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( open ) the pale princess of a palace cracked.

Who: Caitlin Snow & YOU!
Where: All around Genosha
When: August 5-9, and the days following for aftermath follow-up
Rating: PG-13, will update as necessary
Summary: This AU event makes Caitlin emulate her murderous metahuman doppelganger, Killer Frost. (brackets or prose welcome, will match style!)
The Story: [ Growing up mutant in Genosha came with few downsides for Caitlin. Her powers could be a bit inconvenient, perhaps, but being raised by Leonard Snart (strictly mostly after her mutation emerged) had helped with that, given their nearly identical power set. But they were more often a boon than a burden. She wasn't afraid to use her abilities from the very start, which quickly garnered her a reputation of being feared and admired. There were few in the nation that could appropriately cow her, and very little authority she recognized above her own. (Queen Heart being the obvious exception; she paid all respect and deference to Her Majesty.)

It would have been easy to simply skate by on her reputation and beauty. Her parents' deaths had left her with a sizable fortune, so money was also no object. But there was still her intelligence and curiosity and ambition to be sated. She worked because she chose to, because she liked seeing the accolades attached to her name. Her projects are given priority, all but rubberstamped by those in charge without a glance. Her lab boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a staff at her beck and call, whenever and wherever she needs them. Sure, there may be some rumors about what goes on in her experiments and studies, but they're typically quashed early, on account of her sterling image.

But it isn't all the high life. No, Caitlin still shops and dines and has coffee like a normal mutant girl. Sure, it's usually in and around Havershaw Heights, the most elite of the elite neighborhoods in Hammer Bay. Rumors abound in her private life as well, whispers about just how close she is with the human she keeps. Those aren't killed nearly as quick, though some of the most vocal gossips have mysteriously clammed up as of recent.

Cold feet, perhaps?

The worst kept secret is how she stalks through the human district at night. But she's part of the superior species, right? What else could be expected of an apex predator?

[ ooc find caitlin at work, near home, or around the city. she'll be all too happy to hunt your human or mock your human-sympathetic mutant. if you want something specific, hit me up on plurk at [ profile] lovedbythesun. ]
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[Caitlin might recognise very little authority, but the day Leonard fears or admires her isn't about to happen any time soon. So is the day he fears anyone else, but with her it is different. He's been there from the start, he's seen her grow, always ambitious, has seen how her powers shaped her, together with the current climate - for once no pun intended.

But all that has changed with her, it doesn't keep Leonard from visiting her without thinking twice about it. She's at work and he doesn't bother going in officially, he has his own ways. When he spots her, bent over as she takes notes, he collects some snow in his hand and, yes, throws a snowball at the fearsome mutant. He leans against the wall and switches on the light. She must have been focused and not noticed how time passed and it got darker. Some things haven't changed.]

All work and no play...
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Don't think I raised you to dress like that either, so clearly that ain't saying much.

[Not that he really sounds disapproving, she's always been free to wear whatever she felt comfortable in as far as he's concerned. It's other things she does that he has doubts over, telling a grown woman how to dress isn't on his agenda.]

What's so important you're missing out on life for it?
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[Leonard just rolls his eyes at her shimmying, but he seems more amused than annoyed. Besides, it's a very fashionable parka.

He has definitely taught her to sit that way, he can't even deny that. Still, he merely leans back against the closest table, crossing his legs while watching her.]

Just checking in on you, snowflake. You never call, I feel neglected.

[Besides, he likes to know what she's up to. He'll always feel responsible, for what she does and for how she's doing.]

Anything new with you?
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[Bruce Banner? He frowns, looking through his memory. Does he know a Bruce Banner? Hard to say, Bruce is a relatively common name. He might have heard it somewhere before. At least he doesn't know him well.]

What of him?

[Judging by her expression...]

Is he bothering you?

[...and there is a hint of protectiveness to that question.]
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Fitz is easy to upset. I told him humans are people and he almost stopped breathing.

[Controversial views these days, he supposes. But even so, if Caitlin is upset, he wants to deal with it. Never mind how much he might disagree with her.]

What did he do, Bruce Banner? To upset your ...boyfriend. Or whatever.