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i'm hardly capable of half the damage that i would like to do [open]

Who: Alex Kralie, some closed starters, and YOU
Where: All around the island of Genosha
When: August 5th - August 9th
Rating: Let's say PG-13 for general violence, colorful language, and trauma
Summary: Alex Kralie is one human attempting to tear down a society built for mutants. This is sure to go well. I'll match any format, brackets or prose!
The Story:

open to mutants; but you know i'm too full of shit to think this through
A man's been following you for a the past thirty minutes to an hour. He's been crossing every street you have, passing every establishment, stayed within a good thirty-yard radius of you this whole while. He keeps his hands in his pockets, his hood up over his features, his head low. Unobtrusive, except for the whole part where he's following you.

Maybe it's nothing. He looks normal. If he's a mutant, he's not an obvious one. He hasn't said anything to draw attention to himself or to you. All in all, he's been pretty harmless. So there's no cause to worry. Right?

Only the next time you look over your shoulder, the next time you wonder where he might be, you'll find he isn't behind you anymore.

Instead, he's walking toward you at a brisk pace, his stride hard and purposeful. There's a glint of something in his hand. A gun, or a knife, or some other weapon. He brings it up rapidly, his intent clear and telegraphed.

You can run, or fight, or let it be. But this man is here to kill you, and he's not leaving until either you're dead or his advantage is lost.

[ooc: Alex is intent on killing any mutants he comes across. He shouldn't die since he's scheduled to kill someone at the end of the event, but feel free to kick his ass if you like! Or he can kill you, either way.]
open to humans; i'm but a boy just like the rest of these thieves
A grimy office set up in some basement isn't the ideal living situation for anyone, but that's inconsequential. There's stacks of files, photographs pinned to his walls, papers with lines upon lines of names. Some of them are crossed out. Most aren't.

The Resistance isn't overly inclined to work with him. Alex clicks his tongue between his teeth, annoyed. That's a laugh. No, actually, it's not. It's bullshit is what it is.

He slips outside, stumping across streets and navigating back alleyways. He's had to lay low lately. Turns out committing acts of terrorism against mutants lands you on some higher-ups' watch lists, who knew? But he's got to stay on his feet somehow, and any humans sympathetic to the Resistance and any like-minded individuals are his best bet. He's not calling for charity here; he's got money, if only a little, and he can pay them back in favors - nothing's too unsavory for him. Whatever someone might require from him as payment, he's probably done worse for far less.

You might've heard of the elusive Alex Kralie, an anti-mutant extremist who can boast such achievements as attempted assassinations and bombings of mutants and mutant establishments. Maybe he comes to you in need of food or weaponry, offering his services in exchange. He's got no moral quandaries; he'll do whatever it is you need him to do, no matter how morally corrupt or inelegant. But if you turn him aside, think his methods too brutal - well, he won't blame you. He's on your side, after all. He's a human, just like you. Maybe you don't see it yet, but he's doing this for your own good. For the good of everyone.

Just help him out this once, and he'll never come to you for a favor again.
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The sharp clicks of his heels are the only sound he makes as he walks through the backstage of the venue, metallic skin gleaming in the artificial light. It's oddly quiet here in comparison to the stage and he aches to make some noise. A quick look to his bodyguard, tall (though not as tall as him), wide and imposing, reminds him that the silence is purposeful.

He shouldn't even be going this way, as his bodyguard has mentioned dozens of times today. If he had been playing it safe, he would have listened to his entire security detail and changed up his habits; leaving out different exits, not talking to fans, keeping his distance. But Mettaton doesn't play it safe. You never make an impression if you don't put yourself into some danger, and he always refuses to be cowed, recent attacks in the news be damned.

At the begging of his sponsors and crew, he at least doesn't go anywhere alone now. Hence the presence of Eric, a mutant with enhanced strength who is escorting him out to his bus to begin their journey to the next arena in Genosha, continuing his island-wide tour.

"Pull up your collar," Eric says gruffly, adjusting the microphone in his ear. "You can't let anyone see your face."

Mettaton rolls his eyes, even as he fluffs up the collar on his trench coat and dips the lip of his hat to cover his face. The dim shimmer from his skin dissipates. "This is the real travesty here. Denying the public my face. They deserve better."

Eric responds with a grunt, putting out his hand to Mettaton's chest and stopping him from walking right out the stage exit. "Me first, remember? Then you follow." The star huffs irritably but complies, hovering backwards as his bodyguard opens the door and steps out into the dark. He only gives it a brief second before he too steps outside.
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It all happens quickly. One moment he and Eric are standing together in the warm night, the low lights of distant buildings lighting their way. The next his bodyguard is falling, the muffled sound of gunshots buried into the man's back. He doesn't have time to gasp before he sees another man standing before him, the barrel of a still-smoking gun pointed directly at his forehead.

There have been recent attacks on mutants in this area, he remembers Eric saying. That's why I will be escorting you from now on. Got that? You can't weasel out of this one, Mettaton. What would the world do without its biggest star?

What would it do, indeed. He's not letting him die in vain if he can help it.

"Stop!" he commands, his voice echoing out a deep baritone that crackles with the air of suggestion. It's fine. This is fine. He can talk his way out of this. The other man hasn't shot yet, so there's still a chance. The blood is pooling and the other man's gun hand is steady but he hasn't pulled the trigger, and it's fine, this is going to be fine-

"You will put the gun down, take the bullets out, and step away from me."

He waits for the other man to do as he says. He doesn't.

...well. Shit.
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Jane always has a weapon on her; her hands, all she has to do is get close enough, but today won't be that day. She's leaving Kurt's, both of them trying to make sense of conflicting memories. She's not sure, but she's almost positive none of this is real, that she isn't a monster, that there is no separation of humans, and she's heavy in thought as she tries to make sense of it. Never once does she think her life is in danger. She keeps to the alley because she doesn't want to explain where she's coming from, but she finally hears a minute click and looks up.


Alex from Wonderland, Alex who has no memories, like her, and to suddenly have another person she realizes she knows backs up her belief, that this is all something darker, something more sinister than she can grasp. But she's also now staring down the barrel of a gun.

"Wait, Alex, listen to me. Please, this isn't real. We aren't supposed to be here."

She probably sounds like a mad woman, and maybe she is, but she doesn't want to die.
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"No, no listen. My name is Jane. Jane Doe. I'm from a place where my memory was erased. And were showing me movies and telling me what to watch, and you told me about your life. About waking up places you didn't remember going. So you started wearing a camera to record it. We've both been stuck in a place called Wonderland. Alex, please, remember."

She's begging him, but she's also not backing down, stepping forward.

"I don't want to hurt you."

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mutant prompt for misunderstandings :V

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She always tries to keep a low profile when she's out and about- you can't exactly be public with the whole 'Hey, I'm working highly with a big resistance' sort of deal, but she knows she's got enemies on her back, mutants who would much rather see her taken out. Luckily, she's got some good connections, tech to pass for what she's not born with, until she can end this stupid war.

But she can see him trailing her, tries to place him as she moves. He looks familiar- she feels like she's seen his face somewhere before. Resistance, maybe? Trying to catch up and pass on some intel? Or a mutant who knows too much about her, someone's she's tangled with before?

Shepard snaps back when she realizes he's not following her anymore, and then when he approaches, she knows- Kralie. Dangerous. Very dangerous. Doesn't work close enough with the resistance to have seen her enough. Mutant hunter. So flipping on the cloak would be the opposite of help. She's gotta take this into her own hands.

... Quite literally, because she steels herself, sucks in a breath, and grabs forward for his wrists, aiming to disarm him and hopefully get the chance to talk him down the rest of the way.
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She lets out an annoyed 'tch' when it's evident he's not gonna drop this, swinging her momentum sideways when her leg starts to crumple under his foot. She probably can't get enough speed to get him on his back, but if they both come hard down on their side, it'll take out at least one arm. How the hell does she explain this? What will honestly get him to listen?

"Goddamnit, kid, what the fuck are you doing?" Alright, not the best choice of words, but it's sure what she's saying. "Somebody pay you for this? Because I'm really not lookin to kick your ass today."

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Telepathy is invasive.

River's so glad to be taught how to control her mutant powers, so very glad that she can potentially avoid ever using them again. So when she sees the same man twice in one day, and her paranoia begins to eat at her, she can't let herself read his mind. She can't resort to that instantly. She has to be good. She has to be good.

But god, is it hard to stop a reflex. She hurries away, trying to focus on her own thoughts like her teachers instructed her. Scared. Scared. She shuffles through populated areas, where a slip and an errant thought entering her brain could be anyone's, until she eventually grows tired and moves away from the people and to solitude again. Safe. She's good, she's good.

A foreign word enters her mind -- 'mutant' -- and she whirls around to find the same man, knife in hand, so near...

Without thinking, a combat boot comes up and aims at the armed hand to deflect the knife, leg coming up straight and graceful as if she's simply dancing ballet.

[ooc: hi zero im late to the event you can kill river though]
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~*i am sure*~

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River freezes at the sound of the gun, eyes wide as she stares at him. There's no way to get away from him without getting shot, not when he's so close already. She should have stayed in the crowds, even though fighting against hearing so many thoughts at once is exhausting. She should never have assumed she would be safe. In general, even. With tensions as high as they are right now...

"Don't," she says almost pitifully. "I'm not your enemy."

She sympathizes with the humans. Believes they don't deserve to be treated the way they are. Mutants are treated like second-class citizens everywhere else, why should humans get the same in turn here? But she's quiet about it. Doesn't want Queen Heart's attention.

Still, she has a sense of self-preservation. So after only a few seconds of waiting for his answer, she tries to grab the gun and force it harmlessly upwards.

She knows already, after all. That he hates her to her very core.

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mutants :D

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Truth be told, Cami doesn't like using her power. There's something inherently wrong with forcing people to suddenly be at peace with something that enrages them, fills them with anger. The humans especially have justification for their frustrations, and Cami sympathizes with their blight. There is a better way for all of them to live, together, equal regardless of genetics.

Yet the optimism of her beliefs doesn't come paired with foolish naivety. She sees the scarce light reflect off something, sees his hand rise with clear intent.

Whatever rage, whatever frustration and hatred fuels this attack, should drain away the moment he steps within her sphere of influence. Unless he has found a way to guard his mind, just before he reaches her Alex should be overcome by a sense of peace, strong enough to will away his reason for attack.

But just in case it doesn't, Cami's hand slips into her bag, even as she speaks.

"Who are you?"
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The influence doesn't seem to be perfect, but the effect is there in spite of Alex's uncertainty and resistance. For her part, Cami acts as if nothing has changed, if there is nothing strange or abnormal

about the conflicting emotions suddenly flowing through Alex. The longer he stands here, the more certain that sense of serenity would grow, and in turn the longer it would linger even after they part.

For the moment, however, her concern is on the present. His knife is lowered, but still gripped in his hand. She takes a careful step closer—her fingers carefully wrapped around the canister of pepper spray in her bag—favoring her would-be attacker with a smile.

"Kraile's an unusual name." An alias, maybe? It probably doesn't matter. "I'm Cami. It's nice to meet you."

She holds out her free hand then; while she wouldn't with a mutant of unknown power, she's guessing this guy is a human. To complete the gesture he'd have to put the knife away, or at least switch hands. If he tries to attack, she's ready to defend herself; ideally, however, it won't come to that.

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[and on one particular day, he gets followed... not particularly well, of course. his shadow is a small girl who can't be older than sixteen wearing a green pencil skirt and jacket combo like she's trying to look older and the awkward way she carries herself just shows she's a kid playing dress-up.

she has done this a hundred times, it seems. they tell you not to feed stray dogs, because the dogs stick around, but no one ever said anything about the people who give the hand-outs following you afterwards. Peridot's family is rich and supremely anti-mutant (and also mostly dead, leaving this little nerdy brat as the sole heir).

the exchange rate for funding some of his more lucrative projects and not thinking too much about the moral ramifications is that she doesn't let go. she fancies herself her own kind of extremist. what she is a beta programmer with a lot of money.

but she's also persistent.]

Stop walking so fast. I can't keep up. [and without missing a beat:] Ugh! Did you hear that announcement from the Queen the other day? One of these days, I'm gonna- [she kicks at a can brutally. it hits the side of the alley, ricochets, and hits a trashcan, making a satisfying amount of racket.]
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Oh c'mon. Everyone knows you look less suspicious if you draw attention to yourself.

[that's not factually accurate and she knows it, but it's what she's going with, even though she lowers her voice and shoves her hands into the pockets of her jacket, sulking.] Stealth is useless with all these mind readers around anyway.

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Bruce's powers may only work by touch, but his senses are sharp nonetheless, have always been.

Working in the Mutant District but living in a building complex that's almost exclusively taken up by human residents, this means he ends up walking for quite a long way from work to home every day, and passing by all sorts of neighborhoods in the process, starting on the rich streets and avenues where the buildings are state of the art when it comes to architecture, design and functionality, and ending on the run-down apartment blocks that side the poorly paved streets where the lowest and poorest humans live. Naturally Bruce is far from popular here, but he also keeps largely to himself, so for the most part, he's been left alone.

That was before, though; with growing tensions on both sides, he's started to get a lot more unwanted attention, and tonight, it's only the most recent of the times he's been tailed late in the day while he's on his way home.

He tries not to give into his growing paranoia at first, but when nearly half an hour passes and he keeps hearing the same steps, at the same pace, belonging to the same person, he starts to think that his paranoia is well-founded. Because it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you, and in this case it does seem that someone's out to get him.

He even takes a few unnecessary turns, rounding a couple of blocks purposefully just to see if the person would still follow him. When they do, that makes it obvious he's being tailed, and eventually he stops and turns around, ready to face this person.

But there's no one there. He's sure— they were there moments ago. They were. Which is why there's no relief when Bruce sees no one, only more worry and fear, and he turns around on the deserted street to see where they went, only to suddenly spot the young man coming right at him, something shining in his hand.

Bruce doesn't even have the time to make out what it is until he lifts up his hands to defend himself and the blade of the small knife cuts the skin of his palm. He winces at the shock more than the pain, the same injured hand curling around the man's wrist and twisting his arm around to his back in a strong hold meant to disarm him without causing too great an injury.
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Bruce is far from a fighter, but when he has to, he can put to use years of practice in a number of martial arts, which he always took more for learning control over his powers than anything. So when the man struggles in his grip and tries to reach his face, it changes nothing, and his hold is all the stronger to keep him in place.

"Stop— stop that," he tries with plain words at first, his other hand reaching to catch the other arm before it actually manages to hurt Bruce even more. He's hesitating, he knows; there's one easy way to deal with it —it may just be the only way— but he still dislikes using his powers, even when it comes to taking care of a threat.

He sighs quietly, more resigned than anything, and when he speaks up again, his voice reaches much deeper than before, more like a command that echoes inside the man's mind. "Stop."

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