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Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

Who: Max and OPEN (especially whoever is watching X-Files/Twilight Zone)
Where: One of the tea rooms on the ground floor, converted into a home theater
When: Evening of February 11 (what are timezones idk)
Rating: Let's go with PG to be safe?
Summary: It's a mingle! With cool TV shows! What could go wrong!
The Story:

She'd sent out the invite, but just to be sure she also put up another text to the network: "Ground floor tea room, 8pm for Twilight Zone and X-Files!" By 8:00 she'd set up a wicked home theater, with a massive TV and top of the line sound system. Hooray for unlimited and magical closets, though how that TV fit in one will forever be a mystery!

The tea room had expanded to accommodate a larger than normal crowd. There's a big couch along one wall, bean bags spread around, and throw pillows on the floor. A long, low coffee table is situated in reach of most places, on top of which Max has laid out some pizza, chips, and soda.

Finally, to get just the right atmosphere, the room is slightly cold (though there are blankets around) and the lights are dimmed so that shadows seem to jump around as the shows run their course on the TV.

What shows, you ask? She decides to play them in this order:
Twilight Zone's The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
Twilight Zone's Five Characters in Search of an Exit
And finally, X-Files' Bad Blood

All in all, it's a few hours' worth of interesting, amusing, and sometimes downright disturbing TV.

[OOC: Max's invite was more popular than I expected, lol. I thought I'd put this up in case anyone wants a mingle! Feel free to post a top level comment about what your character is doing, and comment around. :D]
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Alex gets as far as halfway into the room before the video screen starts to glitch a bit, and a few more steps in reduces the entire thing to white noise.

Oh. Right. He'd almost forgot the debilitating awfulness that comes from living with this weird-ass technological curse hanging over his head. Too many run-ins with a faceless monstrosity seems to have left him permanently tainted, and therefore an instant mood-killer at movie parties. Joy.

He sighs. "Jesus Christ."

He appropriates one of the bean bag chairs and drags it over to the furthest corner of the room where, mercifully, his electrostatic radius doesn't seem to be interfering too much with what's happening on screen. He wants some goddamn Twilight Zone, damnit, and he's not about to let some dumb nonsensical thing that happened to him months ago mess that up. He just...has to watch it at kind of a distance. That's all.

With few exceptions, anyone who draws near to his isolated corner wayyyyyyy in the back of the room will be pinioned with a fierce glare. This here is his little patch of isolation. You can run along and find your own.
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Fortunately, Max is one of those exceptions. Alex must've chosen a convenient time to walk in, because he's not super about broadcasting his little inadvertent talent all over the damn place whenever he enters a room. Hopefully it'll have just added to the spooky atmosphere, and no one will be the wiser.

"Fancy that," he says dryly. Almost like he accidentally starred in a Blair Witch Project of his own, featuring his own personal worst nightmare.

But, whatever. He's not here to discuss that. He's here to watch spooky things. He accepts the bag of chips and digs in. "Guess I wasn't thinking, so, yeah. Keeping my distance from the big screen."
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That's a little easier to grok. He grins appreciably, leaning back.

"Picked some solid classics. I'm impressed." He may or may not have a few early memories of hiding behind the sofa as he watched the black-and-white mysteries unspool on the screen. Brings back good memories. "Looking to rope in some new fans?"
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"You should do one of those cult films sometime," he says with a smirk. "You know, Rocky Horror or some shit, bring toast and hot dogs for everyone to throw at the screen." He has no idea what Max's take on underground films is, though Alex is exactly the type to take his movies way too seriously because he is an artiste.

He's got a good vantage point of the rest of the room from where he is. He recognizes Mini-Jay, and Gnome Kid is unmistakable with his big pointy dunce hat. "People seem to be enjoying themselves."
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Hey, it's a nice break from the usual hell. It was a good idea, and people seem to like it. Alex fingerguns with a faint smirk. "I'd offer to help, but, uh." Cue wiggly-finger gesture to indicate his staticky...ness.

"Yeah. This is good, though. Let's see if your taste keeps being baller."
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"All right, all right. Consider your geek cred bulletproof." Anyone who suggests a double-viewing of Twilight Zone and X-Files has pretty much cemented that status in Alex's book. Pretentious he may be about movie tastes, he enjoys the hell out of his nerdy TV.

Here's hoping Max's choice in episodes doesn't ring too close to home. "Go. Bedazzle us."