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Who: Barry Allen x3 ( REAL, MIRROR, EARTH-2 ) & Katherine Pierce x2 ( REAL, MIRROR )
Where: Everywhere.
When: September 1 - 10.
Rating: PG for now.
Summary: The Barrys attack Wonderland, and the Katherines attack one another. Open for fourth wall shenanigans!
The Story:

( to interact with the real barry allen, replies will come from [personal profile] accelerate! )

    [ it's no surprise to anyone who knows barry allen that he's eating all that he can. it's not really his fault, in all honesty. wonderland places a plate of food before him, and it'd be rude of him to not take it and eat it. ]

    [ it doesn't matter if he's at a party or not, barry's always got some food in his hand. either having stepped inside a room like a normal person, not accompanied by any golden kinetic energy, or having flashed in, swept the room in wind, and left with a good portion of the food — barry's always nibbling on something. ]

    [ with his mouth full, he'll always point to someone who looks a little overwhelmed by the display of wonderland hospitality. ]

    Hey, are you going to eat that?

( replies will come from a visitor from earth-2, [personal profile] analyse! please be aware there is a good chance earth-1 barry allen will appear. )

    [ bartholomew from earth-2 has wandered away from barry from earth-1. it's a little confusing to think of one another as the same person, but bartholomew takes it in stride. after his doppelgänger had pitched they pretend they're the olsen twins, he'd been left on his own to explore, phone in hand to send out a distress signal if he so much as happens to encounter the mad hatter and an invite. ]

    [ barry has the belief bartholomew may have better luck than him in scoring that, after all. ]

    [ dressed in clothing that isn't quite modern, bartholomew allen wears glasses, shoes with great tread and winged-tipped, and looks around the mansion and outside in wonder. he's never seen such a place like this before, and never in his lifetime did he expect wonderland to be real. ]

    [ for someone who takes great pride in always noticing the small details, bartholomew — that's what we'll call him for differentiating purposes — walks with his eyes on the ground, ceiling, or walls, and bumps into plenty of people along his way. ]

    Oh! I'm so sorry —

( replies will come from barry's mirror [personal profile] disintegrate! )

    [ unlike his earth-2 counterpart, whom he hasn't quite stumbled across, barry's mirror walks the hallways with a confidence barry allen in all of his flustered glory lacks. his attire is less of a man who's awoken and slapped whatever happened to be on the top of his closet shelf on; wearing his infamous converse shoes that are clean and in good condition, barry walks around the halls comfortably in jeans and a blazer. ]

    [ the way he walks is with confidence, slow and steady steps winning this particular race. he looks around the mansion with an expression that isn't in awe, but if one was to look more closely, they'd notice how his eyes linger on the walls, doors, even the windows. ]

    [ sometimes he can be caught there, simply staring out at the techincoloured and large fields outside. ]

    [ he's in the bar, drinking but keeping note of his own pace and limitations, and outside, walking through the grounds without much of a care, as he hasn't had the pleasure of being able to do this on the mirror side. ]

( replies will come from both [personal profile] accelerate and [personal profile] analyse! )

    [ there's nothing like showing your doppelgänger around a world you've both read about. barry takes his earth-2 counterpart around the mansion, showing him the sights and sounds, goading him to eat food, open doors, even help him find the mad hatter. the two are always smiling, barry's grin a bit wider as he pulls bartholomew around like he's an excitable child, and his earth-2 doppelgänger digs his heels in with hesitation quite a lot. ]

    [ basically: they can be found anywhere in the mansion, so feel free to stumble upon them being nerds about something wonderland related, or jot down where they can bump into your character and we can have a great barry time. ]

( replies will come from the real katherine pierce [personal profile] manipulative! )

    [ katherine crumples up her invitation to any of the parties for the week. ]

    [ she still attends, makes an appearance, lingers in the shadows, flirts, openly eats and drinks, and often wears an expression of pure distaste. there's nothing more that she dislikes than an open party like this, and so she tries to keep low, but fails in doing so many times over the next several days. ]

    [ she can always be found at a party, drink in hand, eating a cupcake with a delicacy of pulling it apart and with boredom in her expression. and she can be found walking around the mansion, peering up at the walls, looking and hoping for a rabbit hole to leap into and leave. ]

    [ wonderland is grand, and it's as honest as she'll ever be about what she likes about this rabbit hole, but she feels trapped and like she's on borrowed time, and katherine never likes taking a favour from someone she can't quite interrogate or intimidate. ]

( replies will come from katherine's mirror [personal profile] coerce! )

    [ katerina wears several corset dresses with large skirts over the next few days. with her hair curled immaculately, she walks with a skip to her step and always with a smile on her face. her expression is always kind and open, and katerina is the complete opposite of the disdain and often coerced kindness her real always presents. ]

    [ as taken as she is with the colour of this mansion, katerina doesn't let herself become swept up by it and distracted. she's in search of her real's room, and walking through the corridors is giving her an incredible sense of deja vu. but there's colour in the corridors the mirror side lacks, and she admires it with an almost childlike wonderment, hands behind her back as she twirls on the spot and sometimes doesn't look as to where she's going. ]

    [ but there's something in her hands, whenever she's in the corridors. a photograph she wishes to leave just for her real. she keeps it behind her back whenever she sees someone in the distance or passes someone inside of the mansion. it isn't for anyone to see but katherine. ]

( i will match action spam or prose! for any threads that involve more than one barry, i'll indicate in the subject whether or not to wait for a reply from one of them. feel free to pop a starter anywhere in the mansion, katherine and barry will be there to hang out with you! pm [ profile] bogans if you want to do anything specific! ♥ )
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[Leonard is sitting on the ground in the hallway, because why not? Chairs are overrated. So's maturity and that makes it fairly unsurprising that he decides to stretch out his long legs just at the right moment to - hopefully - make at least one of the two Barrys stumble. They are Barrys after all, not stumbling would be the bigger twist.]

...didn't realise I'd drunk that much.

[Yet here he is, definitely seeing double.]
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Thanks, Barry. It's nice running into you too.

[He's just going to ignore the actual question and focus on what's clearly more important here than Barry's attempts at being... insulting? He's not quite certain, but either way, it's not a very good effort.]

Into you two, I guess.

[He focuses on the somehow nerdier version, leaning back against the wall and smiling up at him.]

How do you do.

[Such manners.]
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[ barry steps forward, feeling slightly more confident given allen's demeanour with this man. (is it wrong he takes joy in the fact dr harrison wells calls barry this? he shouldn't. he knows he shouldn't. but it'd been his — earth-2 barry's — idea they differentiate that way, since neither of them particularly want to claim "bartholomew" for a name badge. besides, it has too many letters to fit nicely on one.) ]

[ the interaction between these two isn't overly warm like he'd witnessed with cisco ramon of earth-1, but it's better than the chill of killer frost. ]

[ earth-1. talking this lingo, he's going to need a stiff drink later. ]

Hi ... [ he lifts his hand in a wave that isn't as enthusiastic as it could or should be. ] I'm … visiting?
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Alternate timelines.

[More or less. But either way, enough time spent around Rip and Martin Stein and Ray and Gideon to not be surprised or shocked at the reveal.

Also, it'd be difficult to be shocked by this alternate Barry Allen. If Barry looks like a lost deer, this one is like a bunny. If they had to go with a woodland creature analogy.]

You're cute.

[This to the alternate, then he turns a slightly more cynical smile Barry's way.]

Can I keep him?
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[ allen should've prepared barry a little more for the characters of wonderland. it's a note this barry will remember when he's safely tucked in his bed beside his wife in earth-2. ]

[ he's easily flustered, brows rising, mouth opening, and he's all familiar frantic desperation in his movements. ]
I'm sorry, but I'm married — [ and even lifts his hand to show snart that wedding ring he often keeps fiddling with when he's not being dragged all over wonderland. ]
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That's fine, I can share.

[What he can also do is wink. Reassuring, isn't it? Leonard looks at the ring and smirks, then turns his attention back to the one and only - except apparently not - Barry Allen. At least the only one he knows.]

Gotcha. So, which one is the better timeline?
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That'd be great. [What? Out of all the trucks to drive, ice cream is probably the best choice.

It's even more entertaining to assume that he's driving an ice cream truck on Earth 2 while his sister (or father?) is mayor, but since he doesn't know the tid-bit about Mayor Snart, he can't wonder about that.

There are things he can wonder though, turning back to the doppelgänger again.]

Wanna race me?
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Uh …

[ barry looks confused, brows pulling together. it takes him a moment to remember himself, and unlike the barry snart knows, he's not as rude as his doppelgänger from earth-1. ]

[ the barry allen from earth-2 is kind to everyone, even joe west who hadn't been so kind to him in return. kill them with kindness, slugger. it's what dad always said. ]

No thanks. [ and if he seems relieved within that one second, he is. ] Thanks for the offer, it's very kind? But I'm — We're going to go get something to eat. And I can't race on an empty stomach, Mr ...

[ sorry, leonard, but this barry doesn't find you all that memorable to remember. ]
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[It's interesting, but only insofar at Len concludes that he doesn't have a counterpart that had much of an impact where this Barry is from. At least not as far as he's aware. Which is probably a wrong conclusion, given a member of his family is mayor, but he can't know that and doesn't overly care either.

It also doesn't completely answer the question of whether this Barry has powers, although he tends toward thinking that, no, he does not.]

Does he eat like you?

[This question is directed to his Barry.]
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Bully for him. [Being normal. Boring, maybe, but he doesn't exactly seem heartbroken over it.] You'll have to tell me more about that some time, Barry. Earth-2.

[Because that is interesting for a variety of reasons and not just because suddenly there's double the Barry running around.]

Now dash off. [He glaces at the normal Barry and then back to his Barry with a smile.] Slowly.
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[Since Barry is the one who had acted like they eagerly needed to leave not that long ago, Len can't help but be amused by how he's lingering now. Interesting.]

Kinda. One of my teammates. Doesn't feel right these days, does it?

Who did you run into?
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Cisco? Now that could actually be useful.

[Not that he's about to go and kidnap him - again - but still, he wants his gun, so the man who actually built it before? Welcome addition to this place.

Laurel? Laurel Lance. Sara's sister. But giving away he knows that isn't information he needs to share. He has no idea who Kara is, but giving away ignorance is rarely a good idea.]

Last person I kissed.
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Would I lie to you?

[Well. Duh. All right then.]

I mean, yeah, but I ain't lying about that. Would be a weird lie to tell.

[There's the shadow of a smile - not that he's ever much for sunshine - and he tilts his head at Barry.]
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You should never kiss and tell.

[ it's not his place to speak up, but barry can realise what his doppelgänger is doing. it's what he does. he pushes those in ccpd to give him the leeway he needs, to follow the direction he knows to be the right one to catch a killer or a crook. it's what he does with iris, pushing her until she eventually breaks out of her own stubborn hold. ]

[ he doesn't quite understand who leonard snart — the name of the mayor, and yet barry's finding his entire memory of his home to be leaning a little toward fuzziness when he thinks of whether or not snart's blue eyes and jawline are familiar to him — is to barry allen, but he thinks he can see what they don't. ]

[ they're sort of friends. and friends don't push friends when said friend isn't ready to share. ]

[ when allen looks at him, eyebrow cocked, barry shrugs his shoulders. ]
It's true. Unless you don't have that on your earth?
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[Len knows that he's not wrong about his fate - for one thing, exploding is pretty conclusive, for another? Ray has already spoiled him. Not that he's had any doubts about it to begin with.

But that doesn't actually make casual mentions of Mick easier to listen to. He pushes back on it, pulls up walls.]

Your other self has better manners, Barry. See if you can learn a thing.

[That said he shrugs, lips quirking briefly.]

Who says I wasn't talking about Mick?

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