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It's the season of scars and of wounds in the heart | OPEN

Who: Stan Pines, the ghosts of his horrible past, and YOU
When: 12/23!
Rating: PG-13 because everything is horrible.
Summary: Stan gets hit by the Christmas Carol event! He'll be largely keeping to himself on days two and three, but on the first day his dirty laundry will be aired out absolutely everywhere, for the entire mansion to see.
The Story:

[The day's already off to a pretty bad start. Stan was woken up by the laughter of children that don't belong to him and sat up screaming, but when he looked out into his room he saw where the laughter was coming from - ghostly images of himself and Ford, no more than ten or so, using their random day out of school as a bully-free off-season day at the beach to themselves. Everyone else was off celebrating their own dumb holiday and He can sort of see Glass Shard Beach too if he squints, ghostly sea grass sprouting up from the carpet and he can almost hear the waves in the distance. He remembers it like it was yesterday, and would swear to anyone that it sounds different from the waves in Wonderland.

Stan's not totally unfamiliar with what's happening. He ran into the kids already, and John. These are some weird...Christmas apparition things, completely wasted on someone who doesn't even celebrate the damn holiday. But with that in mind, Stan figures this is no big deal. He'll just shut these ghostly children in his room and ignore them and they'll go away without anyone else ever having to see them. Easy!

Except, it doesn't occur to Stan that they can be found in multiple places...
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[Oh, Alex is annoyed. He's actually shot right past "annoyed" and graduated directly into "pissed," because he has not been having a fantastic holiday and this is just the cherry on top of the shit holiday sundae.

He's been huddled in the stacks in hopes that the goblins he's been dodging for the better part of the week won't be able to track him down, but he's beginning to wonder if throwing in with the little shits would be better than listening to this stupid repetitive commercial jingle from hell.

A flung book passes right through the apparition poised atop the table, followed by another, and another.]

Oh my god.

[...and another. And another. And another -]

Shut the fuck up.
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[Oh hey, it's a guy who looks suspiciously like the hologram shouting bullshit into the library void. Alex isn't inclined to treat him any nicer. He scowls, unimpressed, and gestures wildly at the repeat commercial in frustration.]

Can't you shut this thing up? Libraries are supposed to be quiet, asshole.
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[Not to be outdone, Alex stands, purposefully employing what little height he has to his less-than-impressive frame in an attempt to...loom, possibly, except he can't hope to be very imposing against a man who's clearly much bigger than he is.]

Advertising? [He scoffs. He's had a rough couple of days, all right, so he's about ready to take out some misdirected anger on a random bystander. The fact that this bystander happens to be irritating the hell out of him is just a convenient excuse.] At this rate you're just gonna start pissing people off. Who buys this shit?
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[Well fuck him sideways he doesn't know a thing about marketing. He's got a decent eye for quality or so he thinks but that's not gonna be terribly helpful here.

Alex snorts, clearly still scornful.]

Mystery Shack. And people fall for that?

[Like Alex would ever be so stupid.

Except that he would mOVING ON]

How 'bout you take your crap advertising somewhere that's else? Some people are actually trying to get stuff done here, so. [Important stuff. Things!]
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I got a great idea: what if you turn around and leave and see if your crap ghost goes with you?

[It's far from a perfect solution, but if it gets one of the two out of his oxygen, then he'll goddamn well take it. He's not inclined to be polite at this point. Or ever, really.]
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[Alex shoots him a hard look. Then, slowly, deliberately, without once breaking eye contact, he slams his own open book shut with a pointedly loud bang.]


[He scrapes his chair back, stands up, and hefts up the largest, heaviest tome he can find.

Then he wings that big sucker of a book right toward the asshole's center of mass, like a friendly little game of catch gone wrong.]

Enjoy your goddamn holiday.