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There's nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing [open]

Who: Rebekah Mikaelson and You
Where: Alexandria
When: All during the event
Rating: pg-13 to R for violence
Summary: power nerfing during a zombie invasion sucks
The Story:

,day 1 and 2

Rebekah got a sword out from the closet as it the weapon she knows how to use the best. Normally she doesn't resort to weapons at all but her speed and strength aren't up to their usual standards so she's going to have to compensate the best she can. It's a little gruesome and by the end of the second day she's covered in guts and her hair is soaked in blood but she's alive. It's what matters. Thank god she had stockpiled some blood, just in case something like this happened, or she would be having an even worse time than normal.

Come destroy zombies with her

day 3

This day goes a little differently, Rebekah gets swarmed by a group of zombies and even though she manages to get out she doesn't get out without a casualty -- she's been bitten and she needs to find someone, anyone, to cut her arm off before the situation gets any worse than it already is. Which is why she will be wandering through the streets looking for someont to stop and ask.

Don't you want to help her.

[ooc: for the sake of keeping things easy to understand I only want one volunteer for the arm cutting, so it's a first come first serve situation whoever comments first for that scenario will get it, other wise they can interact with her the first two days. I am good with prose or action spam]

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