah block
When: 10/7 - 10/9
Rating: PG - PG-13 for A Violence, maybe higher?
Summary: Determined child faces monsters more at 11
The Story: there are far too many options, far too many unknowns )
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Who: Tim Drake or Shaun Mason and YOU
Where: All over the Tower
When: October 7-9 (through the event)
Rating: PG-13, probably. Violence and strong language.
The Story: I'm not gonna stand here and wait )
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Who: Wirt [[personal profile] singloversing], Beatrice [[personal profile] lifeisntfun], Greg [[personal profile] drummeintheface]
Where: Various floors of the event
When: October 7th-9th
Rating: PG-13 some of these monsters are too spooky
Summary: Wirt is caught by a djinn almost immediately, frees himself from both the illusion and the djinn den, and goes looking for his friends.
The Story: I'm so tired, I wish I was the moon tonight )
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Who: Mettaton, two closed prompts, and YOU!
Where: Tartarus
When: The entirety of the event (Oct. 7-9)
Rating: PG-13 but it may increase so I will change it accordingly
Summary: Unsurprisingly, being stranded in Hell Tower leads to some unfortunate shenanigans for Wonderland’s favorite celebrity robot!
The Story: Hide the scars to fade away the shakeup )


Oct. 8th, 2017 08:42 pm
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Who: Billy Kaplan & Teddy Altman | Billy Kaplan & Peter Parker
Where: Tziah Block to start then who knows
When: The event
Rating: E for Excellent
Summary: Billy and Teddy’s “excellent” adventure in Tartarus. Billy and Peter’s maybe not so excellent adventure in Tartarus.
The Story: Toto we’re not in Wonderland anymore )
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Who: Jean Kirstein [personal profile] angewiesen and OPEN
Where: Tartarus, Adamah Block, 250th Floor
When: The duration of the event
Rating: Considering the subject matter, might as well go for M
Summary: Jean was dropped near the top of the tower. Now he has to fight his way through.
The Story: The Shadow is the repressed self, that we struggle to ignore )
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Who: Cullen Rutherford & Garrett Hawke
Where: Their Room (1/003)
When: (backdated to) October 1st
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: It has been years. Or days, depending on your view. Cullen is returning from home.
The Story: It never takes too long. )
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Who: Evelyn O'Connell & You
Where: Tartarus
When: Duration of the event
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In an effort to locate her son and get to safety, Evelyn encounters a heap-ton more dangers than desired.
The Story: how life goes on the way it does )
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Who: Papyrus and YOU!
Where: All around the Tartarus tower.
When: All throughout the event, so October 7-9th
Rating: PG
Summary: Local skeleton king goes around saving others and attempts to capture wendigos and gets bitten a lot by invisible hellhounds.
The Story: May heaven grant you fortune. )
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who / klaus + closed starters + pm or [ profile] provenance if you want a set up!
where / tartarus
when / october 7-9
rating / warnings for violence and probably talk of character death
summary / this place sucks
the story / maybe you'll get what you deserve. )


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