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[closed] Eat Me (Shorts)

Who: Leonard Snart and Ray Palmer
Where: on the floor, just after arriving
When: 6/27
Rating: Nothing raunchy, I'm guessing.
Summary: Leonard just arrived and is a little dazed, due to *spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow in here*

Ever since he could remember, Leonard had been very aware of time. His schemes tended to be thought out to the second, recognising patterns, shifts and then counting down. Just as he was always planning, time was usually a factor, down to the second. He used it as a way to know what would happen, to arrange for things to go down the way he needed them to. A way to be in control.

Then he’d found out about the Oculus and the realisation that his movements, his actions, perhaps his every thought had been manipulated by an outside force hit him like a ton of bricks, a weight that made it hard to breathe and hard to think clearly. Events had left him no choice but to play along until the very moment when suddenly there was clarity again.

It all happened quickly in the end. Telling Mick to forgive him and knocking him out. Sara-- Sara, who understood what he was doing and who didn't question him. His gun and their ring was with Mick and once they were safe, Leonard said his last words and it all exploded around him.

There were no strings on him. There was nothing on him at all any more until suddenly he was somewhere and he wasn't dead. At least he could still think and, after a moment, breathe. The gleaming light of the explosion had blinded him and while that wore off he stayed on the ground, eyes shut. Only tentatively did he feel around with his hands, feeling the wooden floor under his fingertips. All he knew for sure is that he thought he'd be dead. Expected to be gone.

Welcome to Wonderland.
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Wake up, Leonard. C'mon buddy!

There's a tiny man in a red and blue suit hovering above your chest and if Gulliver's Travels is anything to go by, that's probably not great news. Maybe the smell of coffee wafting from the cafe will help, or the hustle and bustle of people in costumes knocking on doors. Is it Halloween?

"...Snart! Wake up!" Ray's voice sounds distant, urgent. "And please tell me you're not from before the mission..."
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Ray huffs-- there's no doubt now that this is Leonard Snart, Captain Sass.

"We'll get to that in a second. Are you OK? I know the transition into Wonderland can be kind of rough but you look..." He should probably not insult a teammate right out of the gate, right? That would be rude and hey look Ray's exercising a modicum of self restraint! Someone mark a calendar!

The suit's jets make a few tiny bursts, and Ray puts some distance between them in anticipation of Snart's rise. And yes, he's waving like a jackass.
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"Oh-- yeah. Think of it like a pocket dimension! The Many Worlds theory's true, isn't that awesome? But it's based on Alice in Wonderland-- or, Through the Looking Glass, I guess. Kinda freaky, right?"

Read the room, Ray. Stein's not here, but the ATOM buzzes about in his excitement, a little dragonfly moving around Snart as he checks him over as best he can. His voice, emanating from whichever pocket Snart's device is in, is nearly manic. Which rhymes with panic and that's a little bit how Ray feels right now.
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Oh wow okay. So being actually manhandled is a new and awful experience-- Ray yelps before registering Snart's comments. It's enough to make him heed his teammate's request and stop for a moment.

The jets cut and he's left standing in another person's actual hand. He'd battled a housecat and nearly drowned in a latte his first day in Wonderland, but this is definitely a new level of weird...

"Sorry! It's been a crazy weekend, with the Summerween Trickster going around. Oh-- we should probably hit a closet and get you a costume."
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Yeaaah no. Super life threatening! But also Ray's distracted again, so the thought of getting Snart in a Queen Elsa costume is lost by the wayside...

"Oh! Uhh, it's broken, and I'm sort of stuck shrunk." He's explained it enough times though that it's starting to just sound like old hat. "That's why I'm using your device-- it's kind of hard to keep shouting at people from down here. But I've almost got the equipment built to recalibrate the ATOM. I'm planning on testing it some time this week!"
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Ray nods at Snart's first question, and fortunately isn't allowed to go into the excruciating details.

"No, not from the team. But Barry's here! And Caitlin Snow, Iris West-- Dr. Wells, too."

Possibly times two? Ray's not all that sure about those details, since the Flash team's been sticking together while they acclimate. But hey, whatever! The more scientists the better, right? There couldn't be anything bad about that situation, nope.

"What's the last thing you remember, by the way? Do you know who Chronos really is?" Because that might be an awkward conversation...
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...And desperate for the approval and friendship of anyone not named Vandal Savage.

"We just put Mick into holding on the Waverider." Ray's voice sombers for possibly the first time since he'd arrived in Wonderland. He couldn't imagine what Snart had gone through, having to make the choice he made and then-- Ray's head bends down to regard the hand he stands on. Literally the least-subtle human on the planet.

"Leonard, I'm really sorry. We're gonna figure it out-- we'll get him back."
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That makes Ray smile as wickedly as he can manage (spoiler alert it's negative wicked). As usual, the new nickname doesn't even make Ray blink.

"Yes. He'd definitely want that. And just so you know, we'll go back right where we came from in the time line." Isn't that great news and not at all concerning, Len? "So we'll get right back to work once we're out of here."
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Not to mention Ray generally finds it easy to ignore the sarcasm until he's been worn down long enough. Which-- it seems he's getting there if his flat look is any indication.

"I have my own room! I haven't been able to spare much time to study how it works, but there's some sort of psychic element to Wonderland -- combined with some serious matter-transducing capabilities, which means that it will provide what a person needs, when they need it. Usually."

Phew. We almost got through a conversation with a dry nerd speech!
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Ha! The mention of magic just makes Ray smile again as he nods his agreement.

"Well, that's part of the central conceit of Wonderland. The psychic link also extends to our memories. The entire dimension can shift to replicate a place or event from another residents past and considering many version of many people exist across countless universes they can get pretty weird. Like the fact that if you don't trick or treat and offer the candy to this Trickster, he'll come after and murder you."

Ray's tiny hands move in the air as he talks, and once he realizes they're going to be on the move, the suit powers up again and he's in the air to free up Snart's hand for him.
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"It's just upstairs, actually. Uhh, this way--" Ray buzzes off, a straight line for a staircase that-- oh yay it's actually still here. Awesome.

He hovers for a moment to make sure Snart's keeping up, but happily chatters away considering his voice is already stuck to his teammate.

"The windows are magic, too-- it's a view of the grounds but from the outside you're unlikely to actually see into the mansion. There are ten floors, and endless rooms. Oh--" Ray stops again once they emerge onto the second floor. "Cover all of your mirrors. If you need to talk about anything kind of sensitive, you probably want to break them."
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"There's a mirror-verse here. For every resident on this side, their opposite is on the other side, and instead of mirrors they have windows over here they watch us all through. Oh, and you can't get candy from the closets right now, actually..."

Why would you want to turn him down when he's being so helpful and useful? Also Ray's attempt at changing the subject back to the event of the weekend is probably not as smooth and convincing as he'd like...
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"Almost two months, and yes I do listen to myself, especially when I'm sharing important information about an impossible magical world with evil doppelgangers skulking around." Huff!

Ray finally slows down, and lowers himself to the floor in front of what Snart will notice is a little door about his height. Home sweet home! "And mine's-- well, just don't talk to him, OK? He's bad news."
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It's the first time Ray really pauses to consider the way Snart's treating him -- and he probably thinks he's smooth about it. Oh, Raymond.

"The room next door's actually still vacant." But his voice is careful, unsure. He doesn't respond to the nickname, or react to being called adorable -- not a frown or a huff, nothing. It's got to be slap-in-the-face obvious to someone like Snart that Ray's finally fully caught off-guard.

"Twenty-seven?" The room in question.
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Instead of huffing, Ray lets out a nervous laugh. The propulsion system fires back up and he buzzes to hover in front of the door in question, gesticulating away.

"Nothing!" Buzz, buzz. Hey this doorknob's pretty comfy. "Well-- it's just I guess I figured you'd want to be as far away from me as you could get. Which I understand, you know, after being cooped up on the Waverider..."
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There's a light smacking sound despite the propulsion system coming to life again as Ray struggles to right himself in the air. His tiny voice complains, but it's not loud enough for Snart to have to hear.

It takes a moment before he realizes that Snart muted him (ACTUALLY LITERALLY MUTED HIS TEAMMATE DO YOU PEOPLE SEE WHAT HE HAS TO PUT UP WITH????) and he starts blowing up Snart's device:
Seriously, Leonard????
I mean, I'm just trying to help you get settled in Wonderland and I just meant that I wouldn't be mad if you wanted to explore and pick a different place!
Come on, open the door.
I get it, OK? I'm not even taking over the voice output on your device this time.
Fine. You want your space, I get it. Have fun with your room, and be really specific when you ask for stuff from the closets.
And cover the mirrors!!!!
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Ray's inside and landing on something about Len's shoulder-height, crossing his tiny arms and giving his best tiny scowl. He's learned by now that it's more amusing than intimidating, but he can't help but be cranky. It's not anger, not really-- Ray wants to help Leonard, but he knows he's in need of help, too. They've never been close, never been besties. But he knows what it's like to be stranded somewhere.

And he's not used to being stranded alone.

"Good, for if you want to have a confidential conversation." Ray's temper tantrum starts to dissipate; he's never been the type to stay upset, especially not when his curiosity is starting to pique again. He's in Captain Cold's room! He'd be crazy not to take a look around. "But you'll want to get some sheets to cover it up when it reforms in an hour."
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There's a lot of shrugging but Ray being tiny means these are very tiny shrugs, so instead Ray sighs.

"Magic. Or, if you prefer, extremely advanced science that looks like magic. I've been a little distracted from trying to figure Wonderland out, sorry." As the resident science nerd in this room, Ray's defensiveness is definitely borne out of some guilt.

"You know, memories get eaten and the place turns upside-down every couple of weeks but your every need is cared-for." Was that too bitter? Normally, Ray tries to exemplify optimism-- but Snart isn't a normal resident. He's ... a Legend.
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"Not yet. Then again I haven't tried to deal with the vendors out back, either. I mean, I won't lie, I thought about trying to get the Waverider, because-- if anything could get out of here, it might do the trick but..."

For all the things Ray's willing to ramble on about, and all the acquaintances he's made in Wonderland, he still can be a very private person. His hands work around each other in front of him as he mechanically works backward to redirect the tone he's taken this conversation into.

"Well, I figure something that big would take a lot of memories, and it's not going to help if I have the Waverider but forget who I am and what I should be doing with it, right?" Back into logic, now, Ray puts a smile on his face and laughs off the stupid wayward plan. The plan he didn't follow through with for more than the reasons he just stated.

"But once I get back to normal it'll be easier for me to start trying to get out." Because he's the scientist. This is a problem he can handle. Maybe.
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Something about Snart's offer to sell his own memories wriggles itself into Ray's brain, but it doesn't find its way back out just yet. Not with the way he's choosing to focus on the superficial, to get through this whole awkward new situation between the two of them.

Even the focus shifting to his own shortcomings should rile Ray's ego, but it only serves to help him feel a modicum of control. It's a subject he can choose to get upset over, or to examine and use to push through, to lean in.

"Haha, I definitely prefer more manageable pieces. And plenty of better people have failed to get out over the years, it seems." It doesn't hurt that Kendra isn't here for Ray to show off to, and Dr. Stein's absence creates a vacuum where Ray's need to impress gains no momentum. He's been starved for familiarity; despite the arrival of people from Central City, Ray's needed this. He might not be prepared to handle brutal truth yet, but this is a step in the right direction.

The direction being away from denial.
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"Yeah, not exactly any reason to steal stuff in this place." Ray can't help himself, but he moves on after what he thinks was a pretty good jab.

"Well, honestly most of my time has been working on the suit, getting this quantum manifold built and calibrated, and monitoring for arrivals from our world." So, yeah-- super scintillating stuff, Len!
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"A bunch of your hometown heroes, actually. Barry Allen, Iris West, Dr. Caitlin Snow, Dr. Harrison Wells, and apparently another Dr. Wells from a different dimension's earth. I'm still curious about how that mirror situation works, actually..." And completely oblivious to the whole not-actually-Wells flavor of Dr. Wells.

And to how grumpy they both are.
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"They'll come around! Do you want me to talk to them?" It's true Ray isn't Len's biggest fan, but he believes in second chances, and he's seen Snart do things that heroes do yet.

He may not be redeemed yet (somebody tell Ray the issues with thinking this way someday?) but he's doing good work. That's worth something.
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wanna wrap?

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There's something to be said for the way Ray just resigns himself to a chuckle and a mumbled "yeah" in response to Snart's sarcasm. Having been in Wonderland alone for so long really has done a number on him.

"Besides, maybe we can figure out a plan to break outta here."