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( open ) well don't go around tonight

Who: Harrison Wells and you!
Where: All around the mansion.
When: Throughout the Halloween event.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Harrison's daughter manages to convince him to actually try and get into the holiday spirit. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
The Story:

i. — in the holiday spirit (october 30th)

[ If Harrison had his way, he'd stay holed up in his room or Jane's lab or the library forever. Holidays weren't exactly his sort of thing and anyway, hadn't he done enough with the whole "Summerween" thing earlier this year? Still, it's incredibly hard for him to say "no" to his daughter and when Jesse shows up at his doorstep with a smile and a few costume ideas, he's barely able to roll his eyes and huff with annoyance before she's managed to break through his defenses.

Which is how Harrison finds himself walking through the mansion and scowling at the gaudy, fake decorations. He's dressed all in black, a pair of cat ears clipped on as well as a black (extremely fake-looking, of course) tail. It's ridiculous — which he'd reiterated to Jesse over and over and over — but it was also extremely hard and, ultimately, impossible for him to deny her that much. And also, quite frankly, it was the least awful costume she'd suggested, which Harrison imagines may or may not have been on purpose.

He's mostly a wallflower, though the bowls of candy throughout the mansion are hard to ignore. At one point, he even stops by one and picks up a piece, musing as he turns it over in his hand.

Do we even know where this came from? [ a beat. ] I don't want to know, do I.

ii. — cat got your tongue? (october 30th - 31st)

[ In retrospect, eating a piece of candy had been a mistake. Harrison's been around long enough to know when something may not be entirely trustworthy, but it was hard not to get swept up in the atmosphere. And surely one couldn't hurt — which ends up being true enough to a degree.

One moment, he's popping a piece of candy into his mouth, letting the sugar melt and noting that it's actually not that bad and the next moment, the bowl he had just snagged a piece from seems to be a few feet higher than it was before. Strange. He tries to take a step back to gauge what could have prompted that, only for him to stumble over his own feet and when he opens his mouth to let out an irritated huff, an odd yowl comes out instead. Harrison freezes, looking down and then around. Two black paws in front of him. A tail curling around. He jerks his head towards the nearest mirror (which thankfully isn't far here in the mansion) only to be met with a small, angry-looking black cat.

He should be more surprised, and yet.

For the love of—

[ For the next 24 hours, until relatively early in the day on the 31st, people may run into a disgruntled looking cat roaming the halls of the mansion who just might occasionally be swatting at a bowl of candy or two. Or ten. He seems to be trying not to draw much attention to himself though if someone were to look at him for too long or even try to get his attention, he'll turn and lash his tail about. If a cat could scowl? This one would be scowling. And for some, the voice may be all too familiar. ]

What are you looking at?

iii. fool me once (october 31st - november 1st-ish)

[ Like clockwork, once the 24 hour mark hits, Harrison finds himself returned to normal. — well, as normal as he'll ever get, at least. The first order of business for him is finding the nearest trash can or garbage recepticle or whatever to stuff that ridiculous cat costume into. He briefly debates taking it down to one of the labs for proper incineration, but just settles for kicking at the can once or twice before stalking away.

Despite that experience, he can still be found around the mansion — either settled in at the library curled up with a book, or sitting quietly at one of the long tables in the dining room, or even tucked to one side at the bar. He seems to be in a sour mood though, greeting anyone who may approach him with a grunt, not even bothering to raise his head up from whatever book he's currently buried himself in.
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Very Sabrina of you. [He can't help it, he raised a child in a very pop culture rich era, plus Mick likes to leave the television running. Here's a grumpy black cat. The parallel is impossible to ignore.

He does also recognise the voice, even if they haven't talked that often. He has a good memory. Leonard leans back against the wall as he watches the cat that is Harrison Wells, tilting his head to the side.]

So. You from whatever Earth where everyone is a cat or is something going down again?
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Thanks for the info, but this place turned me sixteen a week ago. I ain't eating any strange candy it's offering up.

[Nobody wants to go through puberty twice. He looks down at the cat, not even that surprised. Given the place, he should just be happy that there's no grinning cat.]

If it's any consolation, you look very fluffy.
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M-hm. Not sure how else to compliment a cat, but you're a very good kitty cat.

[He's very helpful. But at least he resists the urge to pet him, which is definitely there, even for someone so touch-averse. What can he say? He really is one fluffy kitty cat.]

Any bet on what they'll do for Thanksgiving? Wait. Scientist.

[There's a roll of his eyes and then he continues.]

Any theory?
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Think it's listening?

[Actually not a joking question. Here, it's as likely as anything.]

In that case, my request is Big Belly Burger.
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See? If the walls are listening, you just gotta make sure they don't hear anything you don't want them to.

[He looks at the scientist who is a cat and considers him for a few moments before finally asking:]

Just a physical change or are you feeling some feline instincts there too?