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Who: Liv Moore and you!
Where: Just inside the mansion
When: July 10th
Rating: G-PG?
Summary: Your typical dead girl arrival in Wonderland.
The Story:

[ Being a tabloid cover girl in the most unflattering photo ever isn't fair. It's like when someone judges Britney Spears by her 2008 hair shaving incident even today when she's mostly just judging singing competition shows. One moment of being pissed off in a zombie rage doesn't define Liv or the entire zombie population. But try telling anyone that and you'll probably get a gun waved in your face.

Still, it's a crappy picture and she has to worry about someone recognizing her because of it. Wearing a bathrobe, she leans over in her bedroom to wrap her freshly dyed (a more natural blonde) hair in a towel, only to stand up straight again and come face to face with...

...not her bedroom wall, that's for sure. It's a door, an outside door, because she's standing on the porch of a giant mansion where her apartment building used to be. ]


[ She's naked. Well, practically naked, outside, and steps inside quickly, closing the door behind her. Did she fall? Hit her head? Is this some kind of weird, new and enhanced memory that she actually becomes a part of once she eats brains? ]


[ Is she like Scrooge in that one Christmas story where no one else can see or hear her because she's dead? ]

Can anyone hear me? Or see me? Preferably both?

[ There's a brochure, so she picks it up. Wonderland. Wonderland? She has to just. ]

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[Being on the first floor, and near the entrance, Mikan hears the sudden shouting. She pokes her head out of the clinic, nervous.]

I... I can hear you.
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[Her eyes widen, and she walks into the hallway.]

Are you a newcomer...?

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[ Henry's coming in just behind this person in a bathrobe and arches an eyebrow, speaking from behind her and beginning to step around. ]

Why wouldn't we be able to see and hear you? Are you normally a ghost?
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[ If she ever wanted Henry's opinion, he'd go better. No brain eating, for starters. ]

Yeah...good point. But welcome, I guess? My name's Henry. And you can go in any vacant room, open a closet door and get clothes.

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[Seth was nearly awake and almost sober. It was a good day, apparently. Except that he's heading out to the beach, with a bottle in hand, so it's maybe not going to end as a good day. Who really knew anymore.

Pausing at the voice, standing to one side of the foyer and unable to stop himself from smiling.]

Suddenly arriving in the creepy doll attic isn't so bad. I can definitely see you, and the volume still works as well. Oh shit, tell me you didn't die right before you got here. If so, I'm prepared.

[Said while holding up the bottle of whiskey he's carrying.]
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Naw, I didn't die before I got here. Some others have though. They talk about being dead before they end up here.

The attic you're welcome to explore, but I want nothing to do with it again. One, it destroyed the suit I came in. Two, I keep expecting them to be the next event.

[And the thing is, he knows it isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. Not in Wonderland.]

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[ Claire is heading to the clinic and pauses at the sight of a pale woman in a bathrobe. Of the unusual way people arrive, this must be one of the most unusual she's seen in her short time in Wonderland. ]

I do believe you're quite visible. And audible. Can I help you? perhaps?
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Come, follow me.

[ Claire waits for the new arrival to fall into step with her and begins leading her toward the first floor rooms. ]

The short answer is no, you did nothing. From what's been explained to me all of this is...magic. And that's meant to be taken literally. You'll see what I mean in a moment. My name is Claire, by the way. Claire Fraser.
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... Yeah. Wonderland.

[Said a sketchy looking man who looks like he wandered out of some creepypasta. It's not clear if he's human or not, but the odd eyes and bandages don't help. Look, he even has questionable red stains all over his hoodie.]

[He's kind of staring at the new girl's lack of clothing.]

And here I thought I was dragged here at a bad time.
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Me either. I was taking a nap right before I got here.

[He's not gonna kill you right now...]

Nobody really knows how it happens. One moment, you're minding your own buisness... And then, poof! Now you're in this fucked up place.

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[Wynonna is making her way down to leave the castle for a while, not even she can spend all her time drinking, try as she might sometimes. She's been feeling a little cagey and pent up and thought maybe a walk would cure that itch. Probably not as well as other things could ==

But those aren't options right now.

When she sees a half naked woman, however, who is confused and just arrived, hero mode steps in and Wynonna feels compelled to stop and help her.

Yeah. Like off with your heads and psychedelic mushrooms and shit -- though I have yet to see either of those. Which doesn't mean they're not here.

[She shrugs off her jacket for now, handing it over to the other woman.]

I'm Wynonna, I went through this like a week ago.
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Yeah, i thought maybe I finally lost it but it seems like this is real -- either that or we have one intense shared delusion going on.

[Which she somehow doubts.]

Can't say I'm happy about passing on the mantle but I hear new people cycle in all the time so I'm not surprised.

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I can see and hear you.

[ Nora offers a smile that she hopes is friendly and reassuring - she remembers how much she'd panicked when she first ended up here. ]

Yeah, Wonderland. It takes some getting used to.
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[ It's a good point, and Nora leans against the wall while she considers it, arms folded over her chest. ]

I'd say there's a difference between accepting it and becoming acquainted with it. The latter is definitely helpful.

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