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There's nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing [open]

Who: Rebekah Mikaelson and You
Where: Alexandria
When: All during the event
Rating: pg-13 to R for violence
Summary: power nerfing during a zombie invasion sucks
The Story:

,day 1 and 2

Rebekah got a sword out from the closet as it the weapon she knows how to use the best. Normally she doesn't resort to weapons at all but her speed and strength aren't up to their usual standards so she's going to have to compensate the best she can. It's a little gruesome and by the end of the second day she's covered in guts and her hair is soaked in blood but she's alive. It's what matters. Thank god she had stockpiled some blood, just in case something like this happened, or she would be having an even worse time than normal.

Come destroy zombies with her

day 3

This day goes a little differently, Rebekah gets swarmed by a group of zombies and even though she manages to get out she doesn't get out without a casualty -- she's been bitten and she needs to find someone, anyone, to cut her arm off before the situation gets any worse than it already is. Which is why she will be wandering through the streets looking for someont to stop and ask.

Don't you want to help her.

[ooc: for the sake of keeping things easy to understand I only want one volunteer for the arm cutting, so it's a first come first serve situation whoever comments first for that scenario will get it, other wise they can interact with her the first two days. I am good with prose or action spam]
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day 3 - arm cuttin

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Clementine has moved through the horde, covered in walker guts. The walkers don't see her. She can move through them easily. Knowing this is her world even if it's Michonne's memories, it sticks with her. It sticks in her chest. There's a responsibility to it- to people who don't know what it's like.

She sees the woman get bit in the arm. There's not much time. Lee chopped off his arm, but he didn't do it fast enough and he still died. She chopped off Sarita's hand in the middle of a horde. She screamed, and they tore her apart.

Clementine moves forward until she's right in front of her. She's got a hatchet in her hand.

"We gotta get you in a house."
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The house Clementine woke up in and fortified on her first day is right across the way. She's grateful the woman doesn't question her knowledge, because there's no time to. She reaches for the woman's arm to gently lead her away from the horde before they can do more damage, pushing open the door, knowing there shouldn't be any walkers inside. She pushes the door open and shuts it again behind them, shoving over the closet to put it in front of the door.

She's so used to this.

It's strange how a trip back to her own world can make her mind center again, because survival is a thing she knows. She can keep pushing forward.

"We don't have a lot of time. Either I cut off your arm or you turn." Her throat closes up, because she remembers the last time. It can't turn out like last time. There's no way someone won't scream when their fucking arm's being cut off, which means the walkers will come, but she fortified the house enough they should have time. . "...Sorry."
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cw: amuptation/blood/etc

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"It's going to hurt like fucking hell."

Clementine probably doesn't have to say the words, but she does anyway, pulling the woman's arm out into view, bracing it on the table, and hauling up the hatchet as she aims for just above where the bite is. It'll hurt like hell, and it will take at least a couple of hits to get her arm off. That's what happened before.

They don't have time to ready anything, but Clementine will move fast as soon as she gets the infection off this woman's body.

She swings, making contact. Blood splurts out.
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cw: amuptation/blood/etc

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It's why Clementine made certain to bring her inside the house first. No one can help screaming when someone's chopping their arm off. No doubt the walkers heard. No doubt they'll be banging at the door and the windows, but there's a barrier at least. The scream rings right through Clementine, bringing her back to the last time she did this (and did it so wrong), knowing she's in pain, knowing Clementine can't imagine the level of pain she must be in now. The worst pain she's ever felt is in stitching her own arm up, and it was terrible. She grabs hold of her again to try to keep her steady, and she swings a final time as that portion of the woman's arm comes off, drops to the table.

Bloods getting everywhere like a small fountain. She's quick to lift up the remainder of Rebekah's arm, elevating it is one way to stop the bleeding.

Then she moves, gathering a sheet, tying it as tightly as she can around the remaining limb and pressing her hand hard against it. She has to make sure the bleeding finishes before bandaging, before cleaning it or she'll die from blood loss. Her gaze darts up to the woman, gripping hold.

"It's okay. It's off."

Clementine just hopes it was quick enough before the infection could spread to the rest of her.