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open } i'll chew you up and spit you out cause that's what young love is all about

Who: Princess Bubblegum, Rick Sanchez, and anyone who wants to watch a motherfucking ROBOT FIGHT
Where: outside in a large open area with specially assembled bleachers
When: 3/14
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Bubblegum and Rick have had a slight disagreement over who's the better scientist. Time for a motherfucking robot fight to decide who's the best.
The Story:

It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming… perfect weather for a GIANT ROBOT FIGHT.

On one side of the field is Princess Bubblegum's robot, the CANDY CRUSHER, an elegant machine painted in pinks and purples that in no way make it look less like a giant metal monster that could squish a man like an ant. On the other side of the field stands THE ROBO-FUCKER, which is Rick’s monstrosity of metal and plastic and...wood for some reason. He built a robot out of wood one time and it worked pretty well, so whatever. It’s not nearly as elegant as the Princess’s, but it’s functional and covered in circular saws and servos and shit like that, so at least it has the “robot” part down.

Rick and Bonnie put aside their differences to assemble a set of bleachers large enough to hold the known population of Wonderland, since really, what's the point of having a giant robot fight to prove who the better scientist is if no one's there to watch it? It's complete with a force field to keep everyone harm from the carnage the two robots will undoubtedly cause.

Bonnie's on top of her robot with a blowtorch, making a few last minute adjustments as she waits for the match to start. She looks over towards Rick's robot with a glare. Sure, her attitude towards him may have softened in the process of building SUPER COOL BATTLEBOTS together, but that doesn't mean she's any less determined to crush him.

Rick matches her glare, and even does the whole point at eyes point at enemy thing because might as well sell this whole thing, right?

It’s just about time to begin. The crowds have gathered. People are drinking booze and milling about. Everyone’s here to see horrifying metal death.

Bonnie slides off her robot and takes her position at the end of the field, standing on a raised podium. She puts on a helmet and straps on her control gauntlets, then takes a battle ready position. The Candy Crusher lights up and follows suit.

Rick’s control system is more boring, basically just a sort of tablet with a few buttons and a joystick. This is basically like a super fun, high-stakes game of Punch Out to him. He taps the screen a few times and the ROBO-FUCKER (all caps of course) shifts and stomps in place a few times, servos whirring and circular saws starting to spin. He peers past the robots to where Bonnie is waiting on the other side of the field.

“You’re going doooooowwwnnnnn, aspartame!”

She gasps. "I AM ALL REAL, you collagen-deficient sack of biological material with a declining cell count and a tiny thymus! It is on!"

And she sends her robot charging forward, slamming her fists together into a laser gun that shoots bright pink blasts at the Robo-Fucker (she will not use all caps).

Rick answers with a war cry and the ROBO-FUCKER sends a blast of green energy in the direction of the Candy Crusher, while at the same time it charges forward. This is it! The robot fight of the millennium! Metal collides with metal! Saws meet blades! Lasers explode! Metal rends and shreds, plastic shatters, wood cracks. At one point Rick releases a bunch of snakes from a secret snake holster. They don’t do much but slither off toward the woods.

The battle rages on, and it’s basically the most awesome thing you have ever seen, I mean, come on, it’s two robots fighting, how badass is this? But after several long, incredibly cool minutes, it’s clear who the victor is. The Candy Crusher crushes the ROBO-FUCKER and it goes to pieces in the field.

Rick howls in anger to keep up appearances. Sure, this is a blow to his ego, but holy shit that was a lot of fun.

Bonnie pulls off her helmet and drops it on the stage next to her, holding up her fists. "I AM THE GREATEST SCIENTIST OF ALL TIME!" She presses one last button, and the Candy Crusher's fists shoot up into the sky, exploding in a brilliant display of fireworks. Her ego, it appears, is doing even better than usual. But yes, it was definitely fun.

Rick crosses the field once he’s sure most people aren’t looking anymore and, with a very begrudging look on his face, offers his hand for Bubblegum to shake.

“A-Alright, that was actually fun, we should totally do this again sometime, and anyway, you’re smart or whatever I guess.”

She shakes it, beaming. "Yes, I suppose you aren't as far beneath my level as I thought."

[ooc: feel free to mingle and tag out watching the robot fight or anything before or after, as well as to bother either of our robot engineers! we'll have starters for different sections.]
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[personal profile] rosswood 2016-03-15 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
[All in all, robot fights are not what he'd count as prime drama material. But even the most hack talented director can make stuff like this look good. The static even lends a nice retro edge to it, like a scratched VHS tape of a 90's anime adventure.

He's pretty sure he'd remember if he ever met some pink chick, but her robot kicked Rick's robot's ass, so he tosses her a little smirk as he rewinds the latest tape which he is definitely going to label ROBOT FIGHT later.]

Gotta say. That was pretty badass.
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[personal profile] rosswood 2016-03-15 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
You some kinda genius, then?

[Looks like this place is full of uber-smart types. Fortunately, she looks to be the first one of them who's actually cool on top of it. I mean, she's lurid pink. How can you not be cool if you're fucking pink?]

'Cause - damn.
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[He whistles, impressed.]

And, where you come from?

[He's not judging. Far from it, honestly, because come on! She's fucking pink. It's awesome. He's just curious.]
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[personal profile] rosswood 2016-03-20 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
Ooo? [It's literally called Ooo? What.]

Uh...huh. So do you, like, by any chance come from Candyland or something?

[He's trying to be imaginative here. And non-offensive. Mayyy have failed on both counts.]
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[personal profile] rosswood 2016-03-20 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
What, really? [He was trying to be snarky, damnit.]


[Look he's not up on his Candy Kingdom lore so he's defaulting to the next best thing, which is apparently Super Mario Bros.]
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[W...ow. Okay then. That was alarmingly easy.]

So you're not just pink, you're -

[Yeah, okay. Give it a few minutes to sink in. Blink blink.]

Allllll right. Well, uh. Good, good fight. With the. Robots. Yeah.

[He's having trouble verbalizing anything with more than one syllable at the moment.]
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Hhhhuh. Hell of a thing.

[So she is from an Earth. That...doesn't clear up anything at all.]

Yeah, wow. My Earth doesn't look anything like - like that.

[Complete with vague hand gestures.]
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Must be pretty weird seeing all us around here then, huh?
rosswood: most of them could tell you their favorite radiohead song (if you lined up every white person)

[personal profile] rosswood 2016-04-02 09:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[He laughs a little at that. Wow, they sorta do look all alike. No neon colors, unless someone's got a secret hair dye trafficking business.]

Yeah, we're all kinda dicks. Sorry about that.