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Who: sylar & you
Where: in this alexandria clusterfuck
When: july 14-17
Rating: idek son
Summary: sylar's having a great time y'all. it's awesome. everything is fine.

The Story:

day 1-2

[ sylar is SO DONE with this zombie apocalypse business. waking up in a completely different place is one thing, but zombies on top of that? oh hell no. he quickly realizes his powers are dampened — which sucks, but they're still effective enough that he's not too concerned with arming up (possibly because he's an idiot). he takes his stockpile of snacks and works on making the house where he's camped out the safest place ever. it'll stay safe … as long as he never sleeps. so. maybe that's a thing he'll try. because, once again. he's an idiot.]

day 3

[okay fine, he'll emerge out of his cocoon to find peter, claire, and regina. JUST TO FIND HIS BAES. and maybe fry zombies with electricity and telekinesis on the way. if u need him to kick ass for u just say something. by say something i mean scream real loud. but he's mostly looking for his baes.]

day 4

[what's sylar up to now? still looking for his baes probably.]
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this is it this is ur tagin

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[Regina is cutting her way through several zombies when suddenly.

They go flying through the air.]

... Well that's new.
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[Regina gives her own pleased smile when the zombie gets fried, and it only gets wider when Sylar reveals himself.]

Flying zombies. But it makes more sense now. Very impressive..

[Shockingly, not sarcastic.]
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Don't worry, you're still impressive. [A sigh of her own.] I could've poofed them all back to where they started but no, Wonderland likes to make things difficult.
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[Bitching about wonderland will always be available.] Three years and we had them once, and suddenly it's twice in a few months.
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Day 2

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[It's been so long since Daisy got her powers, at least it feels that way, that she notices immediately when they are no longer there, at least on the level that it usually was. That annoying yet familiar feeling like a thousand bees are trapped inside of her was now down to about 50. Is this what it felt like to almost be normal again? It wasn't a good feeling, because it meant something was doing this to her.

On top of all of that now she and the rest of the mansion are having to deal with zombies, again. At least this time they are visible. Very visible and very gross. As ideal as it was to just never leave the safety of the shelter she had found herself in, Daisy wasn't about that life. For however long this was going to happen for, she needed to take out as many as she could. Even if the last time she had to deal with zombies she nearly died and this time she's without her powers.

For now it seems like there are too many, but it's enough for her to be wary. She's this close to swinging at Sylar when he suddenly appears out from the side of the house she had taken cover in while she made sure she had everything on her.]

Holy shit.

[Her heart was racing so fast that she had to lean against the paneling for a second. She hasn't seen him in months.]

Are you okay?

[Daisy didn't just ask that because she almost nailed him, there happened to be some sort of zombie shit happening right now. Hopefully he hadn't been bit. She hadn't heard of anyone else getting attacked yet.]