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Always look on the bright side of life

Who: Rip Hunter and you?
Where: Second Floor, Kitchen, Elsewhere
When: During the event
Rating: PG-13 probably - talk of death, potential violence
Summary: Rip has recently regretted how little time he found for such things as swimming. Apparently Wonderland has decided to make up for that in spades.
The Story:

In the beginning -

Eight hours per a room. It's the one solid fact they seem to have to rely on, when so many others remain untested. With no way of knowing whether the oxygen levels would reset should a room be abandoned for long enough, Rip checks over the supplies he's saved up for those instances in which the closets fail to work. Unfortunately none of those oh-so-helpful voices suggested things like scuba gear or oxygen tanks, but Rip has food and clean water both.

He also has little doubt that other people might not have thought to create such caches for themselves. He winds up divvying up his own inventory in an attempt to buy time. He's a capable enough swimmer, and thankfully not so far from the kitchens just one floor bellow. There will come a point when he needs to rest, but until then Rip devotes what energy and effort he can to transporting supplies to the people he feels a level of responsibility for, to try and ensure this event doesn't claim any of them.

He can be found then making stops in the kitchen, or the tea rooms depending on how far he's pushed himself. He sticks largely to the lower floors for similar reasons, and won't be spotted above the fourth.

On the third day -

On the third day, there is nothing.

After the rapture -

Once the waters have receded, Rip throws himself into efforts with perhaps a greater ferocity than he had when the halls were flooded. His drive nearly manic, he has noticed something else about this event: the waters are not the only aspect of it. Though time moves forward it's also moved back, in a way Rip's been trained to recognize.

Time loops are a rare phenomenon indeed, but hardly unheard of.

The difficulty lies in any attempt he makes to express this to his comrades or the scientists he's met up with during his tenure in this world. His--accident has left him unable to form words from thought, to express what he sees and knows and deduces to those around him. Events are known to pass, but the very fact that they have been caught within repeating time since the start would seem to put that very notion into question. Who are they to assume things won't repeat, that time won't curve and wrap around, and drop them all back in the same flood that swallowed them up before?

That swallowed him up.

Who is he to think he can't die again?

He needs someone to know, to understand, to work with him to find a way to fix this. But in a land driven by magic rather than technology, that plays by its own chaotic rules instead of those based in reality? It's a much hard thing to accomplish than it should be.

Wild card! Let me know if you'd like something else
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voice; after the hallways clear out

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[Simple, to the point, but he has just gone through a lot and he frankly can't be bothered to say more. He sounds exhausted, maybe even a bit pained, but at least he's alive.]

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[That is actually a welcome distraction from his general situation. Leonard tilts his head to the side as he watches the screen, trying to figure out just exactly what he was looking at. Between that and the angry pacing, he can really just lean back and wait where this is going.]

Interesting angle. Have you ever considered a career in film?
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Did you lose your voice, captain?

[The amusement is very, very audible in his tone. If Rip had seemed injured instead of just pissed, that might have taken precedence. As it was, there was no way he could hide how much he enjoyed this.]

Where you off to?
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[He rolls his eyes and - before going to actually check on Rip - he also takes a look at the network, which answers several questions rather definitely. So it isn't long before Leonard knocks on Rip's door and then walks right in, perhaps holding one shoulder a bit stiffer than usual, but any injuries are hidden under his jacket and other layers and it's not as if he's not usually one to hold himself with a lot of tension.]

Can't make words work, huh? Like after a time jump. [He leans back against the wall, eyes on Rip. As a general rule, he's quick on the uptake.]

Ever played charades?
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If you got something to tell me, there's only so many ways.

[Leonard shrugs his shoulder - careful to only move the one that's not injured - looking Rip over again. He seemed healthy enough, if agitated, but given he looked like he had something bothering him even at the best of times, that might not tell him much without an explanation.]

You got something to tell me?

[As much as he'd love hearing Rip make a fool of himself, the focus is more on finding out whether there is actually anything of importance to be learned here.]
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[He may be injured, he may be exhausted, he may be drained from the conversation he just had with Mick, but that doesn't mean that Leonard Snart can't catch something one-handed, even if there's no prior warning. He's targeted speedsters, thinking fast becomes a necessity.

Leonard turns the thing in his hand to inspect it, then raises an eyebrow and looks at Rip again.]

You suck at charades.
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[He looks down himself when Rip point, casually throwing the thing Rip had thrown at him to himself, catching it with his good hand every time. After a few moment he looks up again, meeting Rip's gaze and keeping a straight face.]

Vampire attack.
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[In a quick movement, Leonard has palmed what he's been thrown before - where did it go? who knows? - and uses his now free hand to reach up and push his jacket aside. He pulls at his shirt a little, revealing the makeshift bandage around his shoulder he's partly bled through.]

He was starved when the water went down. Went feral, attacked me. I iced him.

Been a more Van Helsing day than most so far.
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It's fine. Mick took care of it.

[Leonard definitely plans on taking a better look at it himself later and possibly asking Mick for help with that, but he's not going to ask the same of Rip unless he had no choice. He's particular.]

I reckon this will pass soon. You need anything?

[Does he actually want to help or does he just want more charades? Who knows!]
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Oh yeah. Turning quickly too. [Of course he's noticed it. Leonard has always had a very precise inner clock, down to the seconds, which meant that he had quickly noticed the issues with that. He holds his sleeve with the hand on his injured side and pulls it up, revealing some scribbles on the inside of his arm. There have been quite a number of people to keep in mind after all, there still are, even if the numbers and letters only make sense to him.]

My guess is we have around twenty-four hours more of this. Question is how often we'll lose track.
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[It's not difficult to follow that bit of charades and Leonard actually feels... touched, in an odd way. A show of concern and while he has no intention of acting on it, at least not just yet, he can acknowledge it with a nod and an almost smile, before teasing to make sure Rip doesn't think he's hit his head.]

You can try to get me into bed some other time.

[Rip Hunter, porn director. With an amused look he pulls his sleeve back down.]

Anyway. Appreciate the thought, but I got others to check in on. Some may be more talkative than you.
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Yeah. You too.

[Whatever that is supposed to be in answer of. Either way, Leonard gives a nod and then simply turns to head out the door, glancing back only when he's already halfway out.]

Not much longer, captain.

[With that reassurance, he's left the room.]