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all the gold on earth

Who: Garrett Hawke & You
Where: Alexandria
When: July 14th-17th
Rating: PG likely.
Summary: Hawke is really sick of zombies and zombie-like creatures.
The Story:

Day 1/Day 2/Day 3 »

[The first two days, Hawke spends a lot of time just... walking around. It's his first real look at 'modern' life that so many in Wonderland are used to. He can sort of see the appeal, sure. It's nice. Rundown, but it's clear that's not the state of things usually. He even inspects a few of the houses entirely, after making sure they're not occupied.

It isn't until the horde breaks through that he feels comfortable here. It reminds him of the Blight, though he actually stands a chance of being able to help people this time. His magic is weaker here, some machination of Wonderland designed to make their situation harder, no doubt but it'll do.

Without the Mabari to worry about, Hawke throws himself completely into trying to rout the horde and help the people who can't protect themselves. Instead of wasting his mana trying to incinerate crowds at a time, he uses his brute strength and bladed staff to cut them down at the knees before going for the head. It works, most of the time.]

-- You okay?

[It's shouted over the roar of the horde, of battle, of death. Here in the thick of it, sound doesn't matter anymore.]

Day 4 »

[When it ends, it ends and Hawke doesn't feel right just leaving the corpses where they fell. Sure, they're (likely) some creation of Wonderland but, they deserve something better, sure. Like the victims of the Blight do, he thinks to himself, as he drags one corpse to the pile and then another, and another, and another. Creating a large enough fire to burn them takes time, but he manages it.

Then he repeats it with the next pile.

He's no Chantry sister, but he can offer them this much.]

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