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[Closed] Jettisoned to the center of the storm

Who: Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman, Peter Parker, MJ Watson
Where: Alexandria
When: Day 3 of the event
Rating: ZG for zombie guts and gore?
Summary: Billy and Teddy look for their friends to protect but someone might not as in need of protection as they think.
The Story:

Zombies. Why was it always zombies?

He wasn't surprised when two days after their "warning" he woke up in a strange house in a strange town with his bed. Ok, that might have been a surprise. And awkward. Awkward surprise.

It seemed fine at first but the closets only gave them weapons. He's stockpiled enough food to last a few days at least. Three years here had taught him a lot about survival.

Then Michonne's transmission came through...then eventually Steve's- of course. Zombies.

He really hated zombies.

At least they still had their powers.

It was Teddy's first event, and he might have been acting a little overprotective but really, he didn't think anyone could blame him. He's seen what these events could do.

He's checked in with friends, and he's made sure the people he knows are safe and know to contact him if they need anything. But his friends can hold their own- still this isn't an event anyone wants to be caught alone in. He wants to find Peter, and Teddy wants to check on his new friend MJ so they leave the relative safety of their house armed with a baseball bat for Billy and what Teddy proclaimed to be a "sweetass pipe".

The horde has broken through the barrier and is slowly making its way through the town, they are being quiet and careful and so far they haven't come upon anything....undead.
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Peter's anxiety has spiked to levels that he can't possibly wrangle. During the last zombie event, he died, and at that point, he had all of his powers. Now he's definitely not as fast or strong or anything as usual. God knows if he's bitten, maybe he'll turn this time and the zombies will kill him again.

On top of that, Mary Jane's nowhere to be found.

He can't seem to find her, and it's her first Event. To say that he's worried, it'd be an understatement.

He's been out with an ax, tearing through zombies on his way, when he spots sight of Billy and someone else he's with. Peter's got blood splatters on him, but he's not been bitten yet so that's progress in comparison to the last time.

"Billy, hey! You okay? You haven't seen a young woman with red hair, green eyes, really vibrant personality around anywhere have you?"
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That sure is Spider-Man with an axe-- something that Teddy would normally be geeking out about, just a little, except this isn't really the time or place. Pipe in hand, he nods in response, offering a grim smile. It's his first event, as well as MJ's-- hell of a welcome from Wonderland for the both of them.

"Good to meet you. Sorry about the circumstances," Teddy offers, his gaze moving to scan across the horizon. "I could fly a couple of laps around this place, see if I can spot her-- not like I have to worry about attracting attention anymore." Seeing as the zombies are already here. "MJ likes to pick fights. Not a good habit to have at a time like this."

She's bold as brass, which he had immediately liked about her, but the longer her whereabouts go unknown, the more nervous he is.
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Possibly not the most reassuring words MJ could pick at that given moment, but she doesn't like being subtle when sending her attacker a message. Her voice is full of exertion, every word punctuated by the sharp swing of a weapon connecting to walker!skull. The weapon, in this case, is a cold steel Brooklyn-crusher baseball bat. The closets wouldn't give her anything else, and she does like a good old-fashioned club.

Her style of fighting is untrained and entirely instinctual. When she fears someone means to harm her, a switch goes off inside of her brain that says never again. When that zombie began cornering her, MJ thwacked it at the knees. It could hardly come after her if she busted its knee caps, right? But she doesn't stop there. She keeps hitting him and hitting him and hitting him until he stops moving.

That's when she looks up. "... Oh, hi guys!"
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Peter's glad to meet Teddy too, okay? It's good to put a face to a name, and he can't help but look curiously between Billy and Teddy, wondering how things are going. Then he hears Mary Jane yelling, and he turns and moves instinctively in her direction even as the zombie falls to the ground at her feet. She's beat the shit out of it, and it was very effective.

Wow. She knows how to fight. He nearly lets out a whistle, but then he thinks better of it since he doesn't want to attract more zombie attention.

"Damn." It's said in an impressed tone, erasing the distance until he's right up next to her. His heart still thuds heavy and fast in his chest. His hair's a mess, and he's splattered with zombie matter as he hauls an ax around in his hands. He manages a smile of relief. "God, it's good to see you."

He was worried even if she's clearly good at fighting like hell.
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"Miss me, tiger?"

Yes, gentlemen. You heard it here, not that you're likely to be surprised: Mary Jane Watson is incorrigible even in a zombie apocalypse. She flashes her pearly whites at Peter, before turning to Teddy and Billy. Together, they might just make it out of this yet.

"Let me take a wild stab in the dark here. This is one of those creepy events you keep talking about, and that — " she points to the very gruesome, very dead zombie with her precious bat, " — is the first of many bogeys."

It's so surreal that she hasn't reacted, much less processed.