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whiskey river take my mind

Who: Joel and Evie
Where: The bar
When: Immediately following this thread
Rating: Joel
Summary: Joel tries valiantly, once again, to remove his foot from his mouth where Evie is concerned.
The Story:

[ Joel's not a big drinker, at least not to the point where it negatively impacts his life. Maybe it had been some subtle, unconscious knowledge that if he let himself fall into a bottle after Sarah's death, he'd never crawl back out again. Maybe it had been Tommy, keeping him from the brink. But for whatever reason, alcohol had never been his poison of choice.

But some occasions require a drink, and learning of the existence of his Mirror, discovering just what he'd done to Ellie, is one of those times. By the time Evie arrives at the bar, Joel's already got a good head start on her, having pregamed, so to speak, back in his own room before he'd addressed the network.

He still remembers "their" meeting on the other side of the mirror, her particular brand of scotch, and he nods when she arrives, pushing an already-poured glass in front of the stool next to his. ]

Glenlivet. Jus' twelve year, I'm afraid.

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