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we must be killers, children of the wild ones [open]

Who: Frisk and YOU
Where: All throughout Neverland
When: October 21st - 25th
Rating: PG-13 for sad mad bad kid thoughts probs
Summary: I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth, a memoir by Frisk
The Story:

the beach; you were there, you were tearing up everything
Frisk has a lot of policies regarding what should be done about the influx of adults and people who don't belong here, trespassing on the land where all the lost children belong. They might require a firm hand and a heavy stick, but there's no reason for anyone to die, or for anyone to use such lethal methods as dreamshade on any of them. But Frisk knows they're nimbler than a bunch of clumsy grown-ups, so it stands to reason that they try something like reasoning. Something diplomatic. Politely telling them all to buzz off, and never bother any one of them.

Enter Frisk, the self-proclaimed ambassador of the Lost Ones, ready to negotiate. Their expression is tighter, darker than you might remember. Their brows are clearly curved downward in a glower, their mouth a hard, stern line carved across the features of their face. Anyone who's not part of the ranks of the Lost Ones is welcome to approach them, but be wary - if you try to pull anything funny and steal them from their home, they do not come unarmed.

They come with knives. And they have a great deal of them, even if you can't see.
the woods; the silver tigers in the moonlight running
[Negotiations have failed. No one, it seems, is intimidated by a small child wielding a disproportionate number of knives. Frisk's non-killing policy still stands, but they are not above using said knives to get what they want. They will beat you into submission if they have to, because a wild animal, when backed into a corner, will do whatever it takes to survive. It will writhe upon itself, bite into itself, destroy itself to tear itself out of the corner you have created for it.

It did not take long to prepare. They've streaked their face with paint and mud and grime, the darkest pigments they've got available to them, rolled about in the underbrush to mask any familiar human scent they might have. All the better to blend in with their surroundings.

Frisk waits on a hefty bough, months of stalking silently through the undergrowth having given them all the skills to lie patiently in wait that they require. And they are patient. They will stay there all night, for hours at a time if they have to, slowly and imperceptibly shifting and tensing their muscles to prevent cramping over long periods of time, until some unlikely, unsuspecting adult comes along.

Then? Then, they will drop from their hiding place, and they will strike.]
anywhere; and the wind in the trees singing, do you believe?
They keep feeling like they're being watched. Followed. It's an illogical fear, they know it is, they know it has to be, but there's no other reason behind why they keep twisting around, having sworn they heard something. A snicker, a laugh, a glimpse of something burrowing beneath the ground behind them.

And then they turn, and find that something is there. Something that - that looks familiar. Like a flower, but it has a face, a wide, impossibly toothy grin, its bright yellow petals dissonant splashes of color against the otherwise uniformly dark landscape.

"Howdy!" it shrills cheerfully.

Frisk lunges. Their knife passes harmlessly through it, as though it's made up of nothing, nothing at all.

"Gosh," chirps the flower with a prolonged cackle, "that didn't take long at all! I knew you had it in you!"

They stare at it, long and hard. This isn't right. seems familiar, but that's impossible. They can't have seen this before in their life. They'd know if they had. And people - people sometimes see things in Neverland, they know that well enough. But not Frisk. Never Frisk.

"Aw, c'mon," says the flower, soft and cajoling. "Don't tell me you don't remember me!"

"I don't," Frisk hisses, forgetting too late the advice Pan gave them, all of them, upon their introduction. Never speak to things like this. Never acknowledge them. They're echoes, whispers of a life that's no longer yours, nothing more. To recognize them is to forfeit your home, your family. It acknowledges that you do not truly belong to the Lost Ones. It acknowledges that your fealty is false.

With a strangled cry, they lunge at it again, slashing wildly. But it seems to appear everywhere they look.

"I'm disappointed," the flower tuts from behind them. A halation of white bullet-like projectiles materializes above its head as its smirk abruptly solidifies into something horrifying, empty, cruel. A smile with too many teeth and blackened, pitted sockets for eyes. "Sure you remember y̸͔̦̎ọ̶̾ur ̶̱͍͆̀b̵̻͝e̷̟̺̿̈́s̸t̶ ̵͂fr̷͉̃̈́i̶̯͘e̴̼̭͆n̷̢̞̉d̶̺̺͗?"

Frisk screams, and dives at it again.
lost one encampment; and we all know what we have done
[They're tired. They're so, so tired, and sleep has never come easily. The thought that there are people creeping about here that might snatch them away, specters of memories that don't exist and must not ever have existed, that just keeps them awake even more. They stay around the fire that crackles in the center of the place where they've made their home, watching it spit up yellow-and-orange sparks, belching wisping flakes of ash.

They're on their guard, hyper-vigilant. If anyone happens by, be they Lost One or trespasser or simple hallucination, Frisk immediately stiffens, brandishing whatever weapon they have on hand, whether it be a knife or a big stick. The flower's bright laughter still echoes cruelly in their ears, and you might find them taking a swing at shadows, formless shapes cast by the flickering flames. They look horribly on edge, and surprisingly vulnerable. If you have the goal of capturing them, now might be the best time...]
wildcard; and we all know how to fake it baby
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encampment - I AM SO LATE, tell me if I'm too late!!!

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[He notices them stiffening and reaching for the nearest weapon and he thinks for a moment before getting up himself. He hasn't been sleeping, just sitting. Guarding, really, his own weapons at the ready. Leonard clears his throat as he walks toward them, since he walks almost silently and he doesn't want to cause more alarm.

Instead he sits down not far from them, legs crossed.]

You awake, Frisk?
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Y'know, you could have fooled me.

[He crouches down next to them, still a foot or two away. Neither of them are very touchy-feelie people, he's not about to change that.]

Can't sleep either. Mostly because I think I shouldn't.
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Same as you.

[It's the most useful thing to do, given circumstances. He's haunted by ghosts of his own, but the way he's been dealing so far has been trying not to react. Not to show what he's feeling. Perhaps because that lesson has been drilled into him long before he's ever come here.

He looks at them now, holding their gaze.]

They are not getting us, Frisk. We won't let them.
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I know.

[He can just agree with them. Their stories might not be identical, but some things are the same. Grown-ups are not something to be trusted. They are not something to ignore. They are something to fear and he does just that. Not that he'd want to admit or show it.

But they're younger, they are not him.]

You're never going back there. We'll get rid of them and we're staying right here. Got it, Frisk?
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[The only sound he makes, thinking about how ready he is to kill anyone who would threaten what they have, threaten any of them. He has nothing holding him back, unlike Frisk, but he'd never ask it of them either.]

You know, if they take me? I might prefer that.

[Another joke.

Or something.]

But they won't. We're all staying here. Together.
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We take care of each other.

[It's what it all boils down to, isn't it? And it's a good sentiment, a strong sentiment. As long as they are enough. Enough to keep each other safe, every single one. Leonard is worried that they might not be. Without Peter and with all these adults. But he doesn't say that and his voice holds steady.]

They won't touch even one of us.
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See? It won't ever work for them.

[It worries him, but being worried doesn't help the situation. He will do that by himself and he won't sleep tonight. Maybe they won't either. Maybe neither of them would.]

Us against them and we know this place.
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Grown-ups never do. They want to order you around. Make rules. There are no rules for them.

[Like so many of the Lost Ones, any memory Leonard has of grown-ups is a negative one and he will err on the side of caution, no matter if they have to kill for it.]

Don't bother trying again, Frisk. I don't want you to get hurt.
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I know.

[He doesn't mind fighting, he isn't used to seeing life as anything but a fight, but he knows them. They know each other, somehow.]

I'll fight for you. When I can.