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( OPEN ) ; we're going to a party, party

Who: Daisy Johnson [[personal profile] tremoring] + YOU!
Where: The pool.
When: July 2nd, 6:30 PM to whenever.
Rating: If any warnings somehow come up, please mark them in thread subject lines.
Summary: Daisy turns 28 in Wonderland and has a party. Start your own threads, have fun!
The Story:

As promised, around 6:30 PM, Daisy has set up a couple of tables of food by the pool. There's a couple of cakes -- one chocolate and one vanilla -- some chips, soda, typical party junk food. (There are also some alcohol selections, but Daisy is not responsible for your crazy ass if you get completely wasted and drown in the pool; know your limits, folks.)

Though, in additions to all the junk food available, there's also a couple of trays of veggies and dressing dip, a fruit salad, a few bowls of various nuts, and other healthier options for those who aren't big on junk food.
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Leonard wears nothing pool appropriate, unless being fully covered, including long sleeves and jeans, is somehow appropriate. At least he makes it look good, even more so for someone who is significantly closer to being 'old' than the birthday girl is.

He spots her right away, but waits for a moment in-between her greeting other guests to approach her. "I just remembered that given where we are, we really should be celebrating unbirthdays instead. Plans for tomorrow?"

The line might not be the best ever, but he has a hand for delivery.
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"I'd leave to just come back tomorrow then, but that seems pointless now I'm here." For a few seconds he looks around, then he shrugs and looks back at her again. "Congratulations on your actual birthday then. We can celebrate for real the other 364 days of the year, but today will do for now."
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"I'd wish you good luck with the literal attempt, but it's a bit early for a food fight." Although it'd admittedly be a good way to train reflexes. On the other hand, cake is best when eaten. "What cake do you have on offer? I'd reckon you have good taste."