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But I know you lie cause your lips are moving

Who: The Legends
Where: The Rooftop
When: Jan 29
Rating: PG-13? Expect cursing.
Summary: So, Rip has been rather busy since his arrival in Wonderland. He's decided to come clean about it--at least, some of it.
The Story:

Meet me on the roof over the east wing in ten minutes, if you would be so kind.

Rip already stands near the edge of the rooftop when he presses send, looking out over the expanse Wonderland provides as he waits for the replies. The choice of location is rather deliberate, on his part: far removed from their second floor living quarters, out in the open, with limited means of access even for those with powers--such as a speedster.

Such as Eobard Thawne.

The full truth is that Rip himself has yet to decide just how much he would reveal to his teammates. They are not friends, and the bonds of trust between them are--fragile, to say the least. Yet certain details have to be laid out regardless: Eobard's conditions had been plain, and high among them? That the Legends could not go after him without fear of reprisal. It's a path best avoided, for all involved.

Still. He has to wonder how far he has truly come from those early days to even have agreed with the man's proposal at all. As deep as his regret and uncertainty runs, there is an equal measure of confidence that in the grand picture, this had been the right move. To protect himself, his team, to ensure they eventually find a way out of this fairy-tale based hell.

His confidence of convincing the Legends of that, however, fails to run nearly so high.
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Look at that, Mick would be so kind and turn up. He didn't want to, it was a lot of effort and he had to put on pants to do it but here he was, on the roof f some reason, unsure what Rip's obsession with roofs was. He always seemed to want to have meetings up on them. Perhaps he was missing something but he had to assume there was a good reason.

He adjusted his gloves as he walked out, expecting that Leonard wouldn't be far behind.

"What'd you want, Captain? I was busy." Eating cake and drinking beer in his undies while watching his light burn out. The best kind of evening.
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Of course Leonard isn't a long way behind Mick and once he enters the roof, he steps over to stand next to Mick. If nothing else, they've reached a certain level of understanding again and that comes with the agreement that Leonard can stand between Mick and the world or the other way round, whichever way things turned out.

Since Mick has already asked the question, Leonard merely stands there, arms loosely folded, weight shifting to his left leg as he waits for Rip's answer.
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"He's a punk." Mick felt he'd be upfront of this one because he knew a little something about Eobard Thawne. He met him, briefly, and Cisco had given him some unpleasant details that set off his warning lights. "He's a speedster, I hate speedsters. And he thinks he can take me in a fight, so he's gotta be deluded or something." He shrugged. "He's dangerous."

He crossed his arms and have Rip a look. "Why?" Where was this going? Was he about to get another warning or what? Because he already had the briefing. He was some kind of evil speedster he had to avoid. Got it. Not gonna happen but got it.
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"The Flash briefed me about him." Yes, he is still calling Barry Allen the Flash, because he's given a promise and even though he's sure that Mick couldn't care less, he's not revealing the name in front of him. Or in front of Rip, for that matter, although he has a suspicion that Rip would know. "The Reverse Flash."

He glances at Mick briefly, then looks back at Rip again. "I got some of the story. But why are you bringing him up, Rip? Because I have to say, if you're thinking about eloping? You can do better."

The quip's spoken quickly, but there's a much more serious look in his eyes. He wants to know what's up.
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"Sounds like bullshit." Mick, ever the tactful one, grunted is dismay and adjusted his gloves ever so slightly. "If he goes after someone, I go after him. If he's messing around in a dodgy way, I'm gonna kick his ass. Simple as." Mick wasn't going out of his way on this one because Mick never went out of his way on heroics but he didn't like the sounds of this. It was very much saving their own necks and leaving everyone else out in the open, vulnerable.

And they had friends here, Snart more so than him. They weren't gonna get risked.

It wasn't going to work that easy. "I mean us is just us, right? So like me, you, Snart and haircut? No word on what he'll do to Red, frosty and the geek yet?" All of which he knew Leonard also had a fondness for. "He gonna leave them alone too? Everyone else? Otherwise, it ain't gonna work."
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Leonard shifts his weight, leaning closer to Mick. Still far from actually touching him, but consciously siding with him even more. It's a clear enough gesture, even without voicing it out loud. He's with Mick.

"I know what the Flash told me and I talked to the guy myself. Saw him on Mick's post. We ain't got any reason to believe his word's worth a damn, Rip. You know that. I'm not saying we go hunt him down, but I'm not about to trust him." His eyes narrow just a bit and he runs his thumb along the tops of his fingers. "Story time, Rip. Tell us what he has on you. Us."

None of what he's heard so far is making him more inclined to be at ease with the situation. If anything, he feels like going after a speedster again. Been a while.
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"So he has shit on you and you think cause of that, we'll drop everyone else here and have your back like you're something special? Big deal." Mick shrugged his shoulders, the very image of empathy. As always. Mick huffed a sigh and gave Rip a sideways look. He got the issue, he did and yeah, it sucked but it was very much a Rip problem to Mick, not a them problem.

"So what? You gotta exhibit a little self control and you don't think you can? Cause I remember you always whining about how little I have and here you are, making a deal with the devil cause you might get restless and want out?"

Eobard was going to use Rip, Rip seemed to know it'd happen and Mick was mostly baffled as to what they were supposed to do other than play dumb to a criminal. Seemed dumb. They needed a new plan. "It's not gonna happen. Not on my end."
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"Don't think this speedster has any more idea of how to escape this place than anyone else does." But if he knows Rip well enough to exploit this obvious weakness, apparently they have an issue. It's not as if he's had any intention of attacking Eobard Thawne, but that's what brings another question to mind.

"Did you threaten him? Because Mick or I didn't, so if he felt the need to strike this deal out of nowhere, I gotta wonder what he thinks we could do to bother him." Why else single them out, possibly even seek them out, just to make sure they would keep doing what they have already been doing? "What's his advantage? Just us leaving him to his devices? Because in that case, I gotta wonder what he's planning. We haven't been bothering him, if he's going out of his way to get us leashed, he might want to do something that would have us bother him."

Which would be what? Hard to figure out, with so many unknown variables. "All he asked was for us to leave him alone? I feel like I'm missing half the story and then some."

It's not even necessarily Rip he doesn't trust here. Eobard? Definitely not trustworthy.
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Mick would perhaps be less inclined to always assume the worst in Rip if Rip ever treated him, you know, not like some stupid caveman lurking on the edge of understanding. Mick never had this sort of trouble cause the kid of guys he knew, they were plain talking men. They didn't dance around the point like Rip did. If Rip spent less time flowering his words and more time just saying what he meant, Mick would be sold on this. Hell, he was seconds away from offering to get him untangled from this very obvious deal with the devil and then it was back to this, shots at him. Subtle and careful but he saw them. And given when he came from, it set him on edge. A lot of things did. He was temperamental lately and this was not what he needed.

"Do you remember last time you talked to me like this? Getting all shirty. With the time pirates." Rip was always so quick to put Mick down and once, he had to deal with it. They were a team first then they were trapped together. But this? This wasn't a team. "Forgetting all of that, what I told you is that I know a little something about how to cut a deal."

He moved closer to Rip, sucked a defiant breath and fought back all urges to punch him in his smug, arrogant face. There. Wasn't he being nice. "You ain't any good at it, Rip. See, we're not friends, we're not team-mates and I got no loyalties to you. You're the guy that calls me stupid and would have be taken out in a heart beat. That isn't a team, we're not a team." He knows that they're not, he's seen it. He'd screw them over if he had to and they'd kill him if he was too much of a nuisance. Not that Rip'd pull the trigger himself, oh no, he'd get his best friend to do it. Or at least he never stopped him. "You want something from me, genius? And you're gonna talk to me like that? No. That's not how you cut a deal with someone you need."

Mick was not taken in by the gesture, as kind as it may be, because to him, the words did the talking and honestly, he was beyond done with being spoken to by Rip like this. He shook his head and turned away from Rip, giving Leonard a look.

"I ain't game. Like I said, if he's dodgy, he's dodgy and I'm going after him. You don't speak for us, captain." He turned and gave Rip a dark look. "This isn't bravado, asshole, This is you making a deal with a murderer to look the other way."
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This whole rooftop conversation would only end in explosions if Rip continued to pour oil on Mick's fire. Leonard reaches out and puts a hand on Mick's arm, less to hold him back and more to reassure him. He has to figure out how to turn this around into something productive.

"From what I gather, never mind whether we agree or not, Eobard thinks of us as a team. So he threatened us as a team. That's what we are dealing with here." Maybe it is time to just lay out what little he has learned so far. "Somehow this ties in with your desire to leave this place. You got any idea how?"

No accusation, just calm discussion. "Also, you don't seem to know much about the Flash and me and how things work, so. My track record's fine. Kept him alive and everything." It's all about adjusting to changing priorities regarding the Scarlet Speedster. Not what matters right now, but Leonard had to mention it anyway.

"You made a deal, because he thinks of us as a team, threatened all of us and offered you cooperation? The thing is, I don't trust him. Don't reckon any of us do or should. Also, if you want to talk down to my partner again, I'd suggest not doing it on a rooftop. Long way to fall." Because this isn't even about threatening Rip. Some things are just natural consequences and he's begging for them. "You talk about 'partnership' and working with him, sounds like you got an idea what that'd entail. Because I still don't. Might be in all of our best interest if Thawne learned that you don't speak for us. If he wants all of our cooperation, whatever the hell that means, he has to figure out how to cut a deal with all of us. As Mick said, he knows how to cut a deal."
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"Right." Mick huffed a sigh and moved away from Leonard, frustration building but he kept it down. Look, see, he didn't punch anyone or anything. "Here's the thing, a little radical notion for you here - tell us that. If you bet everything on us, say. You might piss less people off."

He threw his arms out and gave Rip an exasperated look because what the hell kind of conclusion was he supposed to draw from this? He didn't think it was because he was slow or he wasn't following, it was just Rip. Always with the double speak, always unveiling little bits as he went along, almost stringing him along with vague ideas, only to replace it with another. Say what he would about Mick, at least there was no veil.

"I'm gonna be calm. Like a good boy. See?" Mick gestured to himself and hey, he wasn't yelling and no one was bleeding or on fire so he was, in fact, being one. And he held his hands up to show that. He felt like there was something there, some good that Rip was trying to say but it was getting lost in the Rip-isms that always seeped out.

They were all stuck here, might as well try to find some way to get along.

He looked at Leonard and met his eyes, silently communicating with him before looking back at Rip. "Start from the top. Speak plain. Cause maybe I ain't following but you ain't speaking easy here. Stop all the dancing around. From the top, make it simple."
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Leonard shrugs lightly when Mick looksat him, meeting his eyes and relying on their ability to communicate silently to perfect understanding. To be fair, in this case it is mostly an I don't get it either, so the understanding required is relatively minimal. He gives a nod and turned to Rip, his fingers tightening in the fabric of Mick's jacket for a few moments before he releases him.

"Yeah. Time to step back and lay things out properly, because you are zigzagging from A to Z to M and then somewhere outside the alphabet and it might all be clear from where you're standing, but we ain't in your head." They could get each other without words, didn't work so well outside of that. "I wasn't making any assumptions, Rip, I was trying to go off what you're actually telling us and asked you if I'm right. You say I'm not, so. What happened? When did Thawne approach you how and what went down? What was threatened? What did you agree to? What's your reasoning? What's the plan? We're listening."
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"See. Talking plain, already getting you a lot further."

Mick was following easier now, he always did when it was said in simpler terms. He didn't think that was down to intelligence levels, just down to people making things harder than they have to be. And given Rip is trying to justify a pact with a murderer, it made sense that he'd flower it up a little. Mick was never going to be in favour of it, he made up his mind on that one already but out of some strange courtesy, he'll hear him out. That was at least something.

"How come if he compares you to a cockroach, he gets a deal and if I was to do that, you'd probably drop communications?" Mick didn't get it. So far, nothing Eobard said really sold him as a business partner and detracted him from being someone they needed to keep an eye on.

Mick wondered if it was worth trying to warn Rip but some people, they couldn't just be told. It wasn't that easy. Besides, why should he worry about Rip? Right? "So you met the devil. Great. What next?"
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"What kind of insight's he talking about?" There are several other questions that come to mind, also drawing on what Rip has said before, but as they have established, it's clearly best to let Rip finish his piece before asking them all when the man's this agitated. Leonard doesn't actually want him to feel the need to jump off the roof in frustration or whatever else. They can work together, they can even work together well, even if he doesn't feel all that much loyalty to Rip specifically, he doesn't want to go out of his way to not cooperate.

He wants to understand what Rip wants him, them to cooperate with. He would also like to understand why Rip is putting the point in time he is from - before Ray and after Mick and him - above them all in terms of what future he's concerned with and why he's so driven to return. He doesn't think it's simple vanity or a lack of seeing the full picture, there has to be more to it than that. But he will wait to hear what else Rip has to say on that and everything relating to Eobard himself.
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"He sounds as annoying as you do."

He means talking wise, not in general. Although, that wouldn't be far off. Mick shrugged his shoulders, unsure what to even add. From what he was gathering, they'd been dragged here for a status update instead of something that required opinions because Rip already seemed pretty sold on this little deal and Mick, he just wasn't. It seemed dodgy.

Not just because of Eobard but for Rip. If he cared more about him, he might have been concerned. Mick, wise as he can sometimes be, opted to say little this time. He just turned his head to Leonard and raised an eyebrow. "Thoughts?"
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"So that deal is on, since you want it to be." He's arrived at the same conclusion as Mick and he turns his head to catch his partner's gaze, just for a few moments of quiet understanding. Then his eyes shift back to Rip. Leonard has a lot of thoughts - always, really - but in this area Rip seems... skittish, for lack of a better word. Shaken by threats from a speedster and perhaps also from the realisation of how tempted he is to agree to a deal that could help him get out of here, no matter the cost.

Not that surprising, really. What he still doesn't understand is... "Wish I knew why that speedster was so eager to make sure we wouldn't interfere. Interfere with what? Anyway. I ain't interested in taking him on, but I'm suspicious now what he's planning that might raise my interest. You follow? It makes no sense that he wanted this deal if he's not going to give us any reason to want to interfere." Whatever. He shakes his head and lifts his shoulders for a shrug. "So. You consented to giving him aid. Any idea what he'll want you to do for that?"

For a moment he looks at Mick again, then nods. "Just let us know when he's bothering you."
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"I ain't a forward thinker like you two, I don't do the, erm, you know." He tapped his head with his fist a few times as f trying to knock his brain into gear. "The thinking thing. Overthinking. Like you geeks. But I gotta say, and I say it from knowing guys like you and guys like him, this Eobard freak is gonna use you up and toss you aside like a cheap date." And that was just the kind of guy Eobard seemed to be. A user, a manipulator, someone dangerous.

And he knew without really needing to consider much that it'll back in his face. And there was nothing Mick or Leonard could do to stop that.

"You do what you gotta do, Rip. Just don't make it my problem and I'll let you fuck up however you want to." See, so generous.
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"If he stands you up for prom, you can still ask us to dance." Leonard figures that he may as well continue the date metaphor. He's not sure what to make of any of this, but it's clear that him and Mick are on the same page, which is still a relief with how brittle things between them still are. Another thing that's obvious is that Rip never intended this as an actual consultation and more simply a status update, but at least it is that and they know where they stand.

Leonard has a lot of things concerning all this that he'll still mull over - overthinking, as Mick calls it - but it doesn't seem as if Rip is really inviting an in-depth consultation and brainstorming, he can do that by himself. Eobard Thawne has just become an even bigger question mark than he's already been.